Thursday, July 05, 2007

11 years and counting....

Today is the 11th aniversary of my graduation - together with 10 other dear friends. So far, we have never failed to forget this memorable day, an event that we had looked forward to six years earlier.

When we started off in enchanting Edinburgh, in September 1990, all were innocent and almost-strangers. At that time, there were 15 of us, but 3 withdrew along the way, while another stayed on just a little bit longer. We had a great time throwing snowballs to one another in the snow, climbing up steep cliffs and abseiling down them, trekking in the Scottish highlands, spending nights watching videos in the dugeons, to name a few... There were trips across the European continent, adventures on trains downsouth, and not forgetting the 3 months of practical teaching in Kuantan!

Once we graduated, keeping in touch with one another was not an easy task. Some were posted away from home, to serve the nation, some others settled down and were more occupied with family life (with off-springs). It wasn't easy yet as time passed, we managed to work things out. People were more settled and technology became more reliable and accessible. Hence, the KaypoKlub took form.

Today, we are more than just friends. We are like sisters who share good and bad news , and are always praying for each others' success. It's sincere and it's pure. Though there are a couple who have been detached and show miminum interest in the group, I pray that they get on well with their lives.

On the 4th of July, 1996, we made a pact to have a reunion in 10 years' time. That was supposed to be last year. Unfortunately, it didn't really materialise. By then, I was already away from home, another in Aussie, and the others all tied up with various forms of commitment. Still, I believe that we are always close to one another. If not physically, then obviously more emotionally.

To my dear KK clan, perhaps we can have another reunion back in Edinburgh say, in 9 years' time? Thank you everyone, for the wonderful times together!

D. M. S. W.
J. N. A . M.


azwanhadzree said...

dia pun nak tunjuk gambar. tapi kecik sgt .. ceh!

anyway, how's MR D, getting better?

D said...

LOL! That's the whole idea... Eh, gambar tu dah kuning dah pun tau!
Alhamdulillah, Mr D's back home and is recoving. Thanks for asking.

13may said...


kejap ajer rasa kan....hahha

Dad of Four said...

D - Gambo kecik sangat!

bluewonder said...

lurve the small, yellow and mysterious!
the dungeon? remember the sub zero temperature in the toilet? Keluar
icicles! hahaaa


Keeping in touch maybe difficult. But at least we still keep it in our hearts.

k.d said...

Nice kan to still keep in touch with your friends. It's difficult as everybody has their lives to lead.

Keep it up girls as friendship like yours are hard to come by.

Zakiah said...

lama dah tuuuu...reunion standardla susah giler kan nak buat esp bielr semua ada komitmen tersendiri. I sendiri dah luper tarikh i grad biler...though baru ajer 4 tahun lepas. Hehhe

Mama Sarah said...

yeah.. like Zakiah, I'm instructing my brain to work really hard to retrieve the date I graduated XX years ago. Tak silap 21.7 kot?

Anyway, just to kaypo - any boys/men in your kaypo club? the small pic tu memang sengaja buat orang geram eh?

Helena said...

hehe.... didnt realize the picture existed until I read the comments here. Apa kecik sangat.... macam tau2 aje that i need an eye check up. hehe.

ruby ahmad said...

Dearest D,

My heartiest congratulations to you and the gang. How nice and yes the photo is too tiny.

mummy said...

Hi D,

It's me . Heard about dear Hubby ? Hope his getting better. Nice picture eh, tapi tak nampaklah

Rd said...


Hi!! I was hoping to see the younger you in that tiny pic.. hehehehhe

but I guess.. mmg saje taknak bagi org nampakkan?

: )

D said...

13 May,
time flies....

Dad of 4,
That's the idea - to show but not to show.

At least one person agrees with me regarding the pict! LOL.

Yes, we try our best to keep it strong.

you're right. must do our own parts to help flourish friendships.

orang lama, cerita pun lama. HeHeHe... 4 tahun pun tak pe, janji ada memori!

geram tak? LOL. Jangan geram-geram... We had 2 guys - Din and Yem, but they couldn't take it being the thorns amongst the roses so they left even after a year. It'd be nice to get back in touch with them: both from Johor.

don't worry about your eyes, it was a mean move from me! Sorry dear...

I haven't reached the stage of confidence like you, my dear! Where you have your name and all the great people surrounding you up in your posts, I'm still going by with a pseudonym of D!! HaHaHa... Anyway, there's always the rights of the others to think about. Over here, taking photos of others, what more putting them up for public use, is a big deal. Permissions have to be granted. I wonder if fellow bloggers have thought about this.

Long time no see??!! Hope to catch up with you soon.

the younger me? YOu mean the 'kakak garang'? LOL. No way!!

Darling said...

iskh kena pakai kanta pembesar kalau nak tengok pic ni..

bestkan kalau dapat jumpa kawan2 lama dgn pelbagai cerita.. dengan pelbagai rupa.. heheheh