Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 'friends'

I actually don't make a habit of looking out my window each morning, just to avoid the usual analysing of the weather where I'd be attempting to match it with the forecast over the telly the night before. If it rains, I'd grab a brolly or two off the hooks. If it fogs, glooms or shines, there's practically nothing else I could possibly do other than enjoy another blessed day by Him; to hold my children's hands, peck their cheeks, fuss over their meals, listen to their never-ending tales, and just simply breathe in His air into my lungs - giving me an extension of life.

Right - cut the melodrama!! What I'm perhaps trying to say is, I'm not letting the rhythm of my life be controlled by the temperamental British weather. In actual truth, instead of going all physical, I've been running a marathon reading books of various genres; from the dull indulgence of academia,
to chic lit (I reallllly tried resisting but they called and beckoned me at the car-boot pitches, 'take me home, take me, I'm only 10 or 20p'),
motivational (oooh, you wouldn't believe the amount of pep talks I voluntarily sign up to..),
and surely, spiritual (a picture of the book I'm reading is unavailable; it's actually one my dad just sent - In search of Excellence in Life: Experiences from the well known persons which include scientists, scholars, intellectuals and priests from all over the world, edited by my step uncle, Shaya'a Othman. Ergo, I've put up the pict of my all-time favourite, everyday companion).

I'll be back to share some insights that have been playing around in my head, God permitting...


Darling said...

macam dah lama tak membaca buku.. err i mean buku2 yang dibeli terbiar berhabuk.

awal tahun 2009 ni agak bz dengan pelbagai perkara.

ps: bila nak balik mesia? mis nak lepaking lagi :P

Naz said...

I read Pelzer's *A child called IT*. Very sad...

Ms B said...


at least you dont hv imaginary friends like me. *grins*

Oh, I read a few adele parks. She's witty!

anggerik merah said...


i have that 80:20 principle...but only finish it half way...

myheartbleeds said...

the book your dad sent you sounds like an interesting read!! have to look it up nih!!

D said...

balik m'sia? adoi,nak balik kampung i kat scotland tu pun belum sampai lagi... mana cukup fulus untuk 5 orang?! let's put 2011 in the diary, ok? ;)

yeah, i've got the book but haven't started on it (nak mati tak buat keje lain when I go on a crazy book marathon like this!). I got a set of his books in hardcover for FREE via freecycle - an online network where people give away their unwanted goods. Pretty amazing system. If only Malaysia had such thing!

Ms B,
hehe.. who said I don't have imaginary friends? ;) shhhhhh!!! yes, this apparently is my second read of Adele Park's.

Anggerik Merah,
yup - I only faintly remember reading an article about the principle some years ago. After more than a decade, here I am in possession of the book. You may not have to read the book from cover to cover dear, but the points in some chapters should actually help people like us (you know what I mean: the jugglers!)

aha... i meant to write a little bit more about that book, in actual fact. It is a compilation of stories by those who have reverted to Islam including Estes.

Kak Teh said...

D, do come and pat me on the back - since the first of January - I have finished five books!! Isnt that something? Nothing heavy, but they are books nevertheless and I feel so good about it. I am determined not to buy anymore books but to read books that I collected over the years.

mad redo1 said...

uuuu... I am still to draw a list of books that I want to read for this year... oh well, there are always the blogs... hehehe...

Raden Galoh said...

Darling sis...
I want to pat your back lah...and kak teh's too... wow! both of you read so many books in amonth... I 've a few and still unable to finish the one I'm reading ni...

Books are a good companion actually. Books about motivation and selfhelp I like a lot... that inserach of excellence in life must be a wonderful book to read, ain't it?

U take care, as always love all of u loads, and loads and loads!

sisterly yours.

bluewonder said...

kalau kat msia...kena baca buku PTK!!! Sure put u to sleep one.

Am reading mine now...zzzz

Zek Zek said...

Chick lit tu yang tak tahan tuh..masuk library kakak sorang ni jugak eh. Hehhehe. Saya mmg suka membaca tapi lately ni tak tau camner nak carik time.

Kitchen Guardian said...


I used to love to read motivational books...I still do, but now I read less of them...for me and my situation now, is to just like NIKE said...Just Do It...too much pep talk and i sit and pinder apa habuq tak jadi...amongst my favourites Richard Branson's Screw It Let's Do It, The Magic of Thinking Big (classic book), Who Moved My Cheese, Today Matters and a few others, including Lance's It's Not About The because of so much thinking I have to do in my work, I turn my eyes a lot to trashy magazines like Instyle, People, but my all time favourite is and always by my side...yang ni tak trashy lah Dont Be Sad by 'Aidh AlQarni..the book tu macam cakap dengan you!

D said...

kak teh,
pat, pat, pat! Well done indeed, Kak teh!

mat redo1,
hehe... yes, new times call for new modes. Blogs? why not?!

Raden Galoh,
thank you. That's the problem with me - if it's non-academia, I find it so difficult to put the book down!!!

bluewonder @ GKB,
yes, yes... enjoy buku PTK! You need to have the info at the tips of your fingers, dear! Good luck..

Zek Zek,
tu la pasal... you don't know the amount of temptation I have to fight off just to NOT pick up a chick lit tau! but after i complete one, I never regret. LOL.

Kitchen Guardian,
Yes, Don't be Sad is excellent. A'aid AlQarni's 'You can be the Happiest Woman in the World' is also good(I pick it up everytime I get a bout of hormonal syndrome!). Hehe... looks like we share the same interest in books; ie motivational. Have read the books you have listed down too. Yet ironically, half of the time I find myself lacking motivation. How la?? :)

Ms B said...

waaa...going green. *winks*

pssttt..i think adele published a new book. saw her advert somewhere underground today.