Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another episode

Kak Long has been in the hospital since Tuesday the 8th, and today she started her first cycle of chemotherapy. She’s lucky that four of her nine children are already in college or university. They are the ones who have been ferrying her and the other members of the family to the hospital and staying to accompany their mom, Alhamdulillah… This whole experience with my sister and her ailment is evoking a lot of memories: rushing to and fro the hospital, checking on the kids, preparing meals on the run, and all the procedures in the hospital… Things are different, yet so familiar. Even the walk down the long empty corridor of twilight zone towards the specialist centre is so eerily similar.

Kak Long is scared, but very strong. When I spoke to the doctor today, she said the prognosis wasn't too good. We pray the best for her, for we do not know what lies ahead and what is even good for us.

Back at her home, her loyal maid of more than 10 years, Suyati, is often very sentimental, with tears welling in her eyes whenever she is reminded of Kak Long’s condition. I have spoken to her, telling her to be strong, for the children and also for Kak Long’s sake. Putting a brave front is very important because once one person breaks down, then it’s contagious. I myself have many a times blinked my tears away and sucked in all the emotions, whenever I have to talk to people about my own loss or with Kak Long herself.

Kak Long's younger children seem to be rather oblivious of the actual condition their mom is in. Three days ago, her No. 8 was nagging her mom to attend her sports event at school on Sunday. So, I told Y that her mom wouldn’t be well and asked her whether her Mak Su (ie: me) can go instead. Sheepishly, she nodded. I told her I’d be clad in bright red attire myself (as she belongs to the Red house) and cheer her name on top of my lungs – if she wouldn’t mind. However, she said her brother belongs to the Yellow house, so it wouldn’t be fair if I wore red. After a moment of thought, I told her I’d then wear red but bring a big yellow flag to cheer for Little Im when it was his turn. And the kids did not bother their mum anymore… I had managed to steer their attention away, and it was enough to excite them that their aunt and four cousins will be there on their sports’ day to give them support.

Time to run... Please pray the best for my sis, and for me too.


Raden Galoh said...

D dear... It's something close to myhaert that you relay here. My prayers for eveyone of you, especially Kak Long.

You are right about being strong here. She need it to gather her strength, sis. Ahhh! You know better than I do...

Love and muahhh.

-akuni- said...

Tiada perkara yang mudah di dunia ini... semoga D & family sabar dengan ujian Allah ini.

ajzie said...

Semuga dipermudahkan segala urusan D n family.


Rd said...

Salam D,

prayers for you dear!

Kak Elle said...

I am lost for words now but no matter my prayers for all of you there:)


silversarina said...


lama akak tak ke sini.. selamat kembali ke tanahair .

semoga segala yang berlaku di permudahkan segala urusan oleh Yang Maha Kuasa.

jika ke pantai timur jangan segan bagitau , boleh singgah rumah akak ye.

anggerik merah said...


prayers to your sister and your family. Mak Su is so very good at handling niece & nephew!

Very true...we donno what lies ahead of us. We pray for the best.

BTW, from yr previous N3, familiar faces to me...Dr Peah & Niza. What a small world!

Mrs Everything said...

Mrs D,
i read your blog all the time- since your husband still around - i am always amazed on how strong you are. This in turn give me such will power if things get tough. take care.

cikdinz said...

hope everything going to be well..

Nadia said...

kak d

I'd love to have you as my AUNT too!

ameen. May Allah give you anf your family the best for this world and the hereafter. AMEEN


Nadia said...

oh k d, at first I thought you were going to wear 'selangor' :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

you're a dahhhhling lah Darling...

bless upon you and anak-anak always... our prayers for your Kak Long's well-being and the strength upon her family... Aaaaamiiin.