Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reflections on the day you were born

I'm 35 today - it's no secret. I think we should always remind ourselves of our age. You know what they say, "Act your age!". There's also the ever-popular phrase: "What's in numbers?" ('numbers' better than 'figures' because there IS a lot to say about figures, you know..). "Another year, a year wiser!"

I was awoken from my slumber this morning by showers of kisses and good wishes. No, you naughty lots, I'm not revealing tales from the private bed. My almost-10-year-old twins walked in the room to be the first ones to wish, kiss and hug me. It's now Mr.D's duty to wake them up for Subuh prayers and they practically jumped out of bed with the thought that it was their mommy's birthday! So now I know that snow and birthdays can get them out of bed pronto. Their actions certainly showed me how much they love me and they could not have done a better job at it. That really went deep down my heart. Thank you Abangs!!
My soon-to-be-seven-year-old Princess wrote this card. Simple, yet very meaningful.. (err, don't mind the missing 'ng' in 'something').

Most importantly, today is a day of reflection. Should I do this by means of a checklist? Let's see, what have I accomplished in 35 years? I think it's too personal to be put up here so I should perhaps ponder along these issues: what have I done to help myself, my family, my community, my religion and my surroundings? 35 years may seem a long time, but I can say that I've still got a lot to do!!!

pause to reflect please...


sYaNa said...

Happy Birthday, D :o)

I always say, age is just a number. What's important is what you've done with your life so far.

Have a great time celebrating your birthday with your love ones :o)

Mama Sarah said...

Hey, you were all here at my place yesterday. And not one of you said a word about your birthday today!

hey komplot eh? Tak mau i bake my infamous cake eh?

:) :) :)

three smiles for you on your birthday!

Ibu said...


Many happy returns, moga diberkati selalu.

p/s 3+5 baru 8 ... :)

D said...

thanks for the wish. Still got loads to do and I'm 35 already??

I never announce my birthdate because don't like 'publisiti murah'. Ahaks... No, no komplot anything. My kids know that things like this don't need to be announced. This entry today is purely for my reflection and I'm not fishing for any wishes. Still, thanks!

hehehe... boleh gak kan? 3+5!! My Princess buat satu lagi kad tadi - this time signed her name and her little brother. But the funny thing was, she drew a cake with 33 candles on it (was rather crowded!) and scribbled 33 on it too. Apa lagi, I diam je la & senyum panjang! When the big bro commented, she panicked but I said "tak pe, mama suka..." HAhAHA!!

Kak Elle said...

Many happy returns to you semoga selalu bahgia di samping keluarga tersayang,di murahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur.

I wish I am 35 again....hehe

kc said...

here i am wishing u happy birthday yg ke 35! still younglah tu..just enjoy life as it is.

13may said...

Hepi Besday Puan d !

Intan said...

Happy Birthday! May u always be blessed with good health, long life and happiness!!

Oh wow, masih muda dan bertenaga!

Dad of Four said...

Happy Birthday to you from all 6 1/2 of us!

rad said...

I think, we - women of today & tomorrow - are no longer scared to reveal our age. So what if we already hit 30 or 40 or 50, even 60 & 70?
Something like wine (don't like this analogy actually) or pickle (eeeww!)that grow better, maturer & wiser with the increasing no. of years! Hurraaahh for all the challenges and hurdles that we've gone through & let welcome more of it!
Happy birthday my dear d,
may Allah grant you with His blessing & happiness always. Amin.

k.d said...


Have a great weekend may you achieve what you set out to achieve..

Kak Teh said...

D, Happy birthday - and pst pst - see answer in my blog.

halwafy said...

Just bloghopping and found this blog of yours..

Couldn't leave without wishing you a Happy Birthday too :)

loveujordan said...

Happy Birthday To You 3x...:)

35, masih bergaya, masih sihat, masih aktif,masih boleh blogging ,InsyaAllah :D

D said...

kak elle,
thank you. No, i'm sure you don't mean to throw away the wonderful moments you have gone through (forget the rotten ones!). age gives us wisdom, no? stay cool!

thanks. young eh? maintain!! HeHeHE..

tq, tq... alah, janganla ber'puan' pulak! tensionla gini...

much appreciated. muda dan bertenaga? Oh, kena exercise lebih nampaknya!

dadOf4 (+ 5 1/2),
all numbers here... thanks! finished packing?

amin... many thanks in return!

thank you, thank you, thank you... err, what was it I wanted to achieve, eh? ahaks!

kak teh,
pst..pst... thanks. no chocs for me?

hop hop hop! thanks for the wish. make yourself at home, eh?? my, you have got a wonderful collection of blogs!!!

hehehe.. I like the last part: "...masih boleh blogging". Thanks, I only survive with the best bloggers like all of you!

Zakiah said...

happy bday!!!

semoga murah rezeki...panjang umur hendaknyer.

MerapuMan said...

kita sebaya rupanya. i'll be 35 next month. 24th to be exact. Happy Birthday D.

- the 3rd sentence is a hint for presents :)

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday


U.Lee said...

Hello D, a happy belated birthday to you. You are now in the prime of your life. Have a great time. UL.

Darling said...

eppy belated besday d..

semoga akan tercapai segala dicita, bahagia & diberkati selalu..