Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Bloggers' Current Trend


I must say that the discovery of great bloggers via this humble blog of mine has brought wonderful experiences. Perhaps it is much more appreciated when one is thousands of miles away from the land called home. Four months ago, I discovered that a name quite familiar amongst some bloggers actually lives in the same city as I am! Upon more investigation, I found out that she lives only a block away. She had us over and we had her over too - only to be surprised with a present, all beautifully wrapped in pink!

Yesterday, another kind blogger sent me, who doesn't really frequent her blog that much, a nicely wrapped gift via her sister who was travelling in Europe. Obviously, it was all impossible without dear neighbour-blogger. The whole family was extremely excited! Without having a chance to snap a photo of the package, everyone was eagerly sitting in a circle wondering what was inside. Questions like: "Siapa bagi ni Mama?", "Birthday siapa Mama?" and "Kenapa Aunty mamasarah bagi kita present?" were thrown in, among others.

They carefully unwrapped the package and in were some keropok ikan (woohoo!!) with a few packets of spices. So, yesterday we enjoyed a plateful of long-craving keropok dipped in chilly sauce/tomato sauce. When I was frying them in the kitchen, all were eager to watch me do the miracle job. Abang Z even admitted that he forgot how the outcome of fried keropok looks like! Oh, dear, and we haven't even been here for a year.

To maklang, thank you loads from us all. It is actually very touching because we don't really know each other that much (damn, tears running down the cheek now!). In return, I can only pray the best for you and your family...

What does it say about bloggers? You pause and reflect.


k.d said...

Hehehe...dah lama tak makan kepok ye!

Hahaha...funny lah...sian you all.

I balik mesia August nie I beli sebungkus untuk you ye! Cukup ke tu?


:) the wonders of what simple pleasures from Home can trigger.

raiedzall said...

Reminds me of Dr.Faez, the first person to put comment to my early entries... Dr.Faez dan keluarganya pernah duduk selang sebuah rumah aje dari rumah kami... tapi mereka dah balik malaya dan sekarang nih jarang update blog... :(

U.Lee said...

Hi D, wa, dapat makan keropok. I love keropok, especially from Kelantan, keropok udang. Sedap betul tu! Salt fish from Kuantan, but keropok mesti from Kelantan, best tu.
It is wonderful to find a friend like you encountered. Makes life more interesting especially when we away from where we originaly come from.
Bet your family enjoyed the keropok.
Keep well, D. UL.

D said...

HeHe... Maklang pun bagi sebungkus tapi that's enough to keep us going for awhile! LOL. Don't trouble yourself, we all ni survivors - kengkadang mengada je!

You are absolutely right! I still can't believe my children had forgotten how keropok looks like (wonder whether they still remembered how it tasted!)

Oh dear... I dread to think of how lonely we'll be once mamasarah goes home this August! Uwaaaa!! Guess new friends can be made but dear ones are hard to find, eh?

maklang said...
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maklang said...

Glad that you enjoyed the keropok.
That's one of the favourite keropoks that we usually buy..memang sedap!

idham said...

:) u get what u deserve D...! And this time u get MaklanG's kindness and thoughtfulness...!



ajzie said...

wahhh dah sampai yea.. bungkusan dari Mak Lang dari adiknya..
keropok sedappp balik MSia kena tanya Mak Lang beli di mana nih?..

halwafy said...

Oh..begitu ceritanya..kenal Mamasarah thru blogging! LOL

Banyak kelebihan blogging nih...;)

loveujordan said...

Seronok dengar you dapat makan keropok Gannu kite.....memang sedap :)

Tulah kelebihan berkawan samada secara live atau cyber.....

Mama Sarah said...

Kita pun goreng keropok malam tu jugak. Sarah yang kept on nagging, nak keropok (1000x)

13may said... best:)

Helena said...

I love the blogging world.... :D

bluewonder said...

Funny story..How a packet of keropok can cause so much xcitement. will b thinking of u when I eat my next round of keropok lekor dipped in homemade chili sauce. EMMMMM.....yum2.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

I can understand how you felt receiving the goodies. I have been living away from home quite often all these years. Selalu I mengidam this and that. Keropok is one of 'em. What a wonderful experience with blogger friends. Cheers.

Zakiah said...

ush keropok sedapnya....sini pergi kedai indon nak lepas rindu beli kopok udang pun jadikla. Tapi mana nak sama makan kopok ikan. nak ckit!!!!

mami dini said...

