Sunday, September 21, 2008

What we did last summer!!!

For me it was filled with meeting people while racing from one end to the other; for the kids it was a time to meet cousins and old friends, whilst enjoying the carefree Malaysian life...
I was treated to lunch by ex-colleagues at Khadijah's Kitchen. Of course, we just had to snap a photo with the Khadijah Ibrahim!
A glimpse of some of the Kaypo Klub gals. We spent hours looking back at pictures of yesteryears and ended up with a great longing to turn back time. Yes, I would definitely like that!!
Port Dickson - just posing... (that's what Princess does well)
Belum Rainforest Resort, Pulau Banding, Perak - a great adventure we enjoyed with family members. Activities included going into the jungle to see/observe the biggest flower in the world (Rafflesia), tilapia breeding, Orang Asli settlement, and elephant tracks.

At an Orang Asli (aboriginal) settlement - listening attentively to the old man's story.
Heading towards the waterfall for a good spot for lunch.
Little D with his favourite cousin brother who spoilt him like mad! In the background is a kubang gajah, or elephant clinic (I'd say) - where the elephants would come as a retreat to heal themselves from any injury or ailment. They'd scrape off the walls, which are somehow of high nutritional value, and eat them.

Under the wooden house on stilts back in Rembau, grandad's hometown.
The boys had a bash while I had mine with the Edinburgh clan - 2 years of separation yet the friendship still blooms. It's touching to see how loyal these boys are. From Left: Ashraf, Yusuf, Imran Omar, Abang Z, Muzaffar, Azuar, Zikri, Abang H and Rashad (this fellow was just tagging along his uncle, who's my friend, and he had a big surprise to see all his friends together! Perfect coincidence, innit?).

Giving moral support to Baim at his school sports event- imagine 9 children (Little D snapping photo with my assistance), 1 big bro, 1 big sis + 1 Mak Su cheering for ONE beaming boy!

So it has been approximately 20 years... but who says we've grown apart? School chummies: Kak Nash, Ain, Asma', Dr Sham, Ayeen, Huda and Kak Shidah. Simply cool!
Yes, we won't get to celebrate Eidul Fitr back home but we can have some fireworks a little bit early, can't we??

Bloggers whom I met:

  • mamasarah + Mynn (sorry, no photos taken)

  • Meeting these two (plus Sara and Amar) was definitely not the first time for us. We started out as blogger friends, turned out to be neighbours, later developed into extremely close friends. It was good meeting them again - probably met up with mamasarah 5 or 6 times altogether. They're both doing well in their chosen careers but I don't think they'll be back blogging like those days. Life is just too hectic for them!

    Thank you guys! (if by chance you read this, though I really doubt it)

  • Azzah8

  • I was quite nervous meeting the 'Flower Lady' (as I labelled her on my blog previously) because she was the first blogger I was to meet upon coming home - excluding mamasarah of course. However, the warmth of her personality was certainly very comforting, especially when served with delicious spaghetti (which Little D had several helpings of!).

    Thank you Kak Azzah - for the friendship and also book you loaned to my sis. May our ukhuwwah bloom like the flowers in your garden!

  • Raden Galoh (no pictures either - always too engrossed with tales to tell!
    We met several times, Alhamdulillah... The first time round, I went to her Sunday Market stall at Amcorp Mall where we chatted and got to know each other. I had brought her a souvenir from England (which other blogger friends similarly got too) and was surprised that she also had a little something for me! Definitely didn't expect that! Anyway, managed to later visit her twice while she was admitted in the hospital. The last time we met was a week before I left. She had gone back to work for half-day sessions, and thus I agreed to pick her up from work and bring her to the hospital where my sister was - Kak Long had just had her third chemo. Raden Galoh is definitely an example we should all look up to because she reminds me that Allah, our Lord, loves us to no end. Definitely, my sister appreciated meeting Raden Galoh because it gave her a sense of strength that only an experienced person with such strong faith like her could do.

Sis Raden Galoh, may Allah bless you and ease your path. You are always, and always in my prayers and thoughts! (I'll continue sending you text messages from time to time, okay?!)

