Monday, March 03, 2008

A somewhat different Mother's Day

Okay, okay, I have learnt my lesson. Not only should one avoid the shops during the weekends, but one should especially avoid the shops a day prior to any celebration. Yesterday evening, I went to the shops to get my groceries and found ourselves trapped in a huge crowd. You see, in the UK, Mother's Day is the first Sunday of March, i.e. today!

As we entered the supermarket, the first aisle was strategically filled with Mother's Day knickknacks: the row of cards, chocolates, gifts and flowers. My princess innocently asked me, Mummy, can I buy a Mother's Day's card? Oh dear... What was I supposed to say? No? There's no need to?

So, I gave the children some space by allowing the older ones to linger at that section while I made a dash for the food section (first making sure that they didn't buy anything they couldn't afford; read - nothing outrageously expensive!). I felt a tinge of sadness as I nostalgically remember their late dad teaming up with them when they were working up on a surprise for me(Mother's Day / my birthday). Now, they no longer have their daddy to conspire with and are still under age to go out to get anything on their own. How are they going to manage? Or better still, how am I going to make sure they can still do the things they used to do? Of course I am not concerned with material showers but I understand the children's personal desire to get something for their mum - just like everyone else.

When I got up this morning, I busied myself in the kitchen by baking a cake for the children and preparing breakfast. Once everything was done, with coffee in hand, I stepped into the living room to enjoy my breakfast when, lo and behold, there was a surprise waiting for me!

3 cards (+ 1 Tesco brochure for flower orders on Mother's Day), a box of chocolates, a bead and shell necklace (Twin H told me it took him a week to drill two holes through the shell), and a hanging card were laid out on the table for me. I kissed each child thank you and read the card my Princess chose:
The most thoughtful people

are thought about the most,

and wished the very best

of everything...


This warm and loving message

is especially meant for you

Because it's filled with gratitude

for the thoughtful things you do...

And with it comes a special wish

that Mother's Day will bring

All the joy you so deserve

and the best of everything.

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day

To: Mama
Love from Izz Zh@reef, Ulfah, Dean, Hanees,
White and Grey the hamsters.

Of course, the emotional me could not help being teary. As if that wasn't enough, they instructed me to open up the card - and in it was a picture of their late dad:

Imagine them remembering their late dad on Mother's Day! I now realise that they probably think of their dad as much as I do, even though they don't say it out loud...

(squiggly scribbles - oops...)

I later brought them out for ice-cream (the weather was very promising!!) and some goodies. It was too sunny to stay indoors, but ironically, the great weather only brought back memories of the good days spent out with Mamasarah's family and the late Mr D. Thus, Mother's Day evoked a mixture of feelings that are very precious to me.

To my children I dearly love (a.k.a the Fantastic Four),
Thank you very much for your wonderful gesture and thoughts. What I only ask for on Mother's Day (and every other day) is that I can really be a good mother to you so that you will all grow up into good Muslims blessed by the Almighty.
To all mothers out there,
Happy Mother's Day.
Let me end with an interesting quotation, worth pondering upon:
"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new."
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh quotes (Indian Spiritual leader, 1931 - 1990)
Hopefully, we can all be excellent mothers (and fathers for the opposite species) to all whom we consider our children.


Rd said...


The kids are so sweet to come out with the surprise and the necklace (your son has planned for it!)

I am emotionally overwhelmed with this entry!!

They are great kids and you must be very proud of them. Alhamdulillah..

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

Dearest D,

Tears streaked down my cheeks as I read your words..

The tears are still there as I am writing this...

As a mum, you have done a great job!

May Allah bless you and the children alway...Amin.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day...
A mum is always a mum... ur child will never grow in ur eyes.. yet in truth.. they have matured with time..
Come back to Malaysia in May, we will celebrate Mother's Day then... ur child love u.. they r there for u, lending strengh u never know u need. May Allah cherish ur family.~a.n~

myheartbleeds said...

Salam D,

Syukur, alhamdulillah... your Fantastic Four are such blessings... as a mother myself, I am so proud of them and of you!

My prayers for your family...

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so sweet!

And I finally figured out your reply on 27/12/07 post. yes, my name is ulfah :)

27/12/07 D said :
ulf (i like this name..sounds like my daughter's name - is it?)


Farah Deen said...

Not only was I all teary, in fact, I cried! They miss their dad as much as you do surely, and how thoughtful and sweet are have beautiful kids D.

epelijau said...

Salam Sis D..
I cried while reading this entry. Happy mother's day..May Allah bless u n ur children..Ameen...

Restless said...


(The first response was written before reading the entry. Now having read the entry, there are so many things to say...)

I remember the first time I gave my mak a card for Mother's Day to which I guess she was stunned by it. She went all silence. Not even a word of thank you but I guess my family were never open about expressing feelings. Because of that, I envy that your family share not the same emotional blockage.

Dear kids,
You guys are lucky to have such wonderful mummy such yours.

Restless said...

