Monday, February 05, 2007

a gift for me??

It wasn't my birthday. Neither was it our anniversary. I didn't win any awards and I wasn't in the hospital. Yet our guests for the night came with a box wrapped in beautiful pink wrapper and gold ribbon. Certainly a gift unexpected. A bag of oranges would be a norm, or a bowl of fried noodles like the other day (yum!Yum!) would be excellent. But a nicely wrapped gift?

Last Saturday night, we thought we'd invite two doctors and their families to our home. Initially, both said that they would have to confirm with us later. So, I told MrD that it was fine by me. The menu would be something I can fix within an hour or two.

Later, one confirmed the invitation, but the other never called. I started fiddling in the kitchen with the desert at 3.45pm - MrD's favourite: tiramisu (this picture is a picture I pinched from the net: not MY tiramisu. heheheh). Then, I steamed my 2 whole chickens. It was easier working in the cramped kitchen when the family was out. A neighbour had dropped by to invite the children over for their son's birthday party. MrD went with the kids while I wrestled in the kitchen. The second picture is MY tiramisu, photo taken by dear mamasarah.

2 hours later, I discovered that I needed an extra 10 minutes to clean up the pile in the sink and change my clothes. I sms-ed my guest to give me a little bit time. Ah, was that even necessary?? I still feel guilty for doing that. In the end, they gave us MORE time than needed (but much appreciated - just to tidy up a little bit more).

When they arrived, I was obviously taken aback with the gift. Yup, the guests were none other than mamasarah and her family! The men had not officially met so the invite had to naturally take place. I am usually the one who snaps the photos whenever there's an occasion but since I was a little occupied, I passed the camera to MrD to take charge. Nothing much was taken. The twins were finally in charge of the photos (the junior amateurs at work). I wasn't too worried as the guests were doing a better job at it. These photos are theirs.

Anyway, we had pilau rice with ayam golek, acar timun, sambal udang and some popadums. To fill the table, I also fixed some rojak. Drinks were Tesco's juices - so un-glamour (unlike mamasarah's syrup that was prepared to wash down the food!).

Oh, and the gift! A set of classes for me to serve guests! Sony Cyber-shot dummies like us can't compare with others'...

Thank you, mamasarah and family. Please come again - forget gifts and buahtangan. Just come to chat. Still think there's so much to talk about!


idham said...

:) lucky is a neighbour to another good neighbour!
Luckier is a neighbour to one who can cook like D can....yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!!!!
paling i tergoda dgn tiramisu dan ayam tertiarap tu....sungguh rasa nakkk jugak!
lucky also a neighbour bila ... neighbour suka bagi2 hadiah ...hehehe....

salute u both!


Kaklong said...


amboi menunya..

cantiknya gelas2 tu :D

Mama Sarah said...

Menyusahkan you and family aje that night. I really thought the other family memang confirm datang.

Dengan Amar yang tak duduk diamnya. NExt time I pergi rumah you kena bawa hoover lah. Bikin malu aje.

The glasses, I hope you like them. Khusus untuk you satu family :)

Ajzie said...

Salam kenal buat neighbour mamasarah.. seronok makan2. hidangan pun nampak sedap2. Cantik gelas dari mamasarah.

D said...

dapat neighbour blogger ni rasa macam best pulak duduk Coventry nih..

kak long,
cantik gelas, cantik la orang yang memilihnya!

pasal vacuum jangan susah. Mr.D's hobby is vacuuming! I ada 4 kids, come on la....

thank you. jemputla datang!

MerapuMan said...

eh .. template baru la.