Friday, June 01, 2007


Earlier today, I rang a dear friend of 17 years who had lost her mom recently. She told me her last moments spent with her late mom, who had been ill for approximately five years. The late mom went in her sleep, only to be discovered a while later by the dad.

N told me how bad she felt for not being by her mom's side when she blew her last breath but I told her that the link between a mother and a child is so special that it will never end, as prayers and good deeds can still be dedicated and presented to the deceased parent.

She cried and I cried too. After the call, I spent some time reflecting on moments of death and the meaning of life. Wonderful moments spent together are often treasured till many years to come. The laughter, the pleasure, the nostalgic moments together... Yet, the loss of a parent cuts deep within that only faith to the Almighty can keep one strong.

Perhaps for those with spouse, the death of a parent is equal to the death of your other half. Imagine the days without someone to wake up next to, someone to accompany you, and someone to confide in. How does it feel facing the days ahead of you - alone?

Since young, I have hated being alone, yet that was how I spent most of my childhood days. There is often a hollow feeling that echoes your cries and bellows.

Who keeps you accompany when the clouds loom above you and there's no where to turn?

To N, my prayers are for you and your mom, my dear... May Allah place her amongst the blessed.

To my fellow bloggers who have lost a dear sister-in-law, a brother-in-law, a father-in-law, a mother-in-law, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a friend, a child, or anyone dear to you, I extend my prayers to them all...


Anonymous said...

"Who keeps you accompany when the clouds loom above you and there's no where to turn?"
- i have yet to be tested by the lost of those who are dear to me, but i want to be reminded when the time comes (that if i will not be the first one to leave them behind though), that THERE's ALLAH to turn to. even when you're with the loved ones. the thought and the feeling of turning to Him is just undesribable. You might not be able to have verbal communications, but He has His own way of communicating. Remember just that... insya-Allah.

-nonblogger but read lots of blogs-

loveujordan said...

Kebetulan N3 akak 2 hari lalu adalah berkenaan dengan akak bersama abah di saat-saat akhir hayat abah dan abah menghembuskan nafas terakhir di depan mata akak....semuanya tu tak semudah seperti yang dikatakan ...amat payah melupakan itu semua walaupun itu adalah ketentuan Ilahi .... All we can do just like you say, doa untuk mereka smeua yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita agar bertemu di akhirat kelak, Insyaallah.

Darling said...

walaupun my late dad dah pergi almost 2 years tapi till now i susah sangat nak accept. kebetulan i close dengan my late dad. but either i nak atau tak nak i kena redhakan juga pemergian dia.

susah nak terima sebab late dad tak sakit apa. dan masa dia pergi tu dia sesorang je.


D said...

nonblogger but reads a lot of blogs,
Thank you for your kind words. May we all be remembered of His companion.

the last moments are bitter-sweet memories. InsyaAllah we'll all meet again in the day-after.

darling Darling,
I'm sure that your late dad is very proud of you. Keep on with your good life, that's the least we can do...

k.d said...

I still have both parents, my siblings, my hubby and my kids. And I couldn't fathom the devastation it'll coz me if any of them gone.

I am faced with the possibility of death everyday in the nursing home but the news of any of them passed away still gets to me.

U.Lee said...

Hi D, we who are overseas always miss the ones we left behind, and we dread hearing our phone ring after 11pm here (we are 12 hours behind KL) and everytime it rings, my wife and I will look at each other, "hope nothing serious".
Both my wife and I received those late calls when our parents passed away.
Yes, it is sad to lose a loved one...I miss my wife if I don't see or hear her voice even for a day. So we make the most of our now coming to twilight years being together everyday.
You keep well, D. UL.

D said...

yes, it must be difficult working in a live-dead atmosphere. Still, only the great are picked to do so. Keep up the good work!

Cherish the wonderful moments we still have together, eh?? You're doing fine, U.Lee...