Monday, July 07, 2008

After 12 years

More than 12 years ago, these were the people I spent wonderful moments with: laughing, eating, joking, cooking, traveling, watching videos, and doing whatever people did in their spare time. My sincerest gratitudes to these friends who made me smile, and even brought tears to my eyes:
-Salha (+ Azrani and Arissa)
-Baida (+ 2 sons)
-Mada (+ Haslina and 4 children)
-Fendi (+ Norma and 2 children)
-Azlah (+Radzi and Nadia)
-Myra (+ 5 juniors - Dr F off to Italy for conference)
-Wan (+ Rohaizad and 3 princesses)
-Faszt ( + Zunar)
-Has ( + KS and 4 children)
-Dr Hazizan (+ Kak Ruby and 4 beaus)
-Dr Peah (+ Kak Niza and 4 kids)

Next time, let's not wait for another 12 years, okay??


noora said...

hehe yes babeh. 12 years and a few days ago .. we played croquet kat iain's place, after mc ewan's hall .. everytime 4th of july comes.. nostalgic giler..
Alhamdulillah, all went well. thx for the pix honey. wish i was there too.
next time insyaAllah!

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Dearest D,

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

Feels so good to meet old friends...I know..I keep n touch with my old buddies at TKC even after more than 30 years ago..

Do enjoy your stay in Malaysia.

Will be off to Manchester for my sn's convocation..


ayu said...

Dearest Dijie,

Salam. Got your note that night, thanks...So sorry I missed it, but glad most of the Horay Mousers were there to catch up on things, eat and be merry :)

Lovely pictures, too...seeing everyone's faces reminds me so much of all the get-togethers we used to have in Bonnie Scotland. Those were the best of times!

Take care, insyaAllah we'll meet up soon, okay.

bluewonder said...


yes..yes..yes..must have another get-togeder-geder b4 u leave for UK in Sept. This time we'll make sure noiya and pidie n ayu come...even if it means we have to drag them by the ends of their hair/tudung...LOL

F Manchester said...

Wish I was there...:0(

Raden Galoh said...

Salam sis...

that's the feeling... it's just good to be back with close friends... and even with new ones, like you...hehehe

we must meet again ya? tis time not to forget snapping a few shots of us together...

i love the cutey high-heel so much... hubby kata so vvery nice...

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cikdinz said...

kawan-kawan sejati susah nak cari...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

eh kalau fairuz sempat balik before dij balik sana semula, kan bessssst!