Monday, September 03, 2007

Meeting another blogger

This is my second time meeting a blogger. The first one being mamasarah, this time it is Halwafy. Some of my blog-mates are my friends from primary school, some from secondary, some are ex-colleagues, but mostly, they're friends met in the blogosphere...

Halwafy and her family - Mr S, Big H and Little H arrived on Merdeka evening, from Manchester, after visiting some friends we actually share in common. In Manchester, they stayed at Serigala London's place (an ex-tenant to Halwafy), who's married to my 'ol friend F, who's also Bluewonder's SIL. Aah.. it's a small world!

The initial plan was to bake a Merdeka cake for the kids. Unfortunately, I (smarty-pants!) agreed to bake some carrot cupcakes for a friend to sell at the London Merdeka fest (at Tun Abdul Razak Rubber Research Inst, Brickendonbury, Hertford). Somehow, there were more things to do before the arrival of our guests; my hands were full! Hence, no Merdeka cake (yet!). Our dinner menu was:
  • asam pedas mackerel
  • kerabu manggo
  • black beef curry

*all served with rice

I know I should have prepared a Malay dessert (since it was Merdeka) but I only managed to fix the dessert at the eleventh hour. Ergo, it was my simplest speciality : tiramisu for adults and trifle for the kids - only to discover the next day that coffee keeps Mr S awake and he couldn't go to sleep the night before! Woopsi!!

I know I have only known Halwafy from her blog and have only seen glimpses of her in her blog photos. Yet, it's different when you've actually known someone via the virtual world. You know some things that has happened in their lives but there are still so much you don't know - family background, academic background, etc. Well, of course, the physical being is another factor as it's often kept somewhat anonymous.

Mr D and I immediately felt at ease with Halwafy and family. In fact, it was difficult for me to think that I've only known her through blogs. I think I even forgot to introduce Mr D and myself properly, only assuming that we've actually gone through it already! Oh, dear!! Bad, bad host!!

After roti jala and chicken curry for breakfast the next morning, we brought our guests to Coombe Abbey Park. That brought memories to us all because the first time we went there was with mamasarah and family (oh, dear, when are we going to get over this??!!).

Kids had fun running around and feeding the ducks. After the park, Mr S treated us all at a Thai restaurant - in celebration of his recent triumph! Congratulations and thank you Mr S!!

Hope to keep the friendship blooming and I'm also looking forward to meeting other fellow-bloggers...


leen said...

Hi D,

Glad you met your blog mate. Anyway,check out your mail ya..


Kaklong said...


sis D, tangan dah ok ke? hehe..nampak nao saya lama tak blogging ni.

bestnya dpt jumpa ngan kengkawan blog. siap ngan juadah melayu lagi tu :D

er..berapa lama lagi sis sefamili duduk kat oversea ni?

Helena said...

Meriahnya sambut Merdeka kat sana.... good to know that all of you had fun...

Kak Elle said...

d kalau jumpa macam pulak agak ye....hehehe

Kak Elle said...

typo typo...d kalau kita jumpa macam mana agak nya ye?

D said...

Alamak... don't actually keep that mail active but will try to do it! Hey, you've been tagged!

At least 3 tahun lagi, InsyaAllah... nak datang, boleh saja!!

sederhana je la... ada member satu jalan ni siap kibar bendera luar tingkap! Memang betul semangat kemerdekaan tu..

kak elle,
wah, kalau kita jumpa, I surrender masak coz you're the pro!! Makan luar je lah ye? HeHe...

Minci said...

*melompat2 kat luar rumah Kak D, nk bagi nampak.. ahaha