Thursday, May 17, 2007

To All the Teachers Out There...

16th May is the official date for Malaysians to celebrate teachers' day. A quick check with the Wikipedia reveals that the dates differ between countries. In Vietnam it's November 20, Singapore September 1, Thailand January 16. It's easy to remember USA's official Teachers' Day: September 11. Somehow, the UK doesn't have a day for teachers but the closest is the World Teachers' Day, celebrated on 5 October.

Everyone knows teaching is a noble profession yet not everyone is brave enough to be one. Which top student would willingly choose to be a teacher when the pay can hardly meet one of a doctor's or engineer's? Which parent would allow his/her child to take up a profession which is often looked down upon when there are so many other possibilities out there? Who would be willing tobe exposed to the possibility of having her car scratched or splashed with Milo (this happened to a wee friend)?

I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts that for some, teaching is the last choice. What a shame. The minimum requirement for most teaching institutions (especially teachin colleges) are extremely low that those who failed to secure a place in a different institution will most definitely be welcomed. Most people think that the teaching profession is a matter of convenience - half-day work and long school holidays.

I have mixed feelings over teachers. We have all had teachers and our off-springs have teachers. I worked amongst teachers and am still a teacher. Will always be. To those who are devoted and respect the students for who they are, I will always look up to you and pray that you be given the sense of satisfaction deep within. To those who take the role just like any other job and often forget that there's a task to be completed, a soul to be moulded, I pray that you will acquire the art of teaching and nurturing through the coming years so that you will change your mind.

To all my dear Kaypo Klub @ Horay Mouse friends who are still teachers, I salute you!!!


U.Lee said...

Hi D, when I was 16 and finished my Form 6, I became a temperory relief a junior school. All lady teachers, so bila anyone in a family way, I help out with PE classes or marking books.
But facing about 35 boys and girls below 10 years?
" see Wong pull my hair"! "Sir, I want go bathroom", "Sir, Noraini took my book", "Sir, I want go home"....itu la dia..there and then being a teacher not my idea of a career. Ha ha.
But it is a good job, and pay boleh tahan...I'm talking about here in Canada.
You have a nice day, D. UL.

13may said...

selamat hari guru....:D

kc said...

according to oprah winfrey, teaching is 2nd most hardest job in the world next after parenting. the way they impart knowledge will always have lasting impression on children. if they are true to the profession they will get utmost respect and remembrance from their students even when they had left school years later. teachers can inspire them to be who they want to be one day.

such was a profound effect teachers had on us all. suffice to say, i had some good and bad teachers myself. I'd like to remember the good ones and forget the bad ones.

Dad of Four said...

This is why we have a lot of mediocre teachers in malaysia since it's their last choice to be in the profession. I wish that the Govt do something with the pay package to attract the cream. I'm sure there are dedicated and brilliant individuals out there who want to be in the profession but for the pay.....We should emulate our next door neighbour for a change!

bAiTi said...

salam k.D,

i've been here for several times + quite enjoy with ur writing stuffs.

which part of uk r u living now? is it true, that u r in essex?

kalau ada rezeki, might come there to further my study in several mths fr. now..

need some help..

thx in advance.. ;)


I always wanted to be a teacher,still wishing to be a teacher. At the moment just doing volunteering teaching...still teacher jugak kan :)

Ajzie said...

Selamat Hari Cikgu..hihihi

Kaklong said...


selamat hari guru..

saya yg kat rumah ni pun dah keje mcm guru, ni ha, tgh minggu exam anak2..kena sama study ngan depa, kena terangkan apa yg depa tak paham..penat rasanya..itu belum betul2 jadi cikgu sekolah.

tp saya pernah jadi guru sementara, terasa sedih bila berpisah ngan mrk apatah lagi mrk merayu utk saya terus mengajar. satu kenangan indah buat saya

D said...

yes, teachers are well paid anywhere except in Malaysia!!

13 may,
selamat.... tq

don't forget the bad ones. Keep them in your memory for they would remind us to never be that way, ever!

dad of four,
yup, I have a friend for across and she says it wonderful to be a teacher there.

hehehe.. not from essex but we can talk about things still.

volunteer teaching is much more noble!!! YOu're not paid!

selamat hari ibu.. (boleh tak?)

memang sedih bila time perpisahan. tapi bab bagi hadiah, sure tak muat satu plastik!!