Monday, February 05, 2007

A few more lingo losers

When young Malaysians go abroad to seek knowledge, they are often very enthusiastic. They brave themselves to finally practise the language they have so long learnt: the English language. Mr. D and I were watching TV together tonight and we began retelling the hilarious stories of our friends' first-time incidents in the UK. One is about dear Meor , Mr. D's friend while the other is regarding my friend, Amin (names obviously changed). Here goes:

Story 1
: at the counter in the bank. Meor is withdrawing some cash.

Teller: How would you like your money?
Meor: Yes, I like my money very much.

*I hope I don't need to explain what the expected response should be.

Story 2
: at the post office.

Amin: Can I have some stamps please?
Attendant: Where to?
Amin: Edinburgh
Attendant: First class or second class?
Amin: Third class!

** Within the UK, you have the option of buying first class OR second class stamps. First class costs a few pennies more but should arrive the destination the following day. While being cheaper, second class would get second class treatment, probably a day or two later. The Royal Mail DOES NOT have third class mails.

So, again I plead, PLEAAAASSSSEEE ask if you're ever in doubt.


Kaklong said...


wah d...sekali saya tinggalkan, 3 entries saya terlepas huhuh. best2 pulak tajuk2nya.

betullah, kalau kita tak tau, better tanyakan. suami pun selalu pesan, kalau orang tanya, kita tak tau, be honest kata tak tau, jgn jawab yang ada "agaknya".

dan kalau bercakap, jgn pakai cakap aje tanpa kita tau fakta tu betul atau salah, nanti org fikir kita ni bodoh.

ttg superwoman tu..mmg betul, tugas kat rumah ni mmg tak pernahnya abis. ada anak2 kecil, mmg kerenah mereka mencabar sangat kadang2 tu. silap hari bulan, boleh kena darah tinggi..huhu

MerapuMan said...

i made my mark too. btw, kat malaysia ni kalau orang putih datang ada jugak benda yg diorang tak tahu.

seperti lorry berhenti di tepi jalan, instead of the safety triangle malaysian akan letak dahan kayu kan.