Thursday, July 26, 2007

O summer where art thou?

It's the summer school holidays. Yippeee!!! Six weeks of basking in the sun. Hang on, what sun? A glance out the window seem to confuse my children.

Mommy, is it summer already?

Mommy, where's the sun?

Mommy, how come summer isn't warm?

Mommy, you told me summer's hot! It's not!

How do you explain the concept of unreliable British weather to children who have never experienced the four seasons other than what they watched on TV? What's the point of having four seasons if the weather's not like what it's supposed to be?

I take this as an opportunity to teach my children the idea of God's will. No matter what season it is, the weather can be any way He wants it to be. Sometimes it's not easy accepting such temperament yet the days go on.

To add on to the wet summer days, some places in England are even flooded. Kenilworth, Oxford, York, etc...
Praises to the Almighty - we're not affected but it also means that summer will mostly be spent indoors with a LOT of creativity from the devoted D!

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