Tuesday, September 11, 2007


When I was much younger, September has always been a rather busy month of birthdays. Well, I had two sisters who celebrated their birthdays in this month: my biological sister, Kak Ngah, and my step sister, T. This entry is dedicated to both of them, who are never far from my thoughts...

Kak Ngah, my second elder sister, is a perfectionist. She'd have the nicest things, and all in order. Symmetrical, to be exact. And I looked up at her as my idol. However, Kak Ngah has always been the one who was never at home. She went to one prominent boarding school for 5 years , followed by 4 or 5 years in New Zealand, and she later settled down in Kuching, East Malaysia. A few years ago, she just came home from Egypt after a few years there (my brother in law was studying).

Perhaps I didn't have much opportunity to be close enough with Kak Ngah when I was younger but as we grew older, we have become closer to one another. She is always one who could throw in some words of advice in the most natural manner... Kak Ngah makes friends easily and there are many people who are very close to her. There was once a Chinese lady she befriended when she was in Kuching who used to send some money to her when she was away in Egypt. Mind you, the amount was quite a large! That lady had sought some marital advice from my brother in law a few years earlier. Unfortunately, while my sister was away, she committed suicide when she was in despair...

T, on the other hand, is my step sister. Even so, we have developed a relationship that has made us very close to one another. She is five years older than me but the closest one in age. When we were in our school ages, she taught me the wonders and pleasures of junkfood and junk collection: Sanrio products and girly stuff. She was crazy over them and had a tremendous collection.

If I were to describe T, I'd say she is generous, thoughtful and kind. She has developed into quite a personality throughout the years... and strives hard to be a wonderful mother to her children. She supports what her children does and they are growing into bright individuals. Kudos, T!


Today, September is made more significant (not only because my twins are born in September), as four of my chummies too celebrate their birthdays in this month: Miss N, Mrs Bluewonder, Mrs W and Miss M. They are all my sisters too (Errr, not excluding the other KK members!!).

Ergo, to all my sisters (brothers would have to wait...), here's a piece for you:

Sisters’ are a thing to share
They take the time to show they care
Sisters fill a life with love
Sent to us from God above

Sisters hug when times are bad
They wipe away tears when times are sad
Sisters cry when one is scared
That’s how we show that we care

Sisters are there in times of need
To mend the wound from whence we bleed
Sisters have unending faith
No one else could take your

Sisters share most everything
We laugh, we cry, we even sing
Sisters’ are a special friend
From cradle to grave it will never end

Sisters love no questions asked
They also see right through the mask
Sisters see within your soul
They also see what makes you whole

Sisters are always within your heart
Because of your life they are a part
Sisters live from day to day
But within us all they will forever stay.

Shirley Ann Parkerson 2001


Kak Elle said...

Happy birthdays to all the sisters:)

kc said...

heck, i'm celebrating birthdays this month - my youngest son (he had celebrated his) and moiself (coming soon - stay tuned)!

happy birthdays to yr sisters. u should count yr lucky stars for u get along well with yr sisters...

Restless said...

I miss my arwah sister! Esp. when it is Raya..


bluewonder said...

tq for the wish.

my Korean cat offered to write a piece for my blog abt my bday...I'm still waiting for that piece.

Darling said...

d, selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan..

13may said...

selamat berpuasa :)