Saturday, January 31, 2009

He gives me

Give me wheat, I'll change it to flour,
Give me flour, I'll change it to bread,
Give me bread, that I shall devour,
But never ever give me the dread.

Give me a pencil, I'll look for paper,
Give me a glass, I'll look for some water,
Give me a rat, I'm sure I'd scamper,
But never give me an expired hamper.

Give me a book, I'll probably read,
Give me a smile, I'll make it a treat,
Give me a scratch, I'll probably bleed,
But never ever show me a cheat.

Give me a baby, I'll put him to sleep,
Give me a room, I'll try to keep it neat,
Give me bad news, I'll probably weep,
But never ever give me a love seat.

Give me Chance, I'll take my risk,
Give me Hope, I'll say,'Yes please',
Give me Imaan, I won't make it brisk,
But most of all, He gives me all these.

If you give me the wreck I refuse,
I may in the end accept with a grin,
All to say that I'm not obtuse,
Whatever He gives, won't go to the bin!


Lyana Mauseth said...

dear kak D,

nicely written :D

Naz said...

Have a nice weekend, D dear!

Kak Elle said...

and he gives you to me as a friend:)

r2d2 said...

Falsafah ... falsafah ... ;)
Dalam maksudnya tu. Enjoyed reading it.

myheartbleeds said...

well said, dear!!

p/s: P2R is in my fav colour!! yeay!! :-)

simah said...

true...very true...

rindu la!! how r u holding on?

Roza said...

Allah give us today coz tommorow will never comes!

mamasita said...

Nice poem..and your kids are as usual so adorably cute and mischievously happy.

MULAN said...

if u are here,
i'll hug u dear..!!!

Minci 先生 said...

this is beautiful.. :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

salam, salam, tumpang lalu, minta buat
tag ni, haaa. hehehe