Saturday, August 04, 2007


Last Thursday, 2nd August, I lazed in bed a little longer than usual because the night before, Mr D and I decided to stay up watching Blood Diamond and wait to perform our Subh prayers. However, being a mom of four, sleeping in is not so easy - I was joined in with the lil' ones with giggles and hugs... Then, it was time for breakfast and the bananas in my fruit basket were a little bit too ripe. It's cekodok time!

As I was scooping in the last batch of batter into the pan of boiling oil, somehow, the bowl slipped off my fingers, banging the pan and POW! hot oil splashed over the four fingers on my right hand!!!

"Aaaa... Cayaaang, helllllpppp! Quick! Adooooiii!!"

I ran my hand under the running tap water and was screaming my head off. Oh, gosh.. did we panic! Mr D asked the boys to call mamasarah to ask her for advice. Remember, she's married to a doctor. So, mamasarah told me to put the hand in ice. That I did. God, was it painful! Three hours later, I was still in pain. At times, the pain was excruciating, sometimes it was bearable. When I couldn't take it any longer, I asked Mr D to take me to the Walk-in-Centre. I was already in tears! After more agony, the nurse gave me some painkillers while waiting (which took more than an hour!). My hands were then bandaged.

To cut a long story short, I am now a handicap. Well, at least for the time being. I now know how my ex-students, Ahmad (not real name) from Lebanon and Samad (also not real name) from Iraq feel as they go through their daily lives single-handedly. When I was in pain, I couldn't help thinking of how little the pain was, compared to the blaring flames in hell. Just a splash of hot oil on four fingers...

So, now Mr D is le chef. He prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for us, washes the dishes and scrubs the kitchen. It's not really easy ordering kids around (the fantastic four) but I should actually just sit and relax, shouldn't I? Thank you Mr D...

I've been trying to download pictures of my ugly fingers but haven't been able to. Maybe I should spare all of you the gory sight. Euuchh!!


Kak Elle said...

d sorry to hear of your little misadventure..hope you are feeling better and less what happen to fried cekodok bolih di makan tak?

now is the time to get pampered:)

IBU said...

Ouch D! That must hurt so much! Oh dear, poor you ... hope you'll have a speedy recovery.

I pun butter fingers jugak. Masuk dapur riuh klentang klentung things slip off my. If I fry, I'll use the "periuk kukus" lid / cover as my shield. My son would tease me, ibu going to war!

Pls get well soon, dear. Get Mr D to hembus-hembus & tiup your fingers tu ok?

Take care!

halwafy said...


I had a similar experience but it was half my right hand thumb and palm that got scalded - I was trying to fry some muruku at the time for raya :)..Now have an ugly scar to show for it although you wont see it unless you look for it..

Cried and cried my eye balls out at the time coz it was soooo very painful!!!

Hope you'll get well soon in time for our visit nanti, insh! ;)

k.d said...

Take care D. At least there's no need for skin grafts ke...heeheh..

Nice tak not cooking for the tme being?

kc said...

wow...i'm surprised that u can do blogging at the same time with 4 fingers bandaged...hehehe. that aside, sorry to hear about yr latest predicament. consider yrself lucky coz u're still alive. i mean it.

oh btw, can u eat rice with your fingers? if u can then it should be ok laa...penting tuh!


Adoi! doi! doi!

Kena percikan minyak bila goreng ikan keli aje dah menyakitkan...apakan lagik tertuang kat jari2....cant imagine

Anyway...for small scale scaldings, I always have my cool aloe vera gel waiting in the fridge...very handy for minor burns.

ADIEJIN said...

kena minyak panas, immidietly taruk kicap.. betul ker tidak tak tau..tapi ini pesan orang tua tua..

alamak..nanti jemari awak jari nenek kebayan..

post ler cepat gambar gory tuh..

Raiedzall said...

Sapu aloevera gel. Sangat mujarab untuk luka melecur. Itu pesan pak mertua saya... :)

Zakiah said...

careful next time. Eh ini sempat lagi blogging...ini macam kalu mesti boleh masak nih. hihihih. take care!!!

bluewonder said...

on a similar but no so similar story..i too xperienced something of the sort. I tak kena minyak but my elder bro decided to "brand" me wth tutup botol cili sos panas. he must have thot I was a cow then and needed 'branding'. I was 13 and he was 16 at tht time. Biasalah ada a bit of ketidak-puashatian over somethng tht I cnt remember. thank God the scar has vanished over the years.

loveujordan said...

kesianlah kat you.... takpelah boleh rehat dan dimanjakan buat sementara waktu.. take care !!

jooli said...

