Thursday, January 25, 2007

It finally happened

Last night, we finally met as D and mamasarah . Although I had invited mamasarah over for tea earlier (with some puzzles and clues), she somehow managed to twist the invitation so that she could honour us first. Hmmm... very coniving!

Well, the hosts were very welcoming and warm. Sarah was asleep when we arrived but soon woke up and warmed up to play with big Sara (my princess). Amar was very cheerful and rather energetic too. Mamasarah fixed a delicious meal of nasi ayam (my princess had 3 servings!!), and of course, Babahsarah made excellent teh tarik (with condensed milk - approval from the doctor!).

Their place was very cozy and spacious. I fell in love with the kitchen. The oven was a built-in modern one - unlike the old white ones you'd usually find in houses rented to Malaysians. With mamasarah's magical touch, there was no doubt that the food would turn out splendid!

Now, you must not believe all that mamasarah has said about me. The trifle I brought as desert was a simple fix anyone could escape with because: 1) it didn't require ANY cooking, 2) they all came from a box, tin, tub or carton, that nothing could go wrong!, 3) you could throw in almost anything into a trifle

Well, glad that I have made friends with a neighbour-cum-blogger. I'll just wait for her to drop by for tea now.


Mama Sarah said...

you know what, it felt so much like a 'blind date' last night! I wanted it to be right and perfect. But biasalah I ni, kelam kabut memanjang. Sorrylah I wasn't a perfect host. At least I've overcome my fear of meeting new people.

Insyaallah we'll pay you a visit soon. One parcel has arrived. And I have just received an email saying that the 2nd parcel is on its way.

Even Sarah is asking me all the time now, "Kawan Sarah nak datang sini lagi tak?"

k.d said...

Wah..finally. That is fantastic. Hope it blossomed and last.

So..nanti kalau I datang coventry boleh le jumpa 2 in 1 sekali yek!!

mynn said...

thanks for coming D, it was wonderful making friends with a fellow blogger & neighbour :)

oh by the way, for the record - i didn't approve of the teh tarik with susu pekat manis. in fact i drink tea only with normal milk and no sugar. i have teh tarik only very sparingly*

*by sparingly i mean "only when i have guests**"

**whoops, that could have meant we rarely have guests

D said...

quick, book your tickets! when are you coming?? *grin*

sorrrry, doc! don't get me wrong, it was bliss to drink such precious teh tarik - much appreciated. we usually have ours without milk... (sob! sob!)

Idham said...


this is simply wonderful.....seronok sungguh reading about new friendship developing from cyber to real world.

i believe i believe....that u cook well and u r written by mamasarah :)

nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk gi jugakkkkkkkkkk..