Thursday, September 06, 2007

10 years later...

I still remember the moment I was informed that I was carrying twins... I wasn't among those who conceived immediately. Got married in late August and found out I was pregnant in January - the first week of school which was also the first week of Ramadhan! So, the beginning of the pregnancy was pretty bad because I vomitted a lot and wasn't sure whether to fast or not, only to discover later that even if I didn't fast, I couldn't really eat.

At about 9 weeks, we went for our first ultrascan and was surprised by the doctor when he asked us to have a look at the images on the screen and make out what we saw. Disbelief and utter amazement, praises to the Almighty... My parents and in-laws didn't take the news in so easily. Well, we didn't have any twins in our family - neither in mine nor Mr D's. I remember my mother in law exclaiming, "bukan kembar siam??".

At 13 1/2 weeks, I had a threatened abortion - some blood stains after a bumpy ride in a Kancil from PJ to Taman Melawati. As a result, I was warded for ultimate bed-rest. Now, that was confusing because I didn't 'feel' any pain and the bleeding had stopped. I was upset and kept begging the nurses to let me rest at home!

After that incident, my pregnancy went asailing, and then during the third trimester, I ballooned!! Throughout the 40 weeks, I didn't bother about my appearance at all - hated the smell of lipstick, was always feeling hot and sweaty (not in a sexy way!), and everything was just uncomfortable! With an enormous tummy, lying down wasn't something you'd really want to do. Backaches, leg cramps, itchiness on the tummy.... aaaah, the list goes on.

My gynae had warned me from the beginning that twins had a high chance of being delivered pre-maturely. I understood what she meant and always prayed that the pregnancy and delivery would be fine.

At 40 weeks, I delivered my twins after some struggle in the labour room. I was induced and experienced intensed contractions every 3 minutes for 7 hours! As there was no development, the doc decided to send me for a C-section!

At approximately 9.18pm, I heard a voice calling me, " D, D, bangun... "

Sleepily, I opened my eyes and saw an Indian nurse's eyes - she was wearing a white surgical cap and mask. "Awak ada dua anak kembar lelaki..."

I was too sleepy and cold to respond. They wheeled me back to my room and transferred me onto the bed. I saw Mr D, my dad and step mom.

I don't remember the exact figure but Twin 1 (Twin Z) was 1cm shorter than Twin 2 (Twin H) but the circumference of Twin 1's head was 1cm more than Twin 2's. Twin 1 has a white birth mark below his left ear whilst Twin 2 has a brown birth mark near his navel. Still, I always made sure I put Twin Z on the right and Twin H on the left. Just in case...

10 years later, they are both my heart and soul. They are not quite identical anymore, as they have developed into individual characters. Twin Z, for instance, is more responsible and brotherly. Well, perhaps also a wee bit bossy at times. I'd also think he's more serious than my other children. He likes tidying up - vacuuming, cleaning his room and taking loooooong showers/baths. When he eats, he endevours each bite slowly. As a result, he often finishes late and seldom has a second helping.

Twin H, on the other hand, is much more playful. He is a more sensitive person and enjoys social life. He treasures relationships and loves to show his affection by giving small (or big) tokens either in the form of a drawing, a card or a present. Because of this, it's easier to get a smile from Twin H than Twin Z. Twin H loves good food but is less adventurous like his older brother (by 3 minutes). He often sets for bigger portion of food, and occasionally helps himself for a second helping. As a result of this, he is now approximately 4 kilos more than Twin Z.

Twin Z once asked me why was it that when any of them asked who was better, I'd often say, BOTH /ALL or everyone's the same. I explained to him that all my children were equal in their own ways and if I said that only one was better than the others, the others will feel hurt. Twin Z convinced me that none of them would be hurt because they only wanted to know the truth.

The truth? I love them all dearly...

Happy Birthday Abang Z and Abang H!!


mki said...

Happy birthday Abangs!

Restless said...

Say hello to them for me..

P.S - sapa blossom? Me and my kaypochi

halwafy said...

Happy birthday boys!

By the way..yg I kicked football with the other was which one..??

Kak Elle said...

wow abang H and abang Z birthday sama ngan my nephew but he is only 4yrs old.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Z & H:)

cikdinz said...

hepi besday abang....

~ahni~ said...

Happy Birthday Twin Z & H!!!


Double fun birthday...Hep Hep Hepi Birthday!

Restless said...

K D, you've been tagged!

merapuman said...

Happy Birthday to both or them. Kirim salam aje lah, no present ah :)

D said...

they said thank you... ("mama, siapa mki?")

they said, Hello back ("mama, siapa restless?"). aahhh... "who's blossom?" - making you restless, eh?

that was Abang H. Wanted to post the pict of your kicking the ball -foot up 90 degrees! But, couldn't download pict for some reason...

kak elle,
so another Virgo there?!

Abang Z & H says "thank you" ("mama, siapa cikdinz?")

Ohhh.. this was even more interesting, "Mama, ahni suka Fiona yea?". They said thanks..

minah celoteh,
Yes.. we had a small party - called the other Malays who were their classmates in their new school: 3 other boys and their siblings. Boys enjoyed it!

ayoooooo... tag to reminiscent into the past... will do a bit later when i have the time, okay dear?

kirim salam pun dah cukup bagus.. thanks!

Kaklong said...


hepi besday twins!!!
moga berjaya dunia akhirat :D.

seronok baca kisah kembar sis D ni. teringat saya, dua pupu suami saya, bersalinnya keluar 2 uri tapi sorang baby aje yang ada. doktor kata kembar x jadi.

idham said...

HaPPY birthday to both Abg H and Abg Z...semoga berjaya dunia akhirat...:)

memang susah nak bedza kan kasih sayang kpd anak2...memang semuanya special dan best best ....Alhamdullillah.....mereka
lah ...anugerah paling istimewa!


Restless said...

Who can blame them? The last time I saw them was ages ago and they were like - kecik lagi! Dah la tu, I hardly went to other wing - the downside of living in isolation.

Anyway, anytime is a good time (for the tag I mean).

* K Ainul is offered to her next degree for free!

D said...

kak long,
tu selalu gak dengar.. kalau kembar tak seiras (2 sarung), satunya gugur. Kira tak de rezeki la tu

yes... they're all our angels!

but they just want to know ALL my friends! Penat nak cerita tu..

bluewonder said...

happy birthay to the twins

luv, aunty bluewonder

pakcikjam said...

Happy belated birthdays for the twins. Hope both of them dah mula puasa penuh , jangan puasa yang yang yok, ya.... hee. p/s- Lady D, sorry lambat, lama tak singgah sini.