  • nana, daddy (Bimmer 553) and family

    Nana is a young, ambitious and strong-willed medical student (she follows after both parents) who is extremely friendly and easy-going. The first time I met her was some time in February when she came over from Russia to the UK with her friend for a real holiday.
    When I decided to go home for summer, I informed Nana and we agreed to meet up later in KL. So, not long after, we were invited for lunch with her family at their warm and beautiful house. We thought of doing tea before the summer was over but unfortunately, time was not on our side.

    Thank you to the Muin family for such warmth in the friendship! (Received our first Eidul Fitri card this year - via snail mail of course - and it's from the Muins!)

  • myheartbleeds (no photos - talked and talked non-stop!)

This woman and I have a few things in common - we're the same age and we have both lost our husbands. It's wonderful to talk to someone who's in a similar situation as I am. With her two beautiful children, she had came over for lunch one Sunday afternoon bringing goodies for each of us. Ever since the meeting, we have unofficially appointed each other as confidantes to share our emotional roller-coaster rides. *wink *wink. Amazing what ONE meeting can do to build on a friendship so pure, eh? Subhanallah...

Thank you myheartbleeds. Hopefully soon the bleeding will stop and you will change your name to something more lively too!

  • Meeting this particular woman who had come all the way from Istanbul with her charming children was a little tricky as she did not stay in the Klang Valley. Nonetheless, we were meant to meet after communication via blog, text messages, emails and one phonecall. Her devotion and commitment to her family is evident through her sacrifice to live away from home, in a different culture altogether. Isn't she such an admirable person? Simah, will start saving up to visit you there, eh? (if not, just in our dreams, maybe?)

  • Sylish, confident and composed. Ruby Ahmad is filled with life and energy that 2 hours with her was definitely NOT ENOUGH! She had wonderful tales to tell - all insightful, with each leading to an underlying moral or value. We shared our experiences and at the end of the meet, I felt more confident and inspired to charge on with life. Anyone in need of a boost of confidence (and good company) should definitely spare some time with dear Ruby.

    Excellent! Parfait! Thanks Ruby!

  • Darling (no picture)

We had planned to meet since the very beginning but my weekends were always booked and packed. So, 3 days prior to my departure, I was rushing around from one side of the Klang Valley to the other: Shah Alam - Midvalley (lunch with ex-colleagues) - Setiawangsa (farewell to the boss) - PJ. That was when one of the twins made an annoyingly pathetic request to stop by KLCC 'one last time before we leave.' My body was already exhausted but the traffic report indicated that it wasn't a good idea to head home. Hence, I decided to kill two birds with a stone, so to speak. Darling and I met over coffee, but couldn't take our own sweet time as my Fantastic Four were demanding my attention. Still, Alhamdulillah, I managed to meet the mysterious young lady whose voice I had heard through the phone a few times already.

Thanks for making it on short notice, Darl!


Then of course there were those I only managed to speak to or text via mobile:

  1. Mak Lang - hope you got the English souvenirs you never seem to tire from!

  2. Anggerik Merah - maybe we can set a date in 'ol Edinburgh one day, eh? *wink

  3. mama22beas - so close yet so far! Although you live just a holler away, it just wasn't possible, was it? Another trip to the UK soon perhaps? Put Coventry on the list, eh?!
  4. mki - a very distinguished and respectable person whom I owe gratitudes to: jazakallah Prof!

  5. Silversarina - sorry I couldn't make it to your daughter's wedding. It was too far for us. Make sure you claim your gifts from Mak Lang, or she might just keep them. LOL! (next time kita jumpa ya kak!)

    (not forgetting, I also met friends who have come a loooooong way but are kept connected via the blogging world: Bluewonder, restless, faszt, zabrina, jooli and aida)

    I am glad we went home because it created a sense of closure for me. I managed to do things which I knew I wouldn't be able to do from afar. It was apt. Now, He has opened new doors for us and we venture into the future with a little light from Him - I can see our path, I can!

Optimism - by Jane Hirshfield

More and more I have come to admire resilience.

