Saturday, March 17, 2007

and today...

I'd better post a new entry before my scribbles mislead more people into thinking that a Picasso or Da Vinci is trying to be humble. Thus, today I'm going to write about COMIC RELIEF - it's today!!!

To those who aren't familiar with Comic Relief, a.k.a Red Nose Day, it's basically a charity organisation in the UK that raises money for the poor - in the UK itself and also in Africa. Comic Relief probably started some time in the late 80's and has since become a nation event that has grown rather commercial. Well, corporate sponsors grab the opportunity to run a stint, "all for a good cause".

My children were very excited to go to school today because it's "Wear red to school" day!! To top it all up, the children were charged 20p for coming to school dressed in something red. A comical action indeed! I had to explain to the kids what the underlying theory was: to contribute to the charity.

When I sent them to school this morning, I couldn't help laughing when I saw what some of the other kids had on.

Not apples but RED nose (spongeball). In the background is a glimpse of a kid in a clown wig.
There was a girl in a Snow White-like red frock, a girl (or boy) in red plastic wig, a few others with red clown wigs, Spiderman, girls in glittering red glamours, and the list goes on... Some even had red hair spray on their beautiful heads!!! Oh, dear, the British really go to the extreme!

My children? Little D was a Power Ranger but the others were too shy to be comical about their appearance!

Posing with their Red Nose Cupcake (sold at school at 10p each)


k.d said... made cupcakes ye for red nose day..

Well done!!

raiedzall said...

ooo... no wonder my daughter got red nose yesterday...

juwaidah said...

My kids didn't wear red clothes to school, but they wore mummy's or daddy's clothes (big clothes.. but no big shoes allowed).

D said...

hehehe, I didn't make the cupcakes, they bought them at school....

you weren't aware??

that must have been CUTE!!!