Sunday, June 03, 2007

the Malaysian dream

I wrote this entry months ago but never got around publishing it (have so many other drafts in my folder, waiting for the right moment to be published!). Reading an entry by a wise man reminded me of this entry that I decided it was time to give it a little touch-up and publish it.

Do Malaysians dream to drive shiny luxury cars, own big bungalows (and several other condominiums) and be the owners of a successful company or two? Or are they often contended with their secure lives: with a guaranteed job, a family and a life free from debts(hopefully!). Well, maybe a small portion of the luxury car and bungalow?

A recent conversation with a young man who has inspiring dreams has made me think of Malaysia today and the generations to come.

Since the early days, the government began sending many of their promising nationales abroad to learn from the west. Engineers, architects, scientists, doctors and even teachers, to name a few, were sent across the oceans to be trained. These were all part of the Malaysian dream: to become a well-developed nation with professionals in all areas.

Yet, upon evaluation, not all good intentions bear fruitful results. Some come home bringing revolution and ideas. Others come home lost in their own dreams. In terms of lifestyle, the West brought negative influence. It wasn't easy combining the western values with eastern values. What more with contrasting religions, it was a struggle for the young souls. They were often described as being succumbed to 'culture shock'.

Decades later, we get what we see today. Malaysia proudly presents.... the new breed. The era of globalisation and modernisation. With sky-scrapers and million-ringgit projects. It's the race towards ultimate development. Yet, what sort of development does one aim for? Material wealth and physical structure? What about the development of the mindset and moral behaviour? Can they all be achieved in a decade or two, via moral studies and patrotism
in school? It's the general mentality that needs to be independent and developed, if you asked me.

Now, my point initially was: what's the Malaysian dream? How different is it from the American dream which goes back to centuries ago. How long ago did the Malaysian dream start?

Look around you and what do you see? Green fields and prosperity?

This year, Malaysia will be celebrating its 50 years' independence. Spend some time to pause and reflect. How much independent are we?


Raiedzall said...

I dream of money, lots and lots of money... :)

U.Lee said...

Hi D, WOW! I love your eloquence.
"Whats the Malaysian dream"? I had that dream young days, a nice comfortable home, beautiful wife, beautiful kids, good friends, happy bank manager, do my bit for my country, my favourite pastimes...sit in a coffee shop in a kampong or in town have teh tarek shoot the breeze,...retire in Penang.
All that changed when the country went into 5th gear missing 3rd and 4th gears...Tunku Abdul Rahman (my favourite Prime Minister), Hussein Onn, Tun Razak...they all had dreams...they changed gears using up all 4 gears slowly, that time only 4 gears, but the years passed, somehow, the gear slipped back, then terus masuk from 1st to 5th.
I fully agree with changes
but not at the prices most of us have to pay. UL.

halwafy said...

D, send this entry to serigala-london..he needs more submission for the 50 voices section!

Saja nak support housemate :)

D said...

Yeah.. show me the money!!!

talking about gears, eh? They say, slow and steady wins the race so some people thought it was time to do it the F1 way. Hence, the slip-ups. LOL!

yes, i intend to promote m50 in my coming entry.

cikdinz said...

negara saja yg merdeka. dari segi pemikiran dan fizikal maseh lagi dijajah....

takut pada perubahan....

Rd said...

A very thoughtful entry. Well done!!
Most Malaysia's obvious dreams are to be in the Guiness World Book Records hehehe

rad said...

Aiyo, very serious entry ni - my brain-processor is overwork already so cannot think much. Only that I've 'Malaysian dreams' too tapi tak boleh sharelah coz they keep on changing (some even became shattered dreams)!

D said...

kuasa mana yek yang menjajah pemikiran dan fizikal nih?? HeHe..

Guiness Book of World Record, eh? Why aim for the world when others aim for the stars? LOL

serious kah? Alah, setakat mimpi mat jenin not so serious what...??!! =)

Azwan said...

what does ultraman has to do with the malaysian dreams? your children has something to do with that.

oh by the way, hi I'm azwan..ahaks

what hv we become, more materialistic, money is everything (me included) ?

Idham said...

D....this is a thinking entry! berkobar semangat abg id baca entry ni....syabas!!

A good question indeed to ask our children, our young generations..."what are ur dreams?"

When i was young - children of my era dreamt to be millionaires. Infact selalu cikgu bagi tajuk karangan ...."sekiranya saya seorang jutawan...."
Masa itu to be a jutawan, is a big deal.

Now it is no longer a novelty. Dah ramai sangat jutawan. Pakcik di Feldda pun dah jadi jutawan.

So, it is an era of different dreams.

By the way, I really like to see the malaysian flag in ur entry.
I wonder how many malaysians really understand he meaning behind the flag??


bluewonder said...


my malaysian dream is simple. Happy family, happy and the hereafter. Just happy-happy-happy!

D said...

should I say welcome aboard? Naaaah, don't think I need to, eh?! the ultraman? You know how I like things to be light - even serious issues. I pun boleh gak merapu! LOL...

HaHaHa.. It's not often that I write entries that require thought, eh? Well, I like to think simple and even when addressing serious issues, I often like to be open, without taking sides... So, you dah jutawan lom?? dah kot..?!

HaHa.. it's so like you! Happy forever with happy people - InsyaAllah!