Sunday, August 19, 2007

No more neighbour...

I know, I know, I've been MIA. First it was the scalded fingers. Then, for the past week, we have been helping mamasarah and her family with their packing, loading and also meals, as their hands are all full! Yes, Mamasarah has finally gone home to settle down for good. I can't even imagine how dull our days will be without them around anymore.


The first time I met mamasarah was during this occasion. I had only been in this city for a few weeks, so I tried my best to make friends. I met so many people at the Iftar gathering, that I couldn't remember everyone's names. I remembered their faces and what they did, but names were kind of tricky.

Then, I started blogging here. To be more precise, I think I actually met her here where she mentioned the horrible fog in the UK. Naturally, I was keen to meet Malaysian bloggers who were in the UK. So I then began to be a super-sleuth and traced her down using the pictures of her children and family members in front of her house. Not too difficult at all as it turned out she only lived a block away!

So then, we met for the first time after being blog pals here, and then I had her over my place (view here).

In short, I have only known her for approximately 8 months, not including the time I met her at that gathering. Yet, we have been good friends - her place was where I hung around with my children to make cheesecake or have a chat. Somehow, we almost instantly clicked the moment we met. You see, most other Malaysian ladies here are students in their final years, hence they hardly have time for tea and cake. Aaah.. so that's my secret revealed. That's what I do: I find solace in blogging, cooking and baking.

I hope that we will remain in touch and that she will keep on blogging...

I wish her all the best in Malaysia and just in case (wishful thinking!) things aren't so great there, give us a buzz if you're considering to come back!!


Kak Elle said...

I can imagine the emptiness now:(but soon new neighbours may move in and start all over again.

ps am I suppose to call Ida or wait?

bluewonder said...

People come and go...that is the cycle of life. But with modern technology, keeping in touch is just a click away.

take care

13may said...

hehhe....tgh rindu ni...hehhe

Zakiah said...

kak D..tengkiu..tengkiu so much for the cute clock keychain!!! love it!!. Kena sorok dari Rayyan terus sebab dia suka gambar cat. Tak sangka ingat kat kita ek. :))

Mama Sarah and family are wonderful people. Tak heran u gonna miss them (u are missing them already!)

take care

nurazzah8 said...

D, sorry lama akak tak menjenguk blog D..sibuk sesangat...entah lah ..bilanya yang tak sibuk... my kak long baru balik busy pulak nak entertain plan dia..nak makan ni nak makan tu, nak itu nak ini...ialah dah 2 tahun tak balik malaysia... so nak makan banyak makanan yg tak dapat makan dulu...

berapa lama lagi D di UK?

loveujordan said...

akak pulak yang sedih mamasarah dah balik malaysia.. mesti terasa you rindu dengan dia dan anak-anak.... tak pe , nanti dapat jiran baru pulak.. take care !!

Helena said...

Hi D.... hope that your hand is much better now..... no scarring i hope....

you'll find new friends soon.... though i doubt there will be another mamasarah.....

D said...

kak elle,
I know the new neighbour already but don't think she's quite like mamasarah! HeHe!! (non-blogger too!). think it might be good idea to try to call Ida!

yeah, you're right... guess life's always like that, eh? Like us too -can never be the same like those ol' days, yet we TRY to keep in touch.

ni kira ok lagik nih sebab budak masih cuti sekolah.

ingat nak kirim things for the boys tapi mamasarah banyak barang so tak nak la menyusahkan pulak. tulah barangnya kecik kenot je! Sorry!

HeHe.. samalah kita, busy je memanjang! Berapa lama lagi di sini? Sempatlah akak nak datang! LOL..

2,3 kucing berlari,
mana nak sama si kucing belang,
2,3 boleh kucari,
mana nak sama mamasarah sorang! - YeeHaa!!!

Thanks.. written like a true expert!