Not the simple resistance of a pillow, whose foam returns over and over to the same shape, but the sinuous tenacity of a tree:

finding the light newly blocked on one side,

it turns in another. A blind intelligence, true.

But out of such persistence arose turtles, rivers, mitochondria, figs--all this resinous, unretractable earth.


(PS: HOORAH - although this entry is not exactly what I had initially put together, I managed to F.I.N.A.L.L.Y get something here! Alhamdulillah...)


Iza-Zulkifli said...

ala bestnyaa...jb is too far from KL, kalu tak iza pun nak jumpa akak gak! next time insya-allah.

D said...

yes, iza... insyaAllah!

maklang said...

maklang kalau tak sakit ari tu memang maklang pergi KL jumpa D...he..he..

tak pe..D doa banyak2, mana tau reseki nak ke Coventry pulak!

Kak Elle said...

wei how abt our meeting in dreamland tak mention ke?...hehe

all the best d to yuo and the children...hmm... bila agak kita bolih jumpa ek?

end of year will be in states for 3 weeks hols with my sis.

anggerik merah said...


Glad to know your lil ones and you had wonderful holiday & get-together...

Insyaallah, God's will, we will meet. Good idea to meet in ole Edin..

U take care dear.

ruby ahmad said...

Salam D,

Seronok nya going through all the activities you had when you were back home. I could see your kids were all on cloud 9!

I am so glad we made it, we met at last. I always believe there is that invisible hand that sampai kan hajat (wish) or not, both will be for the best. 2 hours were two short for us..ha ha.

Waduh! What a sterling shining cv you wrote there in your entry of me...waduh! waduh! Tak terangkat saya, D..ha ha.

I am touched you wrote this:'We shared our experiences and at the end of the meet, I felt more confident and inspired to charge on with life'...aduh! Did I? I feel so pleased though.

How did you touch me? Your azam (determination), opened my eyes again D, as testimony nothing is impossible. You may have shed tears, but boy you are one brave lady. I admire your resillience & determination.

I think the beautiful thing about being friends, we can inspire one another to push on & be better.

You continue being you D. This entry touched me so much. Lets push on as best we can, and help one another even just to inspire. Thanks dear.

mama23beas said...

D, like I said time hopefully, here definitely not UK...don't think we can afford another trip;)

simah said...

dear D,

it was wondeful to be able to meet u too...even tough it was just so short...

i am glad to hear that u have enjoyed ur summer holidays with ur kids...

selamat menyambut aidilfitri..maaf zahir dan batin....

p.s... can u email ur home n hp no please? i am not sure i got the right no..

simpan duit dtg sini cepat!! dah dekat dah kita makcik oiiii... :0)

Anonymous said...

pls ignore the spelling error...tak pakai spek heheh..

n i think this summer it only proves that u r not alone.. many r there to give u their full support.. :0)


Ms B said...

OMG! I so envy u! Your hols was fun! I didnt even have time to squeeze a holiday during my trip. U even managed to see a celebrity. *smiles*

My plan is, when I go back for good, I want to be a lady of leisure for a few months and travel. But family bets that after 3 weeks, i'll be moaning and cant wait to start work. *LOL* Man, I am such a workaholic.

Darling said...

mysterious young lady? waaahhh hehehehe..

well kak D, walaupun sekejap tapi jumpa gak kita akhirnya.. insya'allah ada kesempatan kita jumpa boleh jumpa lagi.. :)

D said...

tu lah, patutnya D yang pergi ziarah maklang... cuma, schedule tight sikit n budget pun kurang. hehe.. next time ya, next time, insyaAllah.

kak elle,
ye la.. we've met in dreamland so so many times, eh? and i know I always made you cook those yummilicious dishes you put up on your blog (esp those with huge prawns!)

anggerik merah,
hehe.. so considering the date in edinburgh? possible kan? *wink

I'd say that the blogosphere is a very powerful place - it can either have positive or negative influences over you, depending on the individuals too. Thank God we started off with the right foot as we came as ourselves and weren't pretentious!

ok.. ok... no pressure. Hehe.. We meet in PJ in a few years' time, insyaAllah (lamanya!)

kids enjoyed it loads. for me - it was a mixture of feelings. only now, upon reflection, I realised it was all good (even the unpleasant ones must have underlying blessings). Hey, awak dah sibuk wishing orang Selamat hari raya, yeh? ditto babe, ditto..

ms b,
Frankly, I have to thank my sisters for arranging the vacations - I was still skeptical about things and rather pessimistic about traveling or driving on my own (LOL). HaHa! I was a coward who played safe in everything!!

