Monday, September 03, 2007

Oh no!! Not another one!!

Yup, another tag. This time by Kak Elle from Singapore.

5 things in my bag

  • Card wallet
  • cloth purse with an elephant on it - bought in Phuket
  • asthma inhalers - brown and blue
  • my small notebook
  • a pen (not an expensive one because it often gets lost or nipped by one of the kids) or pencil (or both)

*handphone and keys not necessarily in bag because they are sometimes in my jacket or trousers' pocket

5 things in my wallet

*Errr, I only carry a small cloth purse, so can't have too many things in it:

    • coins
    • notes
    • receipts
    • perhaps an extra wee brooch

5 favourite things in my bedroom

    • my Holy Quran and Ma'thurat
    • my pillow
    • my duvet
    • my table full of precious notes
    • my Mr D (hee Hee..)

5 things I like to do

  • Blog
  • Read
  • Fix something in the kitchen
  • Draw
  • Teach

5 things I am doing now

  • Managing a home
  • Pausing student life
  • Applying for a full-time job
  • Discovering the wonders of life
  • Trying to lead a life towards the ultimate goal, for the day-after

*This is how I interpret 'now'

5 people I want to tag

*All lady bloggers 'coz they have handbags with them...


Minci said...

hohoyea.. akn buat..

Kak Elle said...

bravo bravo .... glad u scan thru' my postings:)

blossom said...

Hey D,

kc said...

hoh! kena tagged? apa nak tulis ek?

B.A.M.Z.1.0.7. said...

hah.. tak carry handbag with me. Masuk poket aja selalu.. hehehe

13may said...


D said...

not bad... the stuff in your bag!

kak elle,
yes, I do! Now bit busy so sometimes I read people's entries a bit late.. LOL

malu...?? Waaahh, do you have something in there you shouldn't be having?? Ahaks!

Hebat, hebat!!! My bag pun cenonet je - a mini sling handbag...

ada bag tak 13may?