Saturday, March 17, 2007

once I caught a fish alive

Once I caught a fish alive,
Then I let it go again.

That's the rhyme my twins sang last weekend. It was an exciting Sunday excursion for them as they love the outdoors. We went to a small river in the outskirts of Coventry - on the private waters of Stoneleigh Park.

SHhhhh.. it was illegal fishing. We didn't have any license to fish in the private waters but were informed that if it was just fun fishing for the kids, it should be quite harmless. They didn't have any rods. What they had with them were only fishing line, hook and worm. Yes, they dug the worms from our garden and found some yummy fat ones.

My children love fishing and have been doing so since they were much younger. Their dad (MrD) is an ardent fan of fishing, or angling. He used to spend hours in the sea (very interesting - not!). The twins never followed their dad to sea but they tried their luck in various other locations. The one perhaps most exciting to them was when they caught numerous baby flowerhorns in the lake of Taman Aman. They have never had a fishing rod so a line with hook was adequate. A note of warning: the kids only managed to catch small fish (ikan bilis!!). Perhaps we'll get them a fishing rod each and then they can bring home something for dinner! No, I'm afraid that here in UK, it's always a case of "catch and release", unless you're at a paid pond.
Now that they've discovered fishing in England waters, they've already requested to go fishing every Sunday. WHAT?? This we need to pause and reflect...


idham said...

wow...a family together is afamily yang bahagia....especially in pursuit common hobbies.
fishing is fascinating...itoolove fishing. The best so far was an outing in the sea of seychelles one month ago!.



Mama Sarah said...

why don't you all stroll along the canal? Can fish somewhere along the way too. Manalah tahu you might be lucky to fish a duck instead??

k.d said...

Wah....nice family outing. Hmmm...not patience for it

Zakiah said...

tak pernah fishing dan tak mo pun sebab saya banyak mulut. Orang kata nak tangkap ikan kena senyap tak leh bising. tak sanggup...hahahah

MULAN said...

syok tu.. tapi saya macam zakiah, nanti semua ikan lari.. pot pet pet je lebih..

D said...

kids love animals and the outdoors so we try our best to entertain them (penatnya!!).

yup, we've been along the canal but fishing there illegally will be rather risky, don't you think? don't let Little D get the idea that you can fish a duck (he'll actually request to bring it back home!!!)

they fish, I enjoy a book under the tree!!!

anak-anak saya semua kecoh - teruk nak ajar diorang senyap. hehehe...

pot pet pot pet kang tak dapat makan ikan la! LOL

loveujordan said...

fishing...very relaxing...akak suka tapi tak ada sungai nak pancing ikan kat sini :P

jhazkitaro said...

Bestnye dpt pancing ikan... Salam perkenalan dari Dublin...

NJ said...

I pon suka pegi