YOu, on the other hand, went back too short a while. And regarding having a holiday to chill out, seriously, I think even a workaholic like you will not find it a problem (once in a while/lifetime splurging on ME time is great!)

D said...

hey, memang mysterious. tengok blog pun tau - asyik tukar skin je!

nurazzah8 said...

ALhamdulillah knowing u and ur wonderful 4 dah selamat sampai ke UK dan memulakan kehidupan semula di sana. Semoga perjalanan dan percutian kembali ke Malaysia may recharge u again. Sangat terharu dan gembira dapat bertemu D dan anak2, I really hope one day InsyaAllah I hv the opportunity to visit u there in UK (tengah mencari jika ada conference yg berkaitan dgn bidang akak dekat2 dgn tempat u... mana tahu ada rezeki boleh singgah the way, Conventry dgn London jauh tak?)
Lain kali kalau nak datang kena sound awal2, hari tu sekejap sangat tak sempat nak buat apa pun, sempat pesan bibik masak spagetti aje...

ileena said...

aunty d,
snail mail lagi cepat dr russia slow mail!
i didnt get mine yet.

silversarina said...


Akak baru sampai dari kampung terus ke blog D... InsyaAllah kita jumpa lain masa, doa akak agar D dan anak-anak sihat dan ceria selalu... nak gi claim souvenir .... hehehehe... thanks dear :)

myheartbleeds said...

d!! we talked and talked and talked!! hehe...

thanks, dear for being that 'just an sms away' confidante for me, especially bila I masuk angin gile... kak kah kah!!!

The path ahead is still far and long for us, but insya-Allah we'll pull it through one way or the other!! HE loves us -- kan, kan??

myheartbleeds said...

alamak, tertinggal pulak satu ni - Khadijah Ibrahim tu tinggi gile!! :-)

Raden Galoh said...

Dearest sis...
I'm so moved reading what you wrote about me...Thank you so much sis. Likewise, I adore your resilience in facing your ordeals too...and meeting KakLong was an inspiration for me too...tried calling her but she didn't pick she on chemo again?

Thank you for the prayers. believe me, our meeting definitely locks this silaturrahim we have and I hope it'll stay strong as ever.

Love you loads and muaaahhhhsss.

mad redo1 said...

it is not meant to be this time around though that will leave one thing to do before I die... meeting D... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

kak d,

ahh i see somevery familiar faces (school chummies). k ayeen, k sham, and who is in the first pic the most left? mashaallah....


kc said...

ini baru betul2 reunion sakan *smile*. berbaloi la balik. by the way, selamat hari raye, maaf zahir dan batin.

bimmer553 said...

glad you've recieved the raya card. salam eidul fitril to the kiddos.

ADIEJIN said...

nasib baik kita tak jumpa..kalau tidak senget kepala awak and terus jadi sewel..Am bad influence. You'll soon be koreking hidung in public and koreking gigi ngan straw. fewwhhh...

Slamat Raya dik..

cikdinz said...

jemputlah dtg umah saya kat seremban...

MULAN said...

glad u had great time with friends & all... salam aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin.. bila kita nak jumpa pulak ya..

aNIe said...

D...alhamdulillah...dpt jugak jumpa teman bloggers semasa balik ari tu...semoga ikatan silaturahim akan kekal abadi...

Bila pulak kita boleh berjumpa?

SALAM AIDIL FITRI dari akak buat d sekeluarga...

Jom ke blog akak amik e-kad...khas buat teman2 blogger...nak antar kad yang betul2 memang dah tak sempat...