Saturday, April 28, 2007

To err is human,

... to forgive devine.

Have you made a mistake? Ever? Have you been hurt? Betrayed?

Have you sought for forgiveness? Or, have you forgiven others?

Do you go by the saying: "let bygones be bygones"(*chuckle*) or "forgive but not forget"?

When hearts are hurt, it's difficult to mend. Yet, never despair and never give up because at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold (yeah, sure!!!). Sorry, wrong one. Rewind. Play. Yet, never despair and never give up because every cloud has a silver lining.

What am I blabbing about? Well, just a moment to pause and reflect.

**ps: thought of writing a long entry but it's the weekend! Have a nice weekend, folks!


ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

Still tapping on the computer. Flying today. Thanks for the good wish. Chat when I'm back. Take care.

abdullahjones said...


Intan said...

if i care enough for that person, i know i will forgive and forget(maybe store it at the back of my mind so i don't get hurt again). but sometimes, some thing's happen which are just meant to end a relation and i have to accept that too.

have a good weekend, too. over here, with labor day and vesak, it's a holiday till wednesday!

MerapuMan said...

mmm.. forgive ..maybe .. forget .. sometimes it's hard.

NJ said...

Hi D, have not been you for quite a while, wah I missed so many entries already. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday ya dear!


"forgive but not forget"....hmmmmm...
pls forgive me for missing your birthday entry....but don't forget that I'm wishing you Happy Belated Birthday in this entry hehehe

Kaklong said...


Happy birthday sis D...:D

Moga hidup berkeluarga bahagia sentiasa, diberkati ALlah, murah rezeki dan sihat sentiasa. amin

betul, selagi kita masih hidup, selagi itulah banyak yg masih kita perlu lakukan.

err..saya terfikir, kalau Dr. M masih menjadi PM, adakah dia akan menyokong bloggers juga?

hmm...saya ni jenis mudah maafkan orang tetapi saya akan ingat perbuatan org tu sampai bila2.

Mami Dini said...

Totally agreed...i can forgige but hardly to forget, esspecially when we are juggling with trust we gave or gain !!!

p/s: exception to our loveable little one since they themselves doesnt know what they did were wrong and big time they only a copycat of the parents, they will tell what we did were wrong on the first place...hold ur patience

M.I.S.S.Y said...

have you watched grey's last nite?

loveujordan said...

to err is human..tapi yang tak tahan kalau silapnya berulang kali..tu bukan human dah kot... human can at least think using own brain.....mungkin brain yang dah kaput....sorry merapu kejap kali ni :P

U.Lee said...

Hi D, I guess there's always two sides to a story. I have hurt, I mean where the heart is concerned, many in my young days, in turn being hurt by many too.
"To err is human, to forgive, divine". It takes real courage to say 'sorry'. But every experience makes us a better person.
Plucking a rose is not easy.
Have a nice day, D. UL.

D said...

Hope you'll bring back good stories for us! Looking forward!


have a GRRREEEAT long break!

you're an elephant, eh? With good memory? I'd better watch my words... Hey, sebaya yek kita?? (do I know you?? - scary..)

thanks. saw that you've met my other fellow blogger, eh? Good thing we're sharing stories, don't you think?

hehehhe... forget to wish me pun tak pe. not so nice to remember you're a year older, eh?

Bestnya dah sihat sikit and boleh blogging. Nanti baby nanti boleh panggil Mohd Blogullah or Siti Blogina. Hehehe.. Jangan marah, gurau je!

mami dini,
thanks for dropping by. yeah, the little ones are innocents, sabar je la...

sorry, don't watch much TV. such a bore, aren't I?

hehehe.. yelah, asyik forgive je memanjang tension gak, eh?

Uncle Lee,
how true.. the scar of a bleeding heart has a million stories to tell. I like that: "plucking a rose is not easy". That's perhaps why I only buy them and not plant any! Thanks, U. Lee...

Darling said...

bagi i, memaafkan, melupakan dan meminta maaf adalah sesuatu yang sukar. disebabkan sukar tu ada yang melabelkan i terlalu ego but i have my own reason.

untuk apa memaafkan/meminta maaf kalau ucapan maaf tu sekadar dimulut bukan dihati.

dan untuk apa melupakan kalau kesakitan itu tidak pernah hilang.

dan ada tu memang tidak layak langsung untuk dimaafkan/dilupakan segala kesilapannya.

oleh sebab itu, i tak peduli orang nak kata i ego atau apa disebabkan maaf tu. i akan minta maaf kalau i betul2 salah dan akan betul2 memaafkan dan melupakan jika yakin akan kesungguhan/keikhlasan orang itu. dan jangan sekali2 memaksa i untuk berikan kemaafan. bagi i maaf tu perlukan masa dan bukan dengan paksaan.

ps: hanya sekadar pendapat yg mungkin tidak boleh diterimapakai