Monday, July 23, 2007

who do you look like?

This is among the posts I've drafted out ages ago but never published . You see, I'm a person of spontaneity. I write whatever comes to mind. If I saved an entry, the chances of going back to it is pretty slim. However, as I went through my unpublished posts, I thought I'd just get this one out. Not that I'm JK Rowling or anything!!!

Some people are born a twin or in multiples. Then, there are identical twins and fraternal twins. If you are an identical twin, then you have found at least one person who looks like you. If not, then it is believed that there are 7 people who look alike on this planet called earth. Source? I'm not too sure myself!
Hence, sometimes we associate some people we personally know with another acquaintance because they look incredibly similar. For instance, a cousin to an office-mate. In more obvious scenarios, we associate celebrities with a personal acquaintance. You might have an Indian version of Tom Cruise, for example, or a Malay friend who looks like Angelina Jolie. I used to think that my junior in primary school looked a wee bit like Helena Bonham Carter. Probably not so much now though!

Or, more interestingly, YOU might look like a celebrity yourself. Well, you may not intentionally want to be a look-alike, but at least some people think so. Ergo, tell me (especially those who've been so secretive with their images, ehm ehm..), is there any celebrity you look like? Never mind about being called perasan. It's just who you faintly look like. We don't have to go international. Could there be a Rosyam Noor or Azhar Sulaiman look-alike among the bloggers, if not Deanna Yusuf or Sharifah Amani (not when bald, eh)? A Shah Rukh Khan, perhaps?

Me? My ex-colleagues and Mr D used to tease me by saying that I looked like Kate Winslet. Oh, please... It would be an insult to her! The film was released late 1997 and that was when I shed off more than I gained during my pregnancy to the twins (yup, gained 25+ kgs, lost 35+ kgs). Before some of you begin to even imagine a Malay version of Kate Winslet, you'd better just stop. My kids can vouch that I look NOTHING like her. HaHa!

Many, many years ago, some ex-students thought I was a Joanna Bessey (of Kopitiam) look-alike. Look, even Joanna is laughing about it! Our chubiness was probably what made us similar. So you see, Joanna doesn't look like Winslet and I don't look like neither of them.

Come on people... I'm D and I look none other than myself! LOL. (Surely BAMZ107, Bluewonder, AZ and mamasarah can verify this!) .

Anyway, which celebrity do you look like?

ps: Mr D thinks I also look like someone else now but I totally totally disagree, thus I'm not including it here. Now I think he's the one who's perasan! LOL.


Kak Elle said...

d I look myself ... hahaha but ppl say they have seen a look alike of me at Montien Hotel in Bangkok -a receptionist!!!hahaha

Rd said...


D, you made me imagine a slight combination of kate winslet and joanna basey but with an asian flavour.. hmmm.. help me solve this..

Show me your photo? Cannot?


p/s- eh the secret of losing weight is to have twins? ;)

bluewonder said...


need time to think who U look like and who I look like...this is a tough one!

oh yes...baru teringat..I ws once told that I look like jeng!jeng!jeng!..Ida Nerina..the msian actress. Must be the BIG eyes!! That's the only similarity I can think of.

13may said...

hehhe....pelanduk 2 serupa....:D

raiedzall said...

People say i look like Brad Pitt, I say naaah, you're kidding me.. hahahaha...

Minci said...

I was once said to resemble Raja Ema..


D said...

kak elle,
wow! jauhnya your look-alike! from s'pore to bangkok!! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

keep on imagining and I might come in your dreams! HaHa. Eh, but who do you look like? Regarding losing weight, the idea is to breastfeed twins!

you have verified the myth that I don't look like Winslet. HaHa.. Yup, your eyes are a little like Ida Nerina's but can I add another celebrity you look like? The lips are like Angelina Jolie's. Go ask Korean Cat! Meow....

hang rupa macam sapa? Kalau Raiedzall rupa Brad Pitt, kotlah 13may rupa Orlando Bloom ke, Leonardo Di Caprio ke... HeHe..

Naaah, not Brad Pitt but perhaps AC Mizal or Awie? LOL... Jangan marah!

Raja Ema waktu anak dara or waktu mak dara? Hehe.. it must be the anak dara version coz you're a cili padi, eh?!

kc said...

if only u post yr pic here then we'll know if u're kate winslet or joanna bessey lookalike.

i used to be called fauziah ahmad daud@ogy lookalike by my officemates when i was very young and not so chubby now. as if only...ahaks!

U.Lee said...

Hi D, very interesting post. I have come across people from all walks of life that reminds me of someone I know, or of an actor.
To me, no matter what I look like, how I look like or what I am like, a beautiful young lady fell in love with me...and my wife the past 35 years.
I did ask her was it my looks, even though it is looks only my mother can love she fell for? Her reply, "it was not your looks, but how you looked at me".
Bingo! Sold! Ha ha.
Have a nice day, D. UL.


looking at myself in the mirror again and again.... I guess I look like my son LOL

Dia pun celebrity jugak tau...wen its his birthday that is. Every year glamer. Sekolah mana yg sanggup every yr belikan kek, suruh dia potong atas pentas, 1 sekolah nyanyikan birthday song wakakaka

minci said...

of courselah masa dia muda remaja.. masa dia iklan kicap dulu2.

A.Z. Haida said...

I think, while you do not really resemble Joanna Bessey, you might pass for ehem, an Malay version of slightly older Kate Winslet *winks*

but honestly, I think "kakak garang" is the best way to describe your look :-) ... heheheh

A.Z.-who-is-now-adik-ipar-of-another-kakak-garang at-school

mki said...


Letih nak imagine....

Azwan said...

I tahu your kening nampak macam mana je :)

some people say my smile looks like jalalludin hassan

D said...

kc @ Ogy,
don't waste your time.. aint any kates or joannas here! LOL

you're always so good at reflecting! I thought of getting feedback on the physical appearance but you have proven that everything physical is not important at all. However,can't help wonder, how DID you look at the lucky woman? That must have been one hell of a look!

minah celoteh,
eh, can I have your son's autograph?? Celebrity tu!! How come the school celebrates his birthday so grandly? Merdeka baby ke? New Year baby? Or just a Super Baby?? HeHeheh..

iklan kicap ke? Boleh panggil Raja Minci Kicap tak? LOL

wow! Who was the other kakak garang in school, eh? And you managed to tackle the bro?? Thought I was the most garang kakak there! Had an excellent time with you juniors - satu glare je, semua menciput lari!! LOL. eh, maaf ye dik.. (must go find all juniors and seek apology la!)

prof mki,
tak payahlah nak imagine prof! buat habis masa je. Nanti saya tepek gambar Kate Winslet kat profile saya terus, kasi semua senang... heHe

azwan with-senyuman-menggoda-jalalludin-hassan,
oooh, lain part of the anatomy represents a different person. Kening I ala Brooke Shields la, ye tak? LOL!!!

rad said...

Dear Kate-who-look-like-d,
Wow! I almost didnt recognise you! Heheheh....
I've been told that I look like somebody's kawan lama, sedara, sepupu-sepapat typical face lah.
My kembang-semangkuk-moment bila ada yg tegur, "Eh, you ada mixed cina ke?" Hahaha...referring to the sepetness (not intended for racial discriminatory).

D said...

a typical face? What does that look like? Like me? Like her? We are all authentic and original, don't you worry. But yeah, I think you look like a friend of mine! LOL!