Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SUMMER'S here!!!

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The local Malaysian society had organised a barbeque on Saturday, 28th July (yeah, say goodbye to the environment and hello to the possibilities of cancer!). For the past week, the weather had been gloomy and wet, and the weather forecast for the weekend didn't look too good either. Hence, the whole past week was full of anticipation: to go ahead with the plan for barbeque or to not go ahead. We finally took the risk and left it all to the Almighty. So, come Saturday, the sun just beamed at us...He had answered our prayers: to have a sunny day so that we could all go out to play!
Apparently, having an event in the open certainly is different from the usual indoor activities we have. Usually when we have gatherings and functions, they are held indoors (in a hall), and we always have a full house (crowded, is more like it!). This time, there were approximately 22 families and a handful of undergraduates. Yup, it's summer so the undergrads are in Europe learning about culture, or back home enjoying a glass of teh tarik at the mamak stall.
So, while the men were in charge of the barbeque, the ladies were busy buzzing away with platefuls of food (to feed the children, mind you!!).
I was busy helping with the children's activity and enjoyed it dearly (hence, not many photos of the kids as I was busy coaching and cheering for the lil' ones). There were 6 events altogether: below 5s, below 10s, football for the boys (10-16), chipping for men and women (okay, I sucked) and giant steps for couples.
In short, I enjoyed the event which can be described as simple and small. Ever since that day, the sun has been smiling at us...


nurazzah8 said...

salam D,
apa khabar? lama tak menjenguk... seronok la kan u all ber picnic... I wish we all sekeluarga ada masa utk sama2 macam tu...

ADIEJIN said...

looks like you'd had so much fun..kudoss..

Kak Elle said...

d wonder who is the organiser eh?glad the sun was up for that special day:)

psssssstt who is that lady in brown coat with a camera?do I know her?

Mama Sarah said...

Am so glad you've had a great bbq. We had a great time picnicking in Leicester too. Will show you the photos. Highly recommended for picnics.

Btw, I have problem viewing the bigger version. the bottom two rows didn't appear.

Yeah, who's the lady in brown jacket? Thought I've seen her somewhere before too.

Rd said...


Happy to see all the fun fun and fun shown in the pics..

P/S- I have answered to your comment in my blog.. Love you!!!

Rd said...


Oh my!!!!I saw my friend in your photo... long hair lady ( Nurlisa @ Li Peng).. you know her???

I know she's doing her PHD too..

13may said...

best best :)

Helena said...

bestnya u all picnic.... nak berpicnic kat sini, peluh sakan la.... tak comfy langsung.

halwafy said...

Hey!..is that the rugby pitch at Warwick Uni???

bluewonder said...

what was the menu?
ada ur famous shperds pie ke??

D said...

HeHe... kat sini jakun kalau ada matahari. Mesti nak BBQ! Kat Malaysia, anytime any day, no prob..

yup, kids had a wicked time! Well, adults too.. Chilling time!

kak elle,
it's the Malaysian Coventry Society. Yeah, the lady in brown coat is a VERY popular photographer. It's no wonder if many people know her. Such a bless to have her at our humble event. Ahaks..

so you too know the popular photographer, eh? Hey, you indicating Leicester event was better than Coventry's? No way!!!

yup... you got it! The lady IS your friend (and mine too!).

ada lelaki, ada pompuan, mestilah best...LOL!

boleh jugak picnic tapi bawah pokok besar la. Sapa kat tak boleh? HeHEHe..

that's the barbeque pitch behind Rootes Building and Tocil Flats, Warwick Uni. Don't think it's a rugby pitch now, not sure whether it was before. Jomla check it out!

Menu: chicken satay, BBQ lamb, chicken wings, chicken pilau rice, mi hoon, and others potluck. So, for potluck people brought sticky rice + mango, cupcakes, caramel pudding, prawn crackers, oranges, more cakes, spring rolls, pudding and from me: sardine rolls! (trust you to make me lay out the menu...)

Dad of Four said...

Looks fun...(I'm sure it was!). Teringat BBQ kat Univ Park Notts - those were the days!

Kak Elle said...


so mamasarah kenal org tu eh?...hehee...

I can guess....I can guess....

U.Lee said...

Hello D, really beautiful pictures. And can see the little chipmunks all having fun. Was trying to look for you in the pictures, ha ha.
Bet you all had good fun, huh.
Best regards, UL.

loveujordan said...


lama tak menjengok...BBQ and outdoor picnic...BEST tu :)

Minci said...

it's summer so the undergrads are in Europe learning about culture,

ahaha.. just had to laugh at this one.. yup.. I was studying culture but in London only :P

IBU said...

Hi D (muahhh....pipi kiri, pipi kanan... hehe...lama tak ke sini),

Syiok nyer! Looks like lots of fun.

Best cheerleading mom must go to you!


ajzie said...

Seronok bbq beramai2... Boleh buat ker mcm tuh di Msia eik? ... mcm peluh2 aje kan. Kena buat mlm..

Saya pun kena si camera woman berjaket coklat tuh...


Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun....Pls shine down on me...errrr....us :)

kc said...

so are u in the picture? i was searching high n low for kate winslet lookalike but to no avail