Monday, May 21, 2007

Princess is 7

7 years ago, I gave birth to my Princess. She was a gift from Allah, no doubt. My pregnancy then was different from the first one I had. During my first pregnancy, I couldn't stand the smell of lipstick, couldn't care less about looking good, and was a big fat monster. With Princess in me, I paid more attention to my clothes, my appearance. From the beginning, we insisted that our gynae didn't reveal the baby's gender prior to the birth. I made a point to remind the doc and nurse this everytime I went for a check-up. Yet, during the earlier moments in the labour room, our anticipation was put to rest - in the corner was the baby basinette and there, on the card, was the gender of the baby! So much for surprises!!!

When I was delivering the twins, I thought I had gone through a turmoil. At exactly 40 weeks, I had a show but there wasn't any pain. I called up my doctor and she asked me to come in. Since I was expecting twins, I was admitted as the babies could come any time. So much for any time, they actually decided that it was comfortable in mommy that they'd spare another night in. I hated how the nurses fussed over me. Not when I was awkwardly huge and uncomfortable! Still, the next day I was induced and the pain started only after 2pm. I was sent to the labour room but that didn't fasten the process. The contractions were 3-5 minutes apart yet I wasn't dilating yet. Oh, the agony... I had refused any form of assistance. However, after the nurse persuaded me to take the (laughing) gas, Ha!Ha!, I just couldn't resist. After hours on the gas, I was dozing off in between contractions. HaHaHa. Well, to cut the story short, after no developments whatsoever, I was literally cut to let my babies out - had the C-section.

That was the episode with the twins. With Princess, it was a different matter. Being the second pregnancy, I sort of forgot to prepare myself for the delivery. I had forgotten what I read about child labour during my first pregnancy. I forgot what my sister said about pushing. Basically, it was like my first delivery! I didn't know what to do!!! So, after torture and more torture, my Princess finally came into the world with the aid of a vacuum. She entered the world facing up - which was what made the process so difficult.

The following day, the doctor came by and told me that Princess had jaundice but her blood level was rather high, so they were going to put her on some tests to see that everything was okay. It turned out that Princess' blood was not compatible to mine. She's a B+, like Mr.D, where as I am O+ and so are my twins. It is not often the case but for some, the mother's blood is incompatible to the baby's. Hence, some of the mother's blood that is transfered through labour infects the baby, resulting in jaundice. This is also known as pathological jaundice, where the level of bilirubin in the baby is very high. The baby has to go through blood transfusion. We were nervous, worried, anxious and scared. All the while, Princess was put under the blue lights for phototherapy. Visitors who came knew which one was Princess because of her distinctive patch of black hair. The doctor advised that the blood be taken from the bank because if it were taken from a relative, the chances of further infection would be high. If taken from a friend, it would take awhile because it had to be screened and all. The procedure had to be done immediately. I couldn't watch the doc do it. Mr.D did. The doc pumped some blood out through the navel, and pumped some blood in. It was all done manually. Princess wailed all the time. After 5 days she was delivered, Princess finally came home.

Today, my Princess is a bright young girl who loves reading. She is a very competitive little girl who likes to outwit her other siblings and impress people. Despite all this, she can be extremely shy and quiet, especially towards people she's not used to and even amongst some of her teachers.

My dear Princess, may your days ahead be filled with joy and wonder, and promises of the glittering glitters in the day after. You're special in your very way and we love you to bits. Happy 7th Birthday!!!


~ahni~ said...

Bila anak sakit lepas bersalin, rasanya sakit bersalin tu dah tak ingat dah, dok risau kat baby tu je lah kan... Happy Birthday Princess!

Mama Sarah said...

i was out 'shopping' with Sarah recently. she went to the clothing depart and looked at a rail of frilly skirts. she asked if she could have the pink one. but i said no, because it is too big for her.

lagipun, i said i was not getting her any dress/skirt that day. she quickly responded that, 'kaklang' might like it for her birthday!

happy birthday dear Princess :)

Intan said...

Happy Birthday to Princess! May she always be blessed with happiness and makes her Parents proud Always!

I've forgotten how painful it felt giving birth to my 3 children... except I know it was painful. That's being a mum, I supposed:)

k.d said...

Ooohh...Happy birthday princess..

Hmmm...not a section ye. Kat sini once you got section will always be section...or was it more than 3 years between the twins and princess?

Anyway, 7 years flew by don't it?

kc said...

i can't imagine how someone can ketawa terbahak2 while in labour or delivery. ha ha ha ha

anyway, just to say, a very big happy birthday to yr girl. 7 yrs old huh? dah besar tuh..boleh tolong jaga adik if she has another baby sister/brother *wink*

13may said...

Happy Birthday to Princess!

MULAN said...

happy birthday princess..!! may your days be filled with happiness & great health.. & rahmat Allah..


This must be the new Princess Diaries....
Hepi Birthday Princess!!

Kak Elle said...

happy birthday to dear princess may you grow to be a filial daughter to your parents:)

Dad of Four said...

Happy birthday to Princess - a brlated one from all of us.

Up till the fifth wife still kelam kabut...Sampai doc tanay are you sure this is your 5th delivery? LOL..We'll see this comiong 6th..... ; )

bluewonder said...

Pls wish happy b'day from all of us to your Princess. My girl Hannan will be celebrating her 9th b'day tmrow. I had an easy delivery in her case. She sort of plopped out of a balloon! She's always delighted to hear that out of all my 5 deliveries, hers was the easiest.


D said...

thank you for the wish. How true.. the concern for the baby's life is more crucial at that point.

HeHeHe.. just an excuse from Sarah to get something! Alah, give in la babe!

yes, some people feel so serik nak bersalin but a few years later - 'voila', they get another one. HeHeHe... Kuasa Illahi.

I think I had a C-section for the twins because the doctor considered delivering twins high-risk, thus she didn't want to wait. If given more time, I'm quite certain that the babies would take a few days more until they decide to come out - naturally!

in my case, it was berdengkur in between contractions! nama je laughing gas...

13 may,
thank you Uncle 13may!

thank you very much...

the mommy plak yang tulis diary yek??

kak elle,
your wishes are much appreciated.

Dad of 4,
My sis sampai anak ke-9 masih gigil-gigil lagi takut nak bersalin! LOL! good luck to wifey (and dad).

My wishes to Hannan! Hip Hip Hannan!

Ajzie said...

Happy Birthday dear Princess...

Mami Dini said...

Time flies, Happy Birthday Princess.... sedar tak sedar kita already and getting old d, tak lama lagi pricess will be a fully grown up women. As for me im expecting for my second one.... kindda worry actually, I almost dozz off with the laughing gas as well but the midwife menjerit...camner tak perasan kepala anak dah nak kuar nie...muahahahahahah, and i was FORCED too push with other three nursess pushing on my tummy and jadi lebam...luckily dini tak de aper2...Danger gak laughing gas tue...muahahahahaha...