Friday, October 31, 2008

Meme: 7 facts about me

Ms B tagged me. I'm just going to write this instantaneously. So here goes 7 facts about me:

  1. I don't go for branded items. I may admire them, but I don't buy them (simply because I don't have the money to!)
  2. I love teaching (or lecturing, or whatever you call it). Probably won't survive doing anything other than this.
  3. My favourite colour is green hence am always bias towards it.
  4. I have developed into a nagging mom. Horrible!
  5. I am a rather reserved person. I only open up with people I'm comfortable with.
  6. I like variety. It spices up my life and the people around me. My late husband used to say, "You're so colourful. I can imagine life being so dull without you." Funny - now life is so dull without him.
  7. I am at present not entirely sane...

Do I have to tag others? Okay, Lil Happy Me, myheartbleeds, and pekebenda.


Kak Teh said...

D, since Ms B tagged me aswell, i might as well do it here.
1. I dont go for branded goods as well as I cant pronounce most of their names. How cld I, apart from not being able to afford them, I thought Farragamo (sp) is a kind of Italian dish.
2. I dont like teaching - honest I dont!Instead of students looking at the time, I look at the time.
3. Green is not me.
4. You have developed into a nagging mum? I was born a nagging mum.
5. Cant afford to be reserved in my profession.
6. My husband and children said, you are so colourful, if you stand in the middle of the road, the traffic with be confused!
7. I am always not entirely sane.

There you go ... Ms B and D, from KT.

D said...

kak teh, tak aciiiiiii!!!

Ms B said...


Kak Teh big time cheater!!!! ANyway, no 7, I think i'm in the same boat.MUAHAHHAH (gelak mcm Kak Teh).

mad redo1 said...

the tag will appear on 7-11... don't hold your breath!

en_me said...

hi akak teh itteww.. sodeyy bacer pasal your late hubby..

lil Happy me! said...

I think I nak tiru K Tehnya style. Well, it's about me (if I were write here).

1. I love branded stuff - I follow the fashion closely tapi it's just a matter of applying it to life. I am the least fashionable person in person. Ask my friends.

2. I love knowledge - I love the whole escapade of searching for it. Teaching-wise... now that's a whole different story. I am still trying to be in touch with the patient me. Hopefully, I'll get there.

3. Fav colour = BLUE.

4. My student once called me a SUPER-Nagger. Beat that!

5. I may look extrovert but I am actually an introvert. I can yap outside but when I come home or go into my office room, I want to alone - all to myself. People don't see that; they think that I am in a bad mood.

6. OOO... I am easily bored. That's why I do different things in life. Once it's Mercy, then it's Drama. God Knows, what's next.

7. I am at present... anxious and forever restless.

the zulkivly said...

Mrs D,

While reading your story my tears thing we had in common the princess..and u know what she called her dad KING..I came across your blog while blog hogging..I am going to read all tonite. Your writing really got me...

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

I have always loved you for no 2. I think you make a great teacher anytime & Malaysian kids/Uni kids, need more professional & committed teachers like you. Talented too.

As for no 4, no not nagging mom, more like a caring mom, ok? He he...

Take care.

myheartbleeds said...

I pun nak buat macam Kak Teh and Lil Happy Me. Aciii laaa... ok?? :o)

1. I'd probably go for branded items IF I can afford it. Quality does come with these branded items. But since I CAN'T afford them, I go for generic brands. I'd rather carry a RM59.90 handbag with no brand rather than a RM400 B*nia bag with the brandname splashed over it!!

2. I've meddled with the idea of becoming a lecturer, but naaahhh... don't think I can be good at it!! And oh!! am still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up!!

3. My fav colour is green too, just ask my girls!! I love green on drapes, sofas, cushions, wrapping papers, paper towels etc but don't look good wearing it.

4. Nagging mom?? That's me!!

5. Ditto.

6. I stick to what I know and what I love. Still use the same perfume since 1993!! I have this black Benetton pants which I wear all the time (up until recent times sbb dah kotat), hubby used to tease me he'd hide it from me so that I'd get new ones!!

7. I will never be sane again...