Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To sail across the oceans

Most people start every new year with resolutions. A new hope. A new aim. A new target.

Then, every year too, most people celebrate their birthdays with cakes and gifts, a time when others try to show some sense of appreciation (or buttering up!).

So, how long does one expect to live? 60? 70? 80? or scaling up to 100? How long do you want to live?

At 10, one is at the beginning of life - learning to explore a little while fun and enjoyment is the main element. A game of teng-teng and batu seremban, ice lollies on sunny days.

At 20, one is stepping into adulthood - getting the freedom and slowly getting the feel of real life. Life can be a mess during this time, with paths to choose from and decisions to make. Still, it's a time when love is more than luscious and dreams are delirious.

At 30, one is more sure of the steps made. With a little experience in life: work and social, the 30's are usually more focussed in their aims. Yes, I know where I'm going and I know what I'm doing.

At 40, one is very confident in life. "I have lived for so long..." "I know what's going to happen!", "I have met so many people like you". So the saying, life begins at 40... It is when one is at the peak of his or her life.

At 50, one is much more stable and confident financially, mentally and physically. Life is often enjoyed at this age, like a boat sailing away towards the sunset.

I am therefore going to stop at 50. The stability and confidence that one achieves at the age of 50 is one I would like to address. If it takes a human being 50 years to be sailing away, then what about a country? What would a country have achieved in 50 years' independence? A country is not human, yet can it be compared to one?


idham said...


I read this part of ur entry and could not help but to internalize...hehehe.

"At 50, one is much more stable and confident financially, mentally and physically. Life is often enjoyed at this age, like a boat sailing away towards the sunset."

I am sailing away into the sunset....*broad smile*


D said...

smooth-sailing indeed!!

idham said...

:) thank you D....

*tunduk2 ala orang jepun tanda suka*


kc said...

a good piece there...

Anonymous said...

hmm... if a dog's age is equivalent to a couple of humanly year, I guess a country's age is the opposite.

let me explain,

one year of a dog's or cat's age = 5-10 humanly years

so, if ten years of a country's age = one year for a human being.


boleh terima?

restless @ romancingtheself

D said...

aiiikkk.. tu je?

I see, so our country is only about 5 years old (post independence)? Interesting... Hey, of course BOLEH TERIMA!! This is not an exam (not CLA/PTK!! Ahaks..). Thanks for sharing.

13may said...

Men - life begins at 40!

hehhe :D

Kak Elle said...

d by 5o yrs like human the country will be very established:)*wink*
If I can get wiser over the 50 yrs and be poductive in life why not a country so big with big people running it...no offence meant but there are some goods too...infact it has grown so much compared to 50 yrs ago.

loveujordan said...

At 50 a person is established well enough ( just like the first commentor !! )....

A country at 50.... just look at our country... no comment , takut dikata pengkhianat... I masih belum matang, ampun :P

mynn said...

salams D
how are you and your family?

we've arrived safely in Malaysia from Dubai. Dubai was excellent although hot. it was great that we knew Zakiah over there - she has a very nice family and her family were so kind in helping us & showing us around -- thank goodness for blog friends eh D?

Malaysia is ... different from UK, absolutely. for the first few days I cannot help but complain and complain about how things are just different (and expensive!). Sarah & Nisa have overcame their jet lag but Amar and yours truly have yet to recover.

Speaking of Sarah, she still mentions your name as well your family especially kakak. we are afraid to dwell too much just in case she would want to go back to coventry :T but it implies that she misses you guys a lot.

okay that's enough for now, what's your email address? do keep in touch. -- min

Darling said...

kalau dibagi pilihan i rasa nak sampai kat sini je umur i.. rasa macam terlalu penat.. (iskh tak baik, kan?)

D said...

13 may,
only the pathetic say life begins at 40!! What if life ENDS at 41?

kak elle,
ahhh.. a good piece of reflection. 50 years IS quite a long time for a country, eh?

HeHe... no komen, ek? The people make the country. Well, correction: the government makes the country the way it is, with the help from its people.

OhoHO!! Missing 'home' already? Never mind, this year you guys get to celebrate 50 years indepedence there!

NoooOOOOOO!!!!! Dunia ni cuma preparation untuk the-day-after... Ish, rugi mati sebelum kawin! Ahaks!

Anonymous said...

tushee to d's comment in retrospect of darling's - "rugi mati sebelum kawin" - i want to get married now!!!

restless @ romancingtheself

cikdinz said...

ini related dgn lelaki atau pompuan....

Darling said...

opps rugi ek? so kansel le.. hehehe.. kena ikut nasihat dari yg lebih berpengalaman, kan? *wink2*