Friday, March 23, 2007

Why bother?

I just couldn't resist typing in another short entry for today. Just to recapture the incident and for me to pause and reflect upon.

I was tucking the children to bed an hour ago and as usual, I'd be checking that they had done their usual daily tasks: at the toilet - pee, brush teeth, ablution; in the room - Isya' prayers, clothes and toys all in order (for Princess an additional task to brush her hair). I had a quick glance at the clothes hung on the hangers and knew that something was amiss.

Okay, who hasn't hung up his uniform? Where did you chuck it today? Under the bed? In the cupboard? Come on.

No, mama. Mine is there! Abang protested.

I've hung mine up! Check it out if you don't believe! came Abang H's protective reclaim.

I checked the labels on the clothes and knew that Abang was the culprit.

No, Abang. Yours isn't here. Where is it?

Mama, this is mine - he took the hanger and showed me.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes, it was his and they were all on the hanger - trousers, shirt and jumper. But they were sloppily attached to the hanger. I wouldn't even consider them hung although I must say Abang did some job of securing it on the hanger!

And why is it like this?

Tak, nanti senang Abang nak pakai besok. He was sheepishly grinning away and he knew I disapproved.

Abang, if you think there's no point, then I might as well just leave the tap running in the toilet because later I'll be going back to the toilet, eh? Or maybe I should just leave the onions and vegetables on the kitchen counter because TOMORROW I'll be doing more cooking. Or maybe we should just leave the front door open because later Abah will be walking through it.
The children all began to laugh. They started chipping in their own ideas.

Yeah, maybe I might as well sleep with my uniform on so that tomorrow I don't have to change for school, giggled Abang H.

Yeah, and maybe mama should just leave the plates unwashed for use tomorrow! Princess tried to contribute.

Giggle. Giggle.

On the floor, I saw Abang's home jumper. Now, Abang, what is your jumper doing on the floor?

No, mama. I'm going to bring it with me to bed.

So, that's your idea of keeping it handy? I just couldn't help being so sarcastic...

Oh, boys... It used to be Abang H who was sloppy and full of excuses while Abang used to be neater and more systematic. No matter what, they are always reversing their behaviour. Aren't twins supposed to be the same all the time? Well, not mine!


k.d said...

Kids..they can do your head in!! But sometimes their perspective is honest and sometimes you'll be surprised with their insights.

Intan said...

this is so funny because sometimes, at this old age, i also like to leave certain things around because tomorrow i'm going to use it and i'm too lazy to tidy it up! hahaha!

kc said...

hehe..macam lawan2 cakap plak bebudak nih. i used to be a tidy person but with the kids, i just had to go with the flow.

Darling said...

seronok lak baca telatah anak2 ni kan.. tapi i ni tak berapa bagus dengan budak2, tak boleh tahan dengan perangai dorang..

ps: kkdg pelik why ada diantara anak2 kwn i yang suka sangat le dengan i ni.. iskh!

loveujordan said...

bijak jawapan anak you tu...

lagi senang the next day tak payah nak susah-susah...tido dengan uniform esok pagi terus pergi sekolah ....hehehe.

nak cheesecake sikit aunty d..please..

D said...

indeed - an honest perspective!

shhhh... the kids might be listening!

I'm the same here but the kids gotta learn to do the basics - at least by the end of the day, if not immediately!

it must be your perfume...cuba check labelnya, ada tak tulis anti-children? sure tak de nye...!

sekali-sekala boleh la ngap cheesecake tu. kalau selalu, nanti dia ngap kita balik!

Mama Sarah said...

Mama tidur tak payah buka contact lens lah. sebab esok nak pakai lagi...

Zakiah said...



D said...

cam tu mama kena beli mata baru la!!

tunggulah 2 hero awak besar nanti...

anggerik merah said...


they are so cute!

rad said...

Pandai budak2 tu semua!
Part 'leave the door open...' -scary weii!!
Hope the kids don't get the wrong idea. Hm, dok wonder tang mana they all pandai menjawab semua tu..Heheheh.
The cheesecake was lovely - lovelier if it was here.
Earlier entry: Didn't ur kids get confused/frustrated btw the real London Bridge & Tower Bridge?

NJ said...
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NJ said...

The kids (and of course the mama) are so sweet and not to mention a lil bit cunning...hehehe

U.Lee said...

Hello D, I can see what a loving, doting mom you are. Yes, enjoy your kids now, every moment, everyday (not forgetting the Tuan of course) as one day before you know it, they'll be on their own....and the next time you enjoy kids will be as a 'grandma'.
Best regards, UL.