Sunday, June 17, 2007

A man's life

17th June is Father's Day in the UK. With ideas and help from the children, I baked a rainbow cake for my man and made some chicken curry rolls. When everyone was ready, we paraded into the living room and surprised the emotional dad.

A father is a man who holds a very important role in the family. Children need parents, not just to be providers of food and shelter. More importantly, parents have the responsibility to provide guidance, love and companion. This role cannot be accomplished by only one parent ; neither only a mom nor only a dad. The responsibility has to be shared by both: each of the opposite sex.

A father offers masculinity and portrays this through his leadership in the house. He ensures order and discipline, whilst creating a harmonious atmosphere. He becomes the idol and hero to the children.

My hero is my own Abah - the person I owe my life to. He struggled to bring up the four of us, especially after the loss of our mother. How does one cope without his other half yet with memories of her all ahead? He has shaped me into who I am today and taught me values that are priceless. Abah, I can't thank you more than words can ever express. You are always in my prayers and thoughts...

Today I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. No one would have ever compromised the way he has or accepted me the way I am. He has been amazing for tolerating with me. Most incredibly, he has helped me bring up the children with care and love. When I delivered my twin boys, he would rush home after office to bathe the newly borns and help me manage them. With Princess, he was the one who accompanied her, to witness the doctor carry out the blood transfusion. He was in the labour room when I delivered Princess and Little D - not missing a single thing the doctor or nurse did!

Thank you my darling Mr D, for being a great husband to me and a superb father to the children. I'm not good with words but I found this, which was written by William Byrd.

To my man on Father's Day,
On whom my life depends,
My children's cheerful champion:
You are where yearning ends.
My paramour and harlequin,
All I want, and all I can
Not want and be OK.


minci said...

..and surprised the emotional dad
- Mr D cry or anything? haha

that is a sweet poem.. love it

NJ said...

Hello dear,

It's been a while since I visited u. Wow, a very touching and heart-warming entry u got here dear. I can visualise how Mr D was, when u guys presented him with all the offerings. Mr D is indeed a lucky gentleman (of course, Mrs D is one lucky lady herself)!

Mama Sarah said...

happy father's day to MrD :)

D said...

Mr D hasn't been well for a while, therefore, he was deeply touched (and unglamorous) gesture.

Thank you for your ever kind words, busy busy woman! When someone has done a great job, we have to appreciate and acknowledge their hard work, don't you think?

Thank you (on behalf) and wishes to Babah too.

13may said...


Helena said...

Happy fathers Day to all fathers out there!

A responsible Father like Mr D definitely needs to be appreciated from time to time.

Good poem u have there,.

cikdinz said...

happy fathers Day to your hubby ....

loveujordan said...

Happy Father's Day to Mr D !!

U.Lee said...

Hello D, Wow! What a post! I read it twice and it made me feel warm.
I felt good reading of your love to your husband and family.
You inturn made me feel good.
To you D, women like you don't grow on trees.
To your wonderful hubby...
You are one heck of a man, a husband, a father. I salute you, SIR!

Taiko said...

Salam d..

Maaf mengganggu.. boleh bagi saya 5 minit?

Anda dijemput ke untuk menjawab beberapa soalan survey mengenai pakaian yang anda pakai.

Keikhlasan anda amat saya hargai :)

Terima Kasih

bluewonder said...


hubby emotional?? how I wish I ws there to see. He! he!

Happy father's day to Mr D.

mki said...


Alhamdullilah, May Allah bless u both.

D said...

13 may,
thanks for dropping by. Soon (bile tu yek??) you'll be a dad and you'll cherish the wonderful ups & downs of fatherdom. HeHe...

everyone's special in their own way, I'm sure. Thanks for the wishes..

same to you too... I'll thank you on his behalf. HeHe..

Days like this should be celebrated without the buzz of consumerism. Then, it'd be much appreciated. And, like Mother's Day, isn't Father's Day supposed to be all year round? LOL.

You're too kind with your words! (*blush*) I'm nothing great and I'm sure some may not think my Mr D is anything great either. We're just the best for one another! I am sure that you too are a great father and husband to your children and wife. Thanks, anyway, for your soothing words.

Will drop by your site soon, InsyaAllah.

You laughing, eh?? Laugh all you want but I don't think it's any laughing matter! I'll get you back aaaa...

Thank you for your kind prayers. very much appreciated.