Thursday, May 31, 2007

when it rains...

It's May and the weather is supposed to be sunny. Somehow, I always forget that we're in England - where the weather is very unpredictable. It has been gloomy, gloomy, gloomy these few days.

It's not too bad staying indoors with the gloomy weather. I get the excuse to snug up and catch up with work, something that's long due. Nonetheless, I have to think of some activities for the kids to do and it can even be something as simple as a drawing competition.

Some people are amazed at how handy my twin boys are in the kitchen. They love it when I'm fixing something they can have a go at. So, I can let them mash the potatoes or bananas, grate the carrots or cheese, and even turn the blender on or off. I am happy that they love helping me because it is rather nice having little helpers in the kitchen (except that our kitchen is one the wee side).

I hope that the weekend will be brighter so that we can go outdoors. I've been meaning to bring them for a walk along the canal. And then perhaps we could also sing R.E.M's "Shiny Happy People" together...

Come on, let's sing to the beat:

Shiny happy people laughing

Meet me in the crowd
People, people
Throw your love around
Love me, love me
Take it into town
Happy, happy
Put it in the ground
Where the flowers grow
Gold and silver shine

Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people laughing

Everyone around
Love them, love them
Put it in your hands
Take it, take it
There's no time to cry
Happy, happy
Put it in your heart
Where tomorrow shines
Gold and silver shine

(repeat chorus)

Hey, here we go!

Let the sun shine!!


Mama Sarah said...

must book you guys for coombe abbey first! bbq?

Dad of Four said...

My kids luurrve doing the kitchen thing except that mummy and daddy must make more time for kitchen sessions...(sigh). Kitchens in England (the old council houses) are far too small yah...They don't need a biggie dont they....

p/s I'll do teh tag soon!

Zakiah said...

best ada orang tolong di dapur. your twins ni mmg bagusla. Rajin betul. Sejuk perut u!


My daughter kekadang je nak tolong, tengok mood. My son is the food critic like the father.

How about singing Barney's 'Mr Sun'....please shine down on me...

jooli said...

My cucu love to be in the kitchen too-- they'll want everything that i have. In the end, i'd have 3 sets of 'everything'. The thing is they are serious about making something; although i call that something a 'mess'.

D said...

oh, we must, must, must!!!

I guess that's when the kids learn all the living values, eh? Looking forward to your tag.

sejuk perut? Ish... penuh je perut ada la!! LOL

oh, so cool... OK, we'll sing to Barney's tune too (when the sun comes out!)

The 'mess' they make shouldn't be underestimated - who knows, it might be an international chef in the making??!! (wishful thinking..)

Kak Lady said...

Nampaknya nanti bila mereka dah besar...d akan relax lah sikit...ade pembantu di dapur...sekarang pembantu...lama2 nanti dah boleh buat sendiri...

raiedzall said...

rain rain go away, come again another day. Is it summer yet? No? rain rain go away, come again another day. Is it summer yet? No? rain rain go away, come again another day...

cikdinz said...

kat sini sunshine sampei kemarau...ekekekeekkk...

Kaklong said...


baguslah ada pembantu kecil di dapur :D.

tak pernah la dgr lagu tu..sorilah kalau saya ketinggalan hehehe.

hapi besday utk little princess, moga cemerlang dunia n akhirat :D. suka tgk senyuman dia yg manis tu, very sincere.

rad said...

All I remember is, rain in London -redah je...tapi sure not for kids!

I love to play this 'game' with my nephews & nieces, "Siapa lelap mata dulu, dia dapat hadiah..." - heheheh...hadiah pun dlm mimpilah.
Note: Applicable to small ones only.

Kids nowaday are so lucky - they can consider 'playing' in the kitchen as a luxury (esp. back home with maids & extended fmaily members to help). My anak2 buah bukan main suka lagi klu dpt pegang mixer, suruh kacau adunan dan lain2 tu.

Kita dulu, kecik2 bolehlah main masak2. Besar sikit je dah kena masak betul2, basuh pinggan mangkuk etc- it's a responsibility. Nak keluar main pun kena make sure dah siap sapu sampah luar & dalam, angkat kain di ampaian, buang/bakar sampah lagi. Bukan nak komplen pun, since I should be thankful for the good experience.

Dad of Four said...

D - done the tag!!

D said...

kak lady,
aminnnn... investment, yek?!

eh, today the sun's shining!! berkat dua la...

itu lagu zaman late 90s. HeHe... Lagu bak hippies.

those were the days where we were instilled with good values and responsibility. I treasured those days!

Thanks... I'm off to your site after I finish this comment!