Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something to smile about..

Sorry for not updating. Have not been blog-hopping either. All webs on my keyboard now...

Yes, the stop to the teller on Tuesday brought a smile to my face. Finally!! Although the amount is approximately 60% less than the 60% interim promised (go calculate, how many % less I got!), I believe I'll soon get there. However, it's kinda funny to see the managers now avoiding me whenever they see me in the corridor. Well, "siapa makan cili, dia lah rasa pedas", ye tak?

The children are having a lot of fun in school this week. It's the last week of the academic year and the teachers have organised all sorts of activities for them. Yesterday it was Sports Day. Now, this was SO interesting. Being an ex-teacher myself, I know what Sports Day means in Malaysian context. Weeks ahead, there'll be committees set up, meetings organised, and frilly preparation for a bigshot to officate the ceremony. Oh, let alone the training in the scorching sun.
Yeah, even the Wimbledon didn't have a grand prize-giving ceremony as the Malaysian schools would have. How come, eh?

Well, the kids' Sports Day all depended on the weather. If it rained like it did the day before (Sports Day for Key Stage One ; read: Tahap 1 was cancelled), there wouldn't be any at all. Nope, in Britain, there's no point postponing because there wouldn't be any guarantee that the next day would be any better.

The children ( Year 3 - 6) were separated into 10 groups. 10 different games were prepared and a whistle would be blown every 8 minutes. That was the time each team was given to play a game. What games did they play? Oh, simple ones such as skipping, sack jumping, hurdles and shooting the ball. Yes, they may not be 'real' sports but the children had a fantastic time.


idham said...

D....hope u will find the return of school holiday a wonderful time to spend more quality time with ur beloved.

anak2 saya dah tiga minggu ke malaysia.....tinggal ayahnya jer lagi di jeddah ni...

how is mrD coming along with his health?


oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Salam..lama tak dtg!
Teringat zaman sekolah dulu, hari sukan ikut color..sape umah merah, sape umah biru, naik secondary, pasukan ikut nama PM.hihi!

Hopefully kak d enjoys hari2 bersama tersayang!

bluewonder said...


I dread the days leading to Sports day. Like u said, the training b4 the day itself ..sts not it's too hot at 3pm..bla2. Really, who wants to run at the field at 3pm?

But come the day itself, it's nice to see them fav has always been the tarik tali event (suara hilang jst out of cheering for the team!)And its a great feeling to see your house my case 4 years straight. Yipeeee

Rd said...


What a coincidence ek? I just posted baout Inas Sports Day too.. and I have replied your comment in my blog.

I never realised that Sports Day in the UK schools is just like that although we've learned the system..

err I mean is that it?? Simple je.

Budak2 cuti sekolah.. rumah meriahlah.. and lama2 pening. hihihii

Dad of Four said...

D- Wah boleh belanja nih! LOL! How have you been?

D said...

You have a new chapter to start; wish you all the best! Yes, I plan to have some quality time with the Fantastic Four this hols. Mr D is Alhamdulillah recovering but we're observing his health very closely now. Thanks for asking..

Ha... you 'PM' mana? HeHe..

your team won tarik tali??? Surely you were just cheering on not doing the tugging, eh? Mustahil!! *wink* The ups of being a teacher, kan?

everything here is so simple - no frills. Kengkadang macam pelik pulak. But obviously, there are some things that work better with simplicity!

dad of four,
Belanja? Hmmm... Dua Musim tak de, multi-musim ada la! LOL.

Kak Elle said...

d bila nak belanja .... hahaha


10 different games every 8 wonder they have a fantastic time.
The experience I had with my 2 kids now....2 hours under the hot sun with only 4-5 games accomplished. They dont do sports day like I use to enjoy in the good old days.

rad said...

Making money from part-time job? Student reviews? That means you're teaching right? (Duh -I'm not so bright to figure out this thing).

I'm thinking of doing some part-time too but -Nah, couldn't afford the time to do so! But the money is calling me..

Why Malaysian' has always grand prize-giving ceremony? I guess our emphasize is not the sports or even the winners - more like to pacify & ego-boosting our VVIP/politicians who'll be handing over the prizes - you know, nice pic shots for their face to appear on papers the next day or to be elected again in the next round of PIBG's AGM blahblah. Look at the current state of our FAM - they never take the responsibility but only the publicity!

D said...

kak elle,
will come your way soon, insyaAllah..

guess things evolve. Time and location decides.

Oh dear, it was so embarassing when others talk about how Malaysians are at football!!! Sports not our forte, eh?! All glitter and glam.. Tak pe lah, tak menang acara, menang glamour! LOL