Thursday, March 22, 2007

Say "Cheesecake..."

I tried my own recipe at banana toffee cheesecake a few days ago. Abang smashed the digestive biscuits, and I mustered the whole lot. I couldn't seem to recall the exact measurements and ingredients (whoops..) for the usual classic cheesecake I used to make. Nonetheless, there was no stopping my recent urge to have banana toffee cheesecake. I searched hi and lo for a good (define good, eh?!) recipe on the net but was adamant to try my own mixture.

You see, I remember my good 'ol PE lecturer's recipe for excellent toffee: boil a can (unopened) of condensed milk in a pan of water for approximately 2 hours. You'll get toffee that can be enjoyed with vanilla ice-cream or any other deserts, for that matter. Furthermore, I also vaguely remember the cheesecake I used to prepare during good 'ol Edinburgh days... So, the result was this:
I am definitely not satisfied with the texture so I've got an idea of how I'll be altering it the next time (when can that be??). The excellent photos were taken by my private photographer, mamasarah. I charged her house with the imperfect cheesecake just for fun. It's always better sharing with others, right? After all, aren't we famous (an understatement indeed!) for our English afternoon teas?

Before anyone even thinks about getting the recipe, just hold on to your horses and let me get the combination right. Then, who knows, perhaps I'll even invite you all for tea!


Ajzie said...

yummy yummmy sedap nya..tgh lapar nih..

Zakiah said...

awatla tunjuk gambar ni masa orang tengah pantang

idham said...

:) nampak mcm sedap....
nak rasa...ermm...tapi tak tercapai tangan la pulak..


best nya ur london trip tu !!!

suka eh anak2, malaysian hall tu masih ada ka?

masa i visit dulu, i pergi to the mara hall...kat basement ti ada satu cafeteria sedap gak..


MULAN said...

ayoo..drooling!!! leceh la nak buat. makan je sedap. any tips & shortcuts for baking cheesecake?? he he..

U.Lee said...

Hi D, wow! Your cheesecake looks delicious! Most women's weakness itu. Any Earls Grey tea to go with it? Ha ha.
Used to love English tea time with scones or muffins.
But I'll take a rain cheque on English style cucumber sandwiches..dalam kosong, only cucumber and butter? My first experience of that at friend's home, I enquired, diplomatically of course, 'you forgot to put in something else'? Reply, 'no la, lidat one la'. Ha ha.
But you know what, being in Canada long time, I miss teh tarek and goreng pisang tea time. UL.

D said...

thanks to mamasarah - deceiving you guys with her professional skill!

eh, orang pantang tak leh nengok skrin computer lama-lama. nanti bentan! hahaha!

tulah, tangan tak tercapai sebab I dah letak anti-theft device! LOL!

ada.. nantilah, coming soon (insyaAllah)

Uncle Lee,
what do the Canadians have for tea (if they have any, that is!!)? You're right - teh tarik and pisang goreng is still the best!

Intan said...

wow, that looks professional! i love cheesecake and coffee... also, chocolate cake and coffee... infact, any dessert with coffee...

kc said...


Darling said...

alehai mcm meleleh lak air liur.. look so nyummy ar d >)

D said...

looks like we've got a coffee-holic here!

kc & darling,
wipe that drool off your face, please...

Kak Elle said...

d nak sikit please ... I love cheese cake lah

D said...

kak elle,
ok, gimme address, I Fed-Ex! LOL!!