Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kite Crazy

If you recall our younger days, there'd usually be different seasons playing different games. I remember when it was "teng-teng" and "batu seremban" time. With "teng-teng" we'd be forever with a chalk (pinched from the classroom) or finding 'spots' on the sand to draw out our frames. "Batu seremban" was more challenging because we had to find fabric remnants and stitch our way through to make 5 or 7 pieces. Of course, there was also the "rubber-bands" - all nicely linked into a long piece of rope. I can go on and on describing the "rubber/eraser" season, etc, but I'm not going down memory lane today.

For my kids, it's now the kite season. We started flying kites a couple of months ago but the air was still too chilly to stay out long. Furthermore, the kite was a bit temperamental. On Saturday, we went to a park where people flew kites. Well, I'd call them gliders, to be exact. It's the big long one and the kite-flyer would actually sit on a cart, to be wheeled away as the kite/ glider flies in the sky. Pretty cool. I have to apologize because I didn't have my camera with me. Hence, the picturesque moments were unrecorded. MrD was in charge of the kites with our little ones. I couldn't stop laughing, watching my kids each with their own kites - a plastic bag hung on a piece of string! It may sound ridiculous and silly but the wind was so strong that whatever you had would surely be flapping away.

Yesterday we got another kite - this one smaller and easier to manage. However, it wasn't windy enough. To make it worst, this time around I was the person in charge because MrD was poorly. We went with mamasarah and family, and Dina - to a nearby park, mainly to picnic under the shades! Here are some photos snapped by the ever professional, babah sarah.

Just a note of thanks to my 'neighbours'. Will be doing more picnicing in the future, eh?!! I'm planning for a May picnic now...


U.Lee said...

Hello D, beautiful pictures. I've always love to watch kite flying. Old days was in Trengganu or Kota Bahru watch those beautiful, inticate waus flying so gracefully in the skies, or see them fight each other.
I love to see the Paciks making them too.
Pity nowadays kids mostly main computer games.
I haven't seen any young girls playing hop-scotch too, let alone 'teng teng', ha ha.
Love the last pic your boy throwing up the bungas. Well taken shot. Ul.

Kak Elle said...

d when in may I nak join the picnic...nak I bawak anything????hehe....have fun!

Intan said...

the last time i flew a kite was with my son ages ago. by the time the girls were born, i plain forgot about this enjoyable pastime!

so, spring is finally over?

MerapuMan said...

sebaya doesnt mean that we know each other unless .... hmm . we go to the same school .. tak mungkin sebab i went to an all boys school ..ha..ha

i miss flying kites especially kat sawah selepas musim menuai... :)

loveujordan said...

Dah 2 tahun anak I tak main kites, tak nampak pun orang main kat sini, back in Kemaman memang main kat beach, angin kuat dan pelbagai jenis kites ada dijual di pantai.

Cantiknya rumput hijau tu....

halwafy said...

Hey really nice pics...esp the one with the dandelion.. is this that park near Stoney Stanton Road..?


Bab flying kites....not malas, tapi more to tak kuasa hakhakhak

Waaa....gambar cam taken at studio!

D said...

Compliments for the pictures must be directed to the fantabulous min! My camera can't do that. Even if it can, I can't!!

kak elle,
wooooo... if you're really coming, then I'll ask for every pict of food put up on your blog! Okayla, I'll limit it to 2. boleh?

spring extending into summer. Flowers are shrivelling now, what a shame!

Aaah.. kite-flying in the padi fields must be really fun. Only read in books and seen in TVs of such delight.

rumput tu hijau sangat sebab the sun's very bright! Wonderful to be free in the parks, now that it's no longer freezing..

near Stoney Stanton Road might be Swanswell Park. This is a little bit further, closer to M6: Longford Park.

with professional photographer, i tumpang-tumpang la... Heheheh

mynn said...

your children are all so photogenic D it was a pleasure taking their pictures - thanks for letting me post them. In fact, my colleagues at work were admiring our weekend photos today especially of the daffodil & chrysanthemum.

have to do it again.

Anonymous said...

great pix. really capture the moment. i remember only too well those teng teng, batu semban and rubber band games ... with you actually. those were great times.

one twin

Helena said...

wow... such beautiful pictures you have there!

mynn said...

darn you're right - they're dandelions, better change my post. okay i'll blur that picture - but not until this evening - don't have time now. everyone seems to like the photos of your kids D - that means they have to have another session in the future.

raiedzall said...

fabulous pics... looks professional.

D said...

see...your work is SO good - the only good pictures in my blog, really! Hmmm... on being photogenic, never really understand what this means but if you insist, maybe it's in the genes?? LOL!! Kidding.. I am VERY camera-shy. Thanks again.

anon/one twin (it's you, right Azuradec?),
those were wonderful days, weren't they? have we drifted apart so much? Are you game for another round of teng-teng??

my picts but not my shots. Hehehe... Tumpang kepakaran dan kemurahan hati orang lain!

all compliments go to the doc behind the lense!

MULAN said...

happy belated birthday...

sini pun tengah nak mula musim me"layang-layang"...

your kids are adorable la in the pics.. so sweet of princess buat kad utk u tu..

Arif a.k.a Idham said...

D...HaPPy BelateD BirthDay...maaf terlewat ...

i too love flying kites with my children...dulu2 ada bawak anak2 pergi main kites di tasek titiwangsa...

baru2 nie we went to the corniche ..sea front..angin punya la kuat...layang2 putus tali...

happy days!


Sis Zabrina said...

Salaam D,

Wonderful picture! MashaAllaah. Makes me feeling like grabbing my camera to the park too!

Oh yes, Happy Brithday D. Mine is coming in a few months. You are right, i shall pause to reflect!

Sis Zabrina

Anonymous said...

heh, actually that was me R.A though am sure Azuredec would also have said the same.
Definitely up for teng teng!

Ibu said...

Hi D

more great kodak moments! brilliant!

layang2 sana ada letak glass powder tak? kasi potong tali orang lain? hahaha... brutal betul zaman kecik2 eh?

i could still remember those days playing 'batu seremban', then kena tegur with makcik next door, "eh..korang ni asyik main benda ni ajer, patutlah beras naik harga!"
hahaha... psycho, pyscho, jgn tak psycho!