Sunday, March 25, 2007

Summer time...

Please note that all clocks in Great Britain should be FORWARDED an hour today. It's the summer time and this is how people cheat with the day and night time. When we changed to the winter time end of last year, we utterly forgot about it. To top it all up, we then turned up at a friend's place an hour earlier! They were still busy in the kitchen that we had to go back - which was pretty embarassing!
Ergo, it's 7 hours difference between Malaysia and Great Britain.


k.d said...

Yess D. I didn't forget but thought it's next Saturday. It's till my helper told us that we've gone forward that I looked at skynews and realised i've lost an hour already!!

idham said...

TQ for reminding....senang nak adjust time to call zety.

aha, just read ur entry hilarious!

but but..u are very close to ur it!


Ajzie said...

Day light saving.. Kami jadi 6jam beza dengan Msia.. Ok ler tuh senang tgk jam juga..

13may said...


U.Lee said...

Hello D, ya la, this switching of times forwards backwards betul kelang kabote!
Terok la have to readjust our clocks and watches not to mention some needs a bit of reprogramming i.e. microwave.
"Spring forward, fall backwards" we say here.
We adjusted our clocks 2 weeks ago as some gila fellow in US naik angin suggested North Americans can save more electricity this way. Cheeee!
We are 5 hours behind you in UK and 12 hours behind Malaysia.
Have a nice day, D. UL.

D said...

yeah.. MrD woke up and made a fuss about losing an hour's sleep! HaHaHa..

no matter how much headache they give me, I just prefer to be the one who's around them all the time - very selfish, eh?

camanelah kids nak tidur awal these days??

heheheh to you too!

Uncle Lee,
Yeah, thanks for reminding me about that formula: Spring forwards, fall backwards. HeHe..

copa said...

in the next month in egypt also we will change the hour , am living in cairo and sorry for not entering ur blog , i am gonna 2day to post english post i hope u 2 read it

MULAN said...

oh tq. senang nak tau time to chat2 wth frens nanti..

kc said...

ohh..che dok mesia jadik takde kena mengena ngan time zone nih..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Noted, thx. A friend going to Durham tomorrow. She's complaining dunno what to bring...
What do you suggest? She can't eat those typical Malaysian staple - anchovy, maggi etc - allergy.rad

D said...

looking forward to your english posts!

aha, chatting ye??

malaysia senang - equal day and night hours throughout the year!!!

hmm... fucuk suun perhaps? in fact, don't bother then because she can get her stock from Newcastle which is less than an hour away. Study ke? I have a friend there!

U.Lee said...

Hi D, when I was young in school we learned this song. You remember it? Thought maybe you can sing to your kids. My Bahasa suda karat or rusty, can only remember some verses. Best regards, UL. Chan Mali Chan

Di mana dia anak kambing saya?
Anak kambing saya yang makan daun talas
Dimana dia buah hati saya?
Buah hati saya
Bagai telur diku pas

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U.Lee said...

Hi D, by the way, would appreciate you enlighten me some of the meanings of the song. Terima kaseh. UL.