Monday, June 04, 2007


When I returned to Malaysia in the late 90s after six years abroad, I tried to instill the love for the environment to my young students. You see, I was trained to teach several subjects, including Geography and Physical Education. I remember throwing them some thoughts and suggestions, among which was to Bring your own bag(s) when you go shopping. Oh, how those kids laughed at me! What? To bring used bags or even a knapsack to fill in the groceries at the G***t counter? Nobody thought I was serious.

"Come on, Teacher, don't la... So malu!!"

Perhaps such a suggestion was not really necessary amongst Malaysians. Who doesn't re-use those supermarket or pasar malam bags? Hence, no need to bring them to supermarkets because everyone wants to have more of those - for free!

So we did what else we could: separating aluminium cans, paper, cardboard, egg trays, plastic bottles, glass bottles - all to be sent to the recycling bins. Sometimes we would bring it all the way to Mid Valley to get about RM1.02, not enough to even pay for the parking tickets during weekends! Still, I saw it as a valuable learning experience for the children as they often help out with the sorting and (light) carrying.

Today, in Britain, it's a shame to see not many people recycling. We usually have a trunk full of bottles and boxes every month or so, to be sent to the recycling bins situated at supermarket parking lots.

My twins have also got their decomposing bins in the backyard. They've turned very green now since they joined the school gardening club. I know that there's still a lot we can do but I do hope that more people out there are being more wary of their environments too...

Simple things one can never say no to:

  • Use both sides of the paper (instead of single sides only!)
  • Turn the tap off when brushing teeth, and perhaps have a cup handy
  • Don't use disposables - reusable plastic containers, etc.
  • Use energy-saving bulbs (even though it costs more!)
  • Walk or cycle when possible - no need to drive!
  • Shower with someone you love !


kc said...

i lurve the part about sharing the shower with someone u love...ahaks! sambil showering sambil shagging ek? HAHAHAHAHA...

can get 2 jobs done at one time! can save time, energy and money too...woo hoo!

Idham said...

:) D.....KC beaten me to it....about showering with some one...she is so fast eh...hehehhee :p

but but, so true lah abt showering tu....makin mesra, where is LiL??? time for morning shower bebeh!

Tetiba rasa sehat la pulak!
Kena g check blood pressure nie...


k.d said...

D...I think the british people is catching up though.

In Ireland we have to pay 15c for a plastic bag, so everybody brought their own bag to supermarket (or hold on to it when you forgot!). We have to pay €8 for a tag each time and put on our garbage bin so that it'll be picked up. They do give us a green bin for recycling which is free to be picked up monthly (which is not enough I can say) and that helped reduce our garbage. We put out the garbage every 3 weeks or so. And in every residential estate there would be recycling bin for glass and plastics situated at shopping area.

So I salute you and your kids for doing your bit. Everybody need to. This is our home and it's getting old...we need to take care of it.

jooli said...

Yup, can do a lot, really. I would re use old towels as bathroom mats. No need to buy fancy ones. But my favourite: use old cotton underwear to wipe windows (orclean cars or anything) -- squeaky clean!

rd said...


All the suggestions you wrote are so true. Like kd said, salute that you educate your kids about this..

My daughter is only trained to use both sides of the paper.. and always have a cup of water ready when brushing teeth. I have to teach the kids more..

Anyway, I did what jooli did too. :)

D said...

I knew that would be the most popular one!!

careful.. don't get too excited! Not good for the heart. LOL.

don't salute me. There is still so much to do. Guess everyone's gotta start somewhere, eh?

oooooh... do they have pink hearts and ribbons? Cool! (we use them too but keep them very private: don't let anyone touch that rag!)

Kids learn best from their parents so we've got a lot on our shoulders, really. Yet, the lessons of life can be fun and exciting too.
ps: I'm sure the ones you use would have cartoon motifs on them!

Minci said...

I am happy to say that we housemates recycle the ASDA bag again and again, put out recyclable stuff to be picked up by the recycle truck every other friday, close the tap while brushing teeth and use paper again and again.
One thing we don't do is to take our showers together.. hahahaha

loveujordan said...

Glad that you and your kids are going 'green ' now.... it's a good way to save our world...
keep it up!!

As for us here...don't know when that 'green' attitude will happen....

I nak pergi mandi jugak...nak ajak anak I mimi mandi sekali... hehe :P

U.Lee said...

Hi D, here in Toronto its the law...cut grass in disposable bags, bottles and cans in a blue box, papers in green box, others another colour box. Once a week you see these coloured boxes infront of homes and already supermarkets asking customers bring own bags.
I bring a bag.
Hey, I like that mandi with a friend. Itu chari pasal tu! Ha ha. UL.

13may said...

Shower with someone you love !

err....nanti dok dlm bilik air berjam jam...guna lagi byk air...hahha:D


Yg the last tip tu yg paling bagus sekali!

D said...

JANGAN!!!! Do you love your housemates that much to shower with them?? HeHe..

mandi dengan mimi? Ok la tu... "U" jauh ye?

Yes, we too go and shop at Tesco and they reward a point for each bag. So, we bring plenty of used bag!!

Hey, this is only for those married!!! Orang bujang tak leh buat...

amacam? ada excuse to do it, eh? LOL

Mama Sarah said...

i went ok on the 1st tip, ok on the 2nd tip and so on,

the 5th one, i was smiling - so perasan that i'm enjoying my walk with Amar now.

then came the last one. cannot lah. Otherwise the little ones come knocking the door. What to answer?well, provided that we include them all together lah. is that the idea? aiyooo, runtuhlah bathtub! (shhh we've done that before)

bluewonder said...


shan't comment on the last one. But would like to add one to you list.
My boyfren suggested instead of taking a shower...why not just "air" yourself. Save water maa

D said...

All-in-One pun boleh gak tapi berdua je would be more practical. Like 13may said, nanti dok lama-lama dalam tu bazir air gak...

pandai la boyfren you tu!! Now I'm thinking, did he mean "air" as in angin, or "air" as in ayer/ayaq/water?? LOL.