Friday, May 18, 2007

More on teachers

I'm sitting and wondering whether I can still remember my teachers' names. I know I have been fortunate to meet some after so many years and it's always a wonderful pleasure meeting them, especially when they still remember my name! Hurrah!!

Let's see, I went to Raihan kindergarten and there was Cikgu Lina, Cikgu Raja, Cikgu Rozi, Puan Nora, and the founder herself, the late Ibu. Then, in primary school there were Puan Maimun, Puan Nathan, Puan Krishnan, Puan Anne, Mr Chan, Puan Kharidah, and of course, many more (remember some faces, but not the names!). In secondary school I still remember Cikgu Ismail, Puan Zuraidah, Miss Koh, Puan Florence, Ustaz Zubir, Cikgu Kamil, Cikgu Fauziah, Cikgu Aina, Puan Rohaya, Mr Wong, Puan Aishah, to name a few. Oh dear, I am getting old. If only I had my collection of old photos here with me, I'd surely be able to remember a few more. In access course, there were Sylvia Dimes and Bryce Crawford. Though this is more recent than the others, I can't seem to get their names out! My university days were made brighter by Iain, Patricia, Mike, the late Andy Hocking (who taught us Geography with all his heart), David, Gillies (who's now on treatment for leukemia) and Eileen(a lady who was 50 years old but could wow us during our PE lessons).

My teachers are now all over the world - mainly in Malaysia, a number in the UK, a few in Australia, and some already back to meet the Creator. My sincerest gratitude to you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

On a different note, here's a piece my dear friend has written the night before Teacher's Day in Malaysia.

A Teacher's Wish - by Bluewonder

On teacher's day I have one wish,
For sudents to try their best and resist,
Temptations to scratch their teacher's car,
The one that's near, or one that's far,
Be it with stone or twig or pen,
Your actions are hard to comprehend,
Splashes of Milo across the screen,
It stains our hearts, makes us wanna scream,
Oh! Why? Oh! Why? Do you do this?
Why is it you're hard to please?
What does it take to leave our cars alone?
Perhaps a parking bay in a safe "Green Zone",
Till that day comes, we'll just have to pray,
That you'll turn your backs and walk away,
Heed our advice, be at your best,
End this vandalism, give it a rest!


Dad of Four said...

You went to Raihan (near UH?)? Wow...! My niece went there too about 7 years back and not to mention my friends kids.....

Anonymous said...'s BLUEWONDER laaa not Bluewisdom. Not much wisdom but a lot of wonderings going on on my part!

Kak Lady said...

d...bestlah d kebanyakan nama guru sampaikan sekolah tadika...hehehe...kak lady dulu tak pi tadika...tapi...memang benar...jasa guru tak mungkin dpt kita lupakan....

D said...

yeah.. i sent my kids there too. It's antique!! Hehehe...

sorrryyyyyyyyy.... must have been thinking of my wisdom tooth there! Ahaks.

Kak Lady,
yang ingat je tulis. yang lupa lagi banyak! LOL!

U.Lee said...

Hello D, I have a surprise for you. Drive over in your Dodge Viper SRT to my place when you free.
Ahhh, teachers...I can only remember the ones who love to give us homework on Fridays, and before any holidays, and the pretty ones.
Had one geography teacher loves to give us test, then takes the test papers gives to kachang puteh man in tuck shop, he gets free packet of kachang.
One of my friends bought kachang and terperanjat see his own test paper.
The teacher later joined the U, then much later became a lecturer in Malayan U. UL.

Mama Sarah said...

the most noble profession; teacher. i salute and respect you teachers :)

Ajzie said...

wahhh masih ingat semua cikgu2.. Saya paling ingat cikgu masa kindergarten.. Cikgu Timah and cikgu Ali, keduanya comel belaka.. Jasa mu tetap kukenang..

rad said...

Makan apa sampai ada superduper memory ni? Heheheh...I almost forgot all my teachers' names esp kindergarten - that was so long ago (no excuse I know). But I do remember the face of a male teacher who caned me at the ripe age of 16 in front of the whole class simply because I came back from library to class during prep hours - no explanation asked. He taught us BM. Nobody likes him -I'm sure till now. What i did was to stare at him throughout all BM classes & I tell you, he never dared to call my name again!
That one was a rotten experience not to be confuse with all the wonderful teachers out there! You all have my respect & appreciation (even though I still run away whenever my path crosses them)!

~ahni~ said...

Hi D,
Saya minat nak jadi cikgu dan saya tak fikir jadi cikgu itu senang, susah wo... especially kalau dapat student org bandar ygsgt sensitif... tapi saya bukan cikgu, walaupun dulu masa mohon masuk u saya mohon kursus perguruan tapi tak ada rezeki dan saya dapat kursus lain.

Kaklong said...


alahai..tak banyak nama guru yang saya ingat.dlm ramai2 tu, yg paling ingin saya jumpa sekarang ialah Usth. Hamidah, guru agama saya masa sek.agama rakyat taufikiah, kg. Manjoi. tu zmn 80 an dulu. sungguh saya merindui dia.

hmm..harapan seorang guru pada murid2nya, besar harapan menerusi sajaknya itu.

Kak Elle said...

How can I forget my primary 1 school teacher she is my own aunty.....hehe and also my malay cikgu Puan Jamilah .... who happen to be my cikgu also when I was in secondary 4 after that she was transfered to the number 1 girls school Raffles Girls Secondary School and she also taught my 2 sisters there.

My salute to all teachers:)

loveujordan said...

wah memang ingatan you terhadap your teachers amat tajam.... akak yang tadika memang tak ingat dah namanya, yang masih ingat guru di sekolah menengah dan lecturers kat U itupun tak semuanya...anyway teachers ni umpama doktor jugak, mengubat/merawat orang sakit = tugas yang amat mulia :)

D said...

Oooh... will drive through straight to your place after this. Sorry, rather busy recently!!

don't salute me, salute them good teachers! LOL...

cutenya nama cikgu kindergarten ajzie. Orginal - cikgu Timah & Ali. Ni kalau nyanyi lagu air pasang pagi sure diorang seronok. Hehe.

you think I have a superduper memory? I thought I've done badly coz I can't even recall my Form1 class teacher!!

don't worry, we're all teachers even not by profession. Nak ajar kawan, anak, pembantu, etc... Tinggal lagi tak jadikan profession! Best of luck.

kak long,
itulah orang kata, doa orang teraniaya tu akan dimakbulkan. That was her sincere wish. Asyik dengar harapan murid untuk guru je...

kak elle,
oooh, was she your favourite teacher? Ni one for the family la ye? Hehehe...

I was inspired by your entry to write this. Hehehe.. Masih banyak loopholes, almaklum dah meningkat usia.

Ibu said...

once a teacher, always a teacher.
so happy teacher's day to you dear!!

Mama22Beas said...

No wonder you mentioned about us being neighbours, you sent ur kids to Raihan.
Went to look at the place, but finally decided on the uni kindy, considering I have kids close in age, much cheaper there, and also very near my office.
BTW, reading thos entry makes me feel guilty, can't remember the names of most of them, even though some were invited to my wedding by my parents...teruk betul rasanya.