Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Redha and Tawakkal

Many, many years ago, while in secondary school, I remember being told that we must always feel that Allah loves us for if we don’t, then He will not. By feeling loved, we also inculcate a feeling of gratitude and appreciation towards Him. Alhamdulillah, whoever was the person who told me that, did a wonderful job because I have been holding on to it till this very day.

It has been two weeks since we’ve been home and I've been running around doing what I came back for. Tiring, but fulfilling, Alhamdulillah. Being home has allowed me to spend valuable time doing what I like most – reading. Among the 8 books I have read, two are my favourite; simply because the contents are so close to what I personally feel and have experienced, though not entirely the same.

The first book I’m going to write about is Professor Mohd Kamil Ibrahim’s (mki) Travelog Haji.

It’s a book I’ve been wanting to read since he had it released last year. Obviously, being a fellow blogger, I knew about the arrival of the book. I requested the book through a few people, to have it sent to me in England, but it never found its way. Finally, last week, I managed to get hold of a copy (the last on the stand). I quickly got myself into it – engrossed and so absorbed by the sheer honesty portrayed by the author. Many times did I find my tears flowing down my cheek, and my heart throbbing. Again, it strengthened my confidence that Allah chooses those He wants to shower his blessings and rahmah; only when sincerity of the heart and devotion from the soul exists.

Before I finished reading mki’s book, I found another book, or booklet, in the magazine basket in my room. I was perplexed to find the book there as I couldn’t recall reading it before. The book was entitled Facing Death: A Testimony of a Muslim stricken with Metastatic Cancer. I don’t know how oblivious and ignorant I was before, or even how insensitive I was before, as obviously, being given the book probably by my dad, I didn’t do anything more than just skim through the book (if not just chucking it away). Only today, after the loss of my dear husband, am I more sensitive to people with cancer, and to the issue of death and preparations towards it. How arrogant can one be?

The writings of K, the author who insists that he remains anonymous (though not very anonymous to me since he was a family friend), were very familiar to what I felt and am still feeling. A theme, which is repeated in his writings, is the concept of Redha and Tawakkal to Allah swt – ie: true acceptance and total surrendering or submission to Allah. Subhanallah! When my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, I remember my dad counseling me on the phone - to accept whole-heartedly (redha) with what Allah had decided on, regardless what. And ever since, I’ve been doing just that.

It’s true, as Brother K wrote, when one employs the concept of redha and tawakkal to Allah, he will never feel angry or frustrated at anything or anyone. Recently, I was again tested with some life issues and before I brought myself to feel angry to the person deemed responsible, I was overpowered by the feelings of redha and tawakkal. And I let go. Slightly more than a decade ago, I learnt the concept of letting go from a dear friend-cum-room-mate, Bluewonder. Her nonchalant and easy-going personality taught me to move on, despite whatever shortcomings that came in the way. She was (and still is) the coolest person I've ever met - hardly ever upset over anything at all! Previously, I was more of a hotheaded young lady who often questioned and scrutinized the causes to every problem. But today, I understand that redha and tawakkal moves you forward. Thus, I am moving on.

I extend my appreciation to the Almighty for blessing me with his Rahmah, and through His test of taking away my late husband, He has actually strengthened my faith in Him, InsyaAllah. I have finally registered to perform my Hajj, and with His invitation, my time will soon come.

** Those interested in getting a copy of Facing Death can leave me a note because the book is for free distribution.

***A zillion apologies to fellow bloggers because of late I have not been able to blog-hop!


iNa said...

salam kak D,
where to get that facing death book? am interested.

ummi said...

Salam Kak D,

As you were there, get the book of Fazilat Haji. You can also find it in English here but as you there so may be you can grab one for your self. It's a very good book if you intend to go to hajj. And for me the book that a must for every body who wants to perform hajj and your hajj will be different than people who not reading this book. You can ask your brother in law that live in Sarawak about this book.

Enjoy your holiday...You sound stronger anyway..everybody got a test and everybody test is different. Every test got it's own benefit although it's hard to bear.

1na said...

Kak D,

I've just lost my beloved father. Can i get a copy of the book, Facing Death.

I'm still procrastinating to register at Tabung Haji. But I must register now.

Adik saya baru register dan giliran dia kena tahun 2014!!

Darling said...

facing death tu sesuai tak dibaca orang macam darl ni kak d? :)

Nadia said...

Kak D,

menarik je buku travelog tu...buku facing death tu leh anta overseas ke?

i want to say something else too tp heheh malu pulak..takpelah..


D said...

will get you a copy soon, InsyaAllah..

yes, i think i have come across the book and perhaps went trought it many, many years ago. might have to do a second round of reading there!!

insyaAllah I can get you a copy, posted or if you're in Klang Valley, mungkin boleh pass personally. leave me your details..

yes.. memang sesuai!! HEHEHEHE... semua orang akan mati, cuma kita tak tau bila je. Bagi orang yang berpenyakit, mereka lebih beruntung sebab at least ada warning. It's something for everyone. Konsep redha & tawakkal is for our everyday lives... I'll get u a copy, insyaAllah.. (pssst.. bila nak jumpa ni yek?? tunggu yea!)

ish.... malu apasal pulak ni?? email me la..! if you want, I can get you copies of both the books, InsyaAllah.

maklang said...


maklang nak se! TQ..

13may said...

kak D ada kat mesia eks???

Darling said...

tak sabar nak jumpa kak d ni.. till bulan sept ada mesia kan? so juz let me know bila u free..

maymay, kak d ada mesia.. :)

bluewonder said...


my mom lent me her travelog haji for me to read b4 performing my umrah. But I never got around to reading it. Only managed to read it after returning from umrah...yes..the book was wonderful. I'm reminded of the need to constantly doa to Him for everything I want and insyallah He will grant them.

me..nonchalant and easy going?? Are u sure it's me???

1na said...

Akak ada email? nanti saya emailkan address... Malu la nak publish kat sini

Hehehehehe :D

BTW, saya tinggal di Putrajaya

Nadia said...

kak d, kak d, nak nak!

ish lama dah lupa plak apa yg nak ckp yg malu2 kucing tu :P hahaha

Dad of 4+1 said...

D - can I get a copy of the book?