Opps... typo-error. Sorry!

ileena said...

hello aunty D,
first of all, happy mother's day too:)
*eyh, ke kakak day?hahahaha!*

to the fantastic four,
good job kiddos!!
cepat2 balik malaysia, so that we can have more surprise party!
i wanna join in too:):)
p/s:sarah,we miss you Barbie goodies,already!
hugs hugs xoxo.

anggerik merah said...

So lovely and thoughtful of your fantastic four! ANd you are one lovely mother to them all...

Happy Mother's day you..

sYaNa said...

Happy Mother's Day, D :o)

Loving kids you have, alhamdulillah :o)

D said...

Yes, Alhamdulillah, when it comes to being very thoughtful and appreciative, the children are superb! I have been blessed! I'm sure yours will be too (still quite young there!).

Umi Kalthum Ngah,
Oh dear, I didn't realise this entry was going to invite tears! Please don't congratulate me yet because I still have a loooong way to go - especially when the journey is different now. But I appreciate the du'a because that's what I need most now. Thank you.

Anonymous @ a.n,
Thank you for your kind wishes. Back in Malaysia in May to celebrate it once more? HaHa.. You ARE funny!! Would it be okay if it wasn't May though? But you are right, they actually give me a lot of strength - masyaAllah!

Ah... then it is true as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh said, "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before."

Only mothers can feel what you felt. Hugs and kisses to your angels!

anonymous @ulf,
I actually suspected you were (or 'are') someone else who carries the same name - no? So this is a silent reader who only comments when there's something relevant, eh?? No problem - make yourself comfortable, dear Ulf!

farah deen,
Oh dear bummer! I hope I didn't make you wet your keyboard and send sparks flying!! HeHe.. Thank you for your kind words. I always pray for beautiful hearts and akhlak for them because only that will help them for the hereafter, don't you think?

My, a crying apple?! Thank you for your prayers...

i think as the world evolves, people tend to change whatever they disliked in the past; ergo the amended stereotypical roles in the family. You were lucky to have a mom to give a card to, while I didn't even have one to do just that!! Hey, settle down quickly then you will have the opportunity to be mom yourself! *grin*

aha... what say when we're back in malaysia we have a Barbie party, eh?? Hope you're doing well in that freezer there! Or is the ice melting?

anggerik merah,
regarding the Fantastic Four - yes, they are lovely and thoughtful. Regarding me being a lovely mother, hmmm... I'm trying, and am still trying, my dear.

they are Allah's gifts, and we should treasure them most - which I sometimes forget... pause & reflect for me!

Nadia said...

mashallah k D....I'm speechless...i would have had tears in my eyes too..


Hazia said...

Mother's Day in March?
The cards are beautiful, and the necklace... Like the saying, the best gifts are the ones made with love:)

simah said...

happy mother's day dear super mom D!

ada anak yg appreciate u is the best gift of all...masyaAllah..

u take care ok?
(tak sempat nak komen panjang..soriiii)

13may said...

tersenyum baca entri nih :)

NJ said...

NJ was here, not too sure what to comment though...

Lovely Fantastic 4 you got there :D

Kak Teh said...

a happy belated Mother's Day to you
D! A lot of thought has gone into what they have given you. I received some flowers and lots of chocolates and dinner. I can do with Mother's Day everyday!

wanshana said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, D! (Although I have to say it's not really belated as Mother's Day should be everyday, no?!) :)

Lovely, lovely kids you have there, D, AND one amazing mom they have, too!

Take care.

nurazzah8 said...

D, lama dah tak tinggal komen di blog u... anyway bila baca your n3 kali nih, tanpa akak sedari air mata meleleh di pipi. Tiba-tiba terasa basah... ALhamdulillah, D telah membesarkan anak2 dgn baik sekali, didik lah mereka dengan sifat2 terpuji spt yg ditunjukkan oleh Rasulullah saw dan para sahabat. dan akak doakan semoga D terus tabah dan cekal dalam menghadapi hari-hari seterusnya....

kakpee said...

kak dij,

This is a bit late for me to give comment on your "mother's day" entry, but i still want to say something: anak-anak u sekarang akan beri u peluang mendapat lebih byk pahala kerana itulah janji Allah pada mereka yg menjaga anak2 yatim, you are now taking care of not only 1 anak yatim, but four of them! And they are really fantastic! disebalik all these miserable moments that u went through, u are indeed very lucky to be chosen by Allah untuk mendapat pahala yg cukup besar...didiklah mereka dengan sempurna, you won't loose anything, take care and bye

Wiz said...

Dearest D,

That was one yummylicious cake you had there! I couldn't help noticing the Flowery plate too, nice nice nice.

Your kids are too precious, I am sure they are the pengubat rindu, penghibur duka, penyejuk hati. You have taught them well and they in turn would soothe your weary heart.

A good mother you are indeed, and a good role model for the rest of us here. Thanks D for sharing.

Ps That is one great cake!!

amycheali85 said...

the fantastic four r really amazingly fantastic tho =)