Sunday, July 15, 2007

All in the mind now...

It's Sunday but I look out my window and there's no sign of the sun. Bleak. The weather forecast had warned us of this: cloud and rain all day long. I think: "no big deal - have loads of things to do today and they don't require a sunny day on the lawn. Just a clear table to sit to."

I list down the things to do for the day
  • catch up on reading
  • plan out next week's schedule
  • finish off students' review
  • bake the promised cookies for kids

This is how I often spend my weekend - catching up with unfinished business, which are often never-ending. Yesterday was cleaning-up day + kitchen day - all clothes washed and ironed (yipeee!!), kitchen scrubed, rooms vacuumed (Mr D helped here: double yipeeee!!), and more cooking in the kitchen (excluding lunch and dinner, made cucur badak in the afternoon for friends and baked choc cake post-dinner).


I have been working part-time since April and surprise, surprise: I still haven't got a single penny!!! You see, I work with the City Council, of which Mr D keeps reminding me. This would be the equivalent of our Majlis Bandaran. This is how it's supposed to work: you'd get April's pay by the end of May, and so on. Since I am new, they said that they needed more time to process the paper work. Hence, I'd only get my first pay at the end of June. Okay, I understand. It's just like teachers back home: no salary for the first three months. You're expected to beg from family and scrape off them.

Eagerly, I awaited for 29th June. Still nothing. Called up people from all sorts of departments: Human Resource, Payroll, Central Office... It seems that they have all received my timesheets ON TIME, all signed by my line manager, but someone somewhere has kept it longer than necessary, and not meeting the deadline. Oh, bugger.

They realised that it wasn't my mistake so they assured me that some interim payment would be given. All I had to do was to get my line manager to get in touch with them: the HR dept.

The following day, I got my line manager to run around like a headless chicken (nice to see him all red-faced and flushed!). He explained to me, that the interim payment of 60% will be banked in by the following Thursday (12th July) as soon as he gets some documents sent - before 11am Friday 6th.

On Thursday 12th July, I went to the autoteller. The money's still not there. The day before, I received a letter informing me the amount I would get as interim: which was definitely less than half of my 60%. I was confused and ... furious, in fact. Am I actually paid less than what I was promised?

On Friday, I checked my bank balance again and nothing had changed. I was still a pauper. Well, not that the small amount I was expecting would make me a millionnaire! This time, I went to my super-duper boss. My line manager wasn't in on that day, so what I did was more than appropriate. I enquired about the exact amount I'm getting and why I still wasn't paid. She made some phone calls but had to wait for some to open up my records (?!) and explain to her my situation. Oh, well, at least I've made my point clear.

I made more calls to people from the departments I had called on the week before. One was away for the day, the other was busy attending another. Finally, the man who is in charge of my interim rang me up. He explained that the reason the money is not yet banked in was because my line manager did not meet the deadline: 11am 6th July (when he told me he had sent it!!!). Therefore, the money will only be in next Tuesday, 17th July. I don't know whether to count on it or not. I've grown numb.

He further explained that he had miscalculated the amount I was supposed to receive, indeed considering only about 40% of what I am actually worth!!! However, being the level-headed and most-considerate person that I am, I didn't shout at him or scream my head off. He offered an apology and told me that the balance would be banked in by the 24th July.


I'm waiting for 17th July.

And I'm thinking of writing a letter of complaint.


Meanwhile, maybe I should make some roti jala for breakfast today...


k.d said...

Awww D...sorry to hear that. Really frustrating isn't it when that happens. Feels soooo helpless coz can't do anything much...and so many peple involved.

Hope you'll be happier on the 17th July

U.Lee said...