When i read ur blog its trigger me to fried the kopok in the kitchen.... lapar kopok plak hehehehhe....

thats so kind of Mak Lang and for her thought for those who are not at home..... :)

D said...

tulah dia, MrD memang hantu keropok. Bukan sebarang keropok yang sedap, kan??? Thank you loads again...

sometimes we can't help wondering, what do I do to deserve such kindness, eh?

tulah dia... kenan tanya maklang tuh!

eh, I pun kenal you thru blogging, ye tak? You even 'found' my old friend a.k.a serigala london's wife for me!! tq again...

itulah orang kata:"berkawan biar seribu..." (yang seterusnya tak relevan la kat sini! HeHE)

must also thank you for it - I tumpang tempias je... LOL

HaHa... ni kes "I was here" lah ni yek??

guess kids in school should get this for essay question now: The advantages and disadvantages of blogging. Amacam??

hey, 'thinking of you' je ke??? Passla sini sket. HAHaHa... Those days kat Edinburgh dulu tak de pulak cravings cam ni yek?

Don't even suggest me making keropok from scratch! Not that super-desperado! As they say, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', hence the same goes for keropok!! (though we've loved it so much all this while)

kot I ada sekotak, memangla I kirim kat you, Cik Kiah... Nun tu, mintak kat orang Malaysia tu semua! LOL

mami dini,
wah.. ada stok tak pe!

nurazzah8 said...

hurm... akak baru je kenal blogging ni a few months back..lepas balik dari Jordan, rasa sayang pulak pengalaman kat sana 'terkubur' begitu, my daughter suggest suruh tulis kat blog, so akak pun tulis la...tu pun mula2 anak akak yg createkan blog sbb akak bz. Until now, rasanya seronok pulak blogging nih, u kenal ramai org (walaupun dalam alam cyber)..berbagai background, berbagai ragam dan profession... tapi bila baca blog masing2 mcm kenal dekat aja..feel like they are close to us.. walaupun akak bekerja dan sibuk dgn tugas, tapi bila balik rumah mesti nak jenguk juga other bloggers... selalu ternanti-nanti apa cerita terbaru dsb..
Cherios...seronok dapat mkn kepok..akak dan family pun suka mkn kepok, everymonth selalu simpan stock kepok kat rumah (kirim kat sedara-mara atau kawan2 yg balik tganu)

Darling said...

d, i yang baca ni pun terasa touching. kekadang dunia maya boleh dibawa ke dunia reality jugak kan?

sometime benda tu simple je tapi akan meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam :)

rad said...

1. Must buy keropok lekor at nite mkt today - in case I forgot how it taste like!
2. Blogging wonders - simah tagged me after she was tagged by theta who also tagged A.Z. who eventually turns to be one of my old friends who then ask me your full name since she think that you're her senior in smap and that remind me of manal who was exclsmate of my current friend here & I'm so proud to be able to link them back together! How abt that? *I'llhavetokopipesthisintomyblogjugak*
3. I'm rad. I'm a ruthless driver (current entry). Sob3x! Blogging calm me.
4. Green efforts - I'm the only one in the family who nicely fold away all kind of plastic bags for re-usage, keep the rubber bands & tali plastik separately, encourage the sharing of cups among my newphews & nieces so that less water & detergent being used for washing, & byk lagilah. Heheheheh..

D said...

it's never too late to join the blogging world - I've not been here too long either. Have you gone through the phase of OGB (Orang Gila Blog)? HaHa... Tu kalau asyik nak bloggggggg je siang malam!

exactly. Of course, the keropok was very much appreciated but the main touching point was getting it from someone you hardly know! (me bad, I know!)

so your old friend asked about me, eh? I've been teasing her through her blog. HaHa!! so she's doing her bit of investigation now. Hey, you a green woman, eh?

MULAN said...

aduss... keropok lekor..!!!! eelllmmm.. best nya. balik cuti ni mesti pekena punya. hhmm.. wondering, boleh pulak keropok lekor masuk sana?

D said...

keropok ikan kering la... HeHe. These were brought in by people who have been travelling Europe - cayak la kan?!

Kak Lady said...

D >..Maklang ni memang rajin bebenor membawa buah tangan atau memberi cenderahati buat kawan2 blogger...biarpun sekadar keropok...besar ertinya bagi kita kan?