Thursday, April 26, 2007

be a blogger!

I came across an article in The Sydney Morning Herald (April 19, 2007 ) where our ex-PM, Tun Mahathir defends bloggers. Long live bloggers!!! Hurrah!! I am going to steer away from all the political stance because what I want to highlight here is what Tun Mahathir pointed out. According to him, the current controlling media in Malaysia now has made people turn to the bloggers for news!

I suddenly feel like walking tall - I'm a blogger and I spread news! So, chuck away the saying: "No news is good news" because here we are with news that is ALL GOOD!

On that note, my dear blogger-friends, hope that what we write will be more good to mankind, and not the other way round.

Well, you know the debate: Bloggers are liars vs Bloggers are saviours! I'm leaving it to you to pause and reflect on this matter.

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rad said...

All I can say is that blogging is good..if that what we make of it! Am proud to be one too. Just imagine our life without blogs, bloggers & blogland mere years ago? I say, let's congratulate everybody from those who create the Net to everything that we see what they are today!