Hello D, tengok tengok ni kena makan bubur ikan masin lagi at the rate they delay talk Tamil with you. Ha ha. Kesian pergi ATM tengok no credits yet.
At this days of computers and ada Chinese restaurant on the moon, where got meaning they play badminton with your expected salary! Cheh, mana ada standard tu.
Da tersilap (hope I got the right word there) somewhere.
Maybe they should pay interest, huh? Outang you so long?
Yes, you should write a letter of complaint if they miss paying you again, right to the top of the pokok, then you goreng and bungkus them, tulis CC to (tipu) your MP, Datuk Banda, 3 newspapers, CNN, BBC and Blog.
That sure make them kelang kabote, terselak and lari lintang pukang. Arhaaa ha ha.
Just practicing my newly learned Malay words from Pi Bani.
She burned my pyjama pants (honest!) teaching me the word differences in my latest Blog posting. She my Bahasa chegu.
Hope to hear your diet change to steak and kidney pudding next post from bubur ikan masin. Ha ha.
You have a great day D.
Best regards always, UL.

Kak Lady said...

Alahai...dah kerja dari April...nak dpt first payment Julai ni...jenuhnya menanti...

Harap2 takde lagi problem...

Dah buat cookies?..Rajin lah d ni...

D said...

I shall report on the 18th of July. HeHe.. meanwhile, as U.lee says, makan bubur ikan masin la (NOT!). LOL. Thanks for sympathy, but didn't mean to fish for that.

don't have ikan masin lor! I think, having bubur ikan masin would actually be quite good, eh?Well, thank God, we're still eating well, if not fine! Thanks for dropping by, U.Lee..

kak lady,
cookies dah habis dah pun. Ahaks... biasa la bebudak ni, kasi licin: no problem! Tulah nak habaq dengan orang semua, jangan ingat westerners ni bagus benar management diorang. silap-silap, lagi dahsyat!!

kc said...

could i join u fr breakfast? perhaps with me joining yr breakfast club it could take some of yr worries off...hehehe. dasar tak malu punyer muka ahaks!

mki said...


Nanti dapat duit banyak.... kira savinglah tu...

halwafy said...

Reminds me of the time when I started work again after 1 year of unpaid leave in my old company (big telco) - after I marah that lady sbb gaji I tak masuk at the end of the month (because she was inefficient enough to forget to key it in the system, she said "Yg you marah2 sgt ni kenapa..nanti dapat lah..!"

Gila punya orang...what if I was a single mother, with 5 kids to feed and the rent to pay and bills up to my neck...??!

Some people can be so.....ugh!

Mat Salleh ni mmg lagi horror dari Malaysians in many things...but since they are many, many of them (the population), yg bagus2 tu mmg banyaklah kan....

Oh well..sabar ye..hope you get your due..

Kak Elle said...

Hope you be richer tomorrow as promised...

D said...

long time no see, gurl!!! yeah, come along , catch the next flight and we can have breakfast together.

HaHa!! Durian runtuh ye?

Yes, this is only another test from the Almighty...

kak elle,
this morning I checked with a colleague who joined a month after me and still hadn't got her pay. After enquiring, she was also promised paycheck on Thursday. Guess what? She got it... I'm beginning to wonder, is there any chance of double standard practised here??

mummy said...

Hi D,

Thought they are very efficient. Anyway, i'm sure you will get ur pay soon. Please read your other mails. Bye22

~ahni~ said...

Eh tension nyer, kena bersusah payah pulak nak dapatkan hak sendiri. Ingat kan kat sini aje ada kes macam tu.

Rd said...


Kesiannya.. anyway, dah 17th ni.. hope you've got the good news..

13may said...

mak aii...lambatnya nak dapat payment...hmmm..

kena buat mogok lapar nih...


U.Lee said...

Hi D? Da dapat gaji? Hope you have received it. Can go shopping. Ha ha.
Keep well, UL.

loveujordan said...


oo lambat jugak process nak dapat gaji pertama...tapi tak pe, dapat nanti mesti banyak .....cheers!!

MULAN said...

aiyaaa.. camtu ka depa ni? sabar, sabar aje la.. if locals pun camtu ka..?