Hope they are much healed ( the fingers). Wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Last time I had hot oil splashed on my hand was during DHS (Home Science) many years ago and did it hurt. Take lots of fruit so the scar would heal better.

Kaklong said...


ya Allah, sesakit sakit saya terseliuh ni, lagi sengsara kena minyak panas. moga cepat sembuh ya. saya dulu kena air panas, cepat2 letak tangan tu bawah aliran air paip pas tu letak tangan dlm bhgian sejuk beku peti mmg mengalirlah air mata sbb sakit sangat.

Darling said...

how r u now d? recovering eh? selalunya org tak bagi letak air. i have no ide why. maybe takut mengelembung kut (iskh betul ke ejaan ntah).

selalu kalau kena minyak (tak selalu pun sbb jarang masak) i letak kisap je. lepas tu baru letak minyak gamat.

nasib mr d rajin nak tolong.. boleh le manja2, kan? hehe

sYaNa said...

D :o)

So sorry to read about your not so small accident but amazed that you can still blog ;o)

Just teasing you, D :o)

Any woman who's ever cooked knows what it feels like to get their fingers or any part of their body scald by hot water or oil ... sakiiiiiit!

Kesian D! Hope your fingers recovers well, not so soon though,... bagi Mr.D chance to show his culinary skills :o)

Jangan mare ye, usik je. syana rindu sgt dgn blog. today's the first day blog-hopping after a long break :o)

Take care, D :o)

lelakhalidah said...


kesian nyer... take care.. alwiz visit this blog tapi tak tinggal comment..

saw u in kak nisak blog.. macam senior i sekolah dulu..

have a good rest.. :)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

So sorry to hear about the scalding episode...duh! Nasty lah. Yes, Mamasarah is right but of course hubby doc kan? I pun practice that kalau kena apa2 panas dip fingers in ice cold water. You take care and get well soon.

Ajzie said...

Moga D cepat sembuh ok....

Take care...

MULAN said...

kesiannyaa... hope dah sembuh & berhati2 lah di masa lain nanti..

cikdinz said...

sian nye kakak. hopefully everything ok...

13may said...

Uiiii....rasa ngeri ajer...

maklang said...

kecut perut maklang...

harap2 D dah OK...take care...

D said...

kak elle,
yes... the rest of the household gobbled all the cekodoks. I didn't even what to look at them!

Alhamdulillah.. recovered now.

Yes, pinky fingers are fine now.

nice not cooking for awhile? Urgh... mental torture!! People may think it's being pampered, but it's actually quite annoying... Ayo!

no, ate with spoon which was difficult to manage. Konon ramai nak menyuap but.. hampeh!

hmm.. must go find aloe vera gel now, meh? thanks!

tulah, i asked Mr D to surf the net for advice and he came across one which asked to put kicap and garam. Then, boleh pulak we all tanya, kicap manis ke masin? LOL! Eh, macam nak marinate ayam jek!!

tulah, kena cari aloe vera gel la pulak...

blogging tu sebenarnya, type pakai tangan kiri je lah..

HaHa!! Kena 'cop' dengan tutup botol?

if only la kak... dapat dimanjakan sebegitu! HaHaHa!

thanks for the suggestion. Been gobbling fruits after reading your comment. Nasib baik dah kawin, ek??

kak long,
tulah, tak biasa kena accident kat dapur, jadi panic la jugak!!

hmm... nak bermanja? Leceh la sebab semuanya 'slow' sket. HeHe..

yes, quite funny seeing Mr D in the kitchen! Must still wait for orders from the Master Chef maaa...

'macam' je ke? HeHe..

am back now with these dancing fingers.

thanks.. ni rasa berkat kawan-kawan semua la kira scar pun tak teruk sangat. Semua lumur!!

ye... berhati-hati tu keyword nya! Entah how it happened pun I tak tau..

am ok now, Alhamdulillah..

tulah, gambar tak boleh pulak nak load. Memang kalau tengok, super ngeri!

thank you... Alhamdulillah dah ok