Friday, June 08, 2007

One Checklist coming up!

"Eh, janganlah marah... nanti cepat tua!"
(translated: "Hey, don't be mad... you'll grow older faster!")

Many people are short-tempered. They have outbursts of emotions, especially when under stress. I am one of those people. Think I must have inherited it from my dad. If you think you are short-tempered, then try these three steps for three days. Review, and then follow through until the end of the week. Go on for another 3 days, and then pause, and reflect on the way you have dealt with your anger. The process should continue until at least 3 months. With God's will, I believe you will be a calmer person from then onwards. I'm only in my first week. HaHa!

1) Start by listing down the things that often spark anger in you.

Eg: clutter in the house (yes, mommies, don't they just get on your nerves?), incompleted task by a colleague/ sub-ordinate (those working), ruthless drivers (KL drivers for sure).

2) List down alternative reactions when anger starts to boil up.

Eg: Sit down calmly, leave the room to a more 'peaceful' atmosphere, take a deep breathe and have a sip of drink, smile, perform your ablution(Muslims) or wash your face.

3) Allocate half an hour /an hour a day for yourself, doing something you enjoy, especially something calming. Without rush, without curfew.

Eg: a walk round the block, window-shopping, or out to the movies.


Most importantly, you need to keep a record of your emotions and your surroundings. For women, is it the time of month? I have noticed that I get easily irritated during that time of month. Oh, dear. Does it have anything to do with the food you consume? Keep a diary or journal, and better still, keep a CHECKLIST!

(ps: If you're really interested, leave me your email add and I'll send you a copy of the checklist)


bluewonder said...


I think I'm one of those with a short and husband would certainly attest to that.

What do i do in my fits of anger? Mkn Ice cream? Cant do that..kgs dont burn off as quickly as they did b4! LOL

rd said...


I am one of those too when it comes to the kids!!!

Hehe.. one thing that eally works is to get away.. leave the situation kejap.. relax and come back and deal with them!

As usual, a good one!

D said...

you with short fuse?? Hard to believe la babe! Maybe it's the 5 rascals, eh? LOL

Yeah... leave kejap boleh la, ek? Kalau lama sikit either they start looking for us or we start to worry about them!!

minci said...

kak D,
what checklist? can give me or not? hihihihi~~

D said...

You a hot-headed young doc-to-be, eh??? Ow! Hope none of your patients become the victim! LOL (it's on the way to your mailbox as I write)

maklang said...

as you get me...tou tend to deal with it with an open mind....he...he...

U.Lee said...

Hello D, Bila I naik angin, I make a nice glass of ice coffee, light my pipe look out the window.
If volcano still ada asap, I go take a cold shower.
But sometimes cannot tahan especially when kena terperanjat a car coming wrong way at me! Lots of new immigrants from countries that drive on right side. Datang sini they sometime forget we drive left side, they masuk our side of the road,
then kelang kabote take evasive action, sometimes turun window and tell him what I think of his ancestors, ha ha. UL.

nurazzah8 said...

Salam Perkenalan D,
Yes, as maklang said, you tend to mellow down when you get older. Bukan apa, nanti kena heart attack, ayoyo.. byk susah... my kids (yg besar2) selalu cakap, ummi nih dgn adik2 tak marah pun, kalau kak long/abang ngah dulu, tentu dah kena marah dan kena pukul... akak rasa dulu muda2 mmg akak garang giler.. tapi skrg nih, rasa dah takleh buat mcm dulu, sure BP naik...
p/s: akak nak link ur blog to mine ok?

D said...

How true you are! The older the wiser mah?? HeHE..

*Gigggle* Your description of the car coming from the wrong side of the road is so funny!!! I guess that's valid reason to get angry as you're talking about the safety of your life here. Maybe best to have chauffeur to drive around. LOL

Welcome to my humble abode and you're welcome to link me. "akak rasa dulu muda2 mmg akak garang giler" - ish, giler macamana lah tu yek?? HeHe... Nasib maintain lagik ni!

sYaNa said...


I'm guilty as charge :o( with a short fuse. All I need is a good hug but who dares to come close when I'm like a volcanoe hehehe


Darling said...

lately ni i susah sangat nak kontrol marah. bila dah start, rasanya kalah tsunami. dunno why. maybe bcos stress sangat kut.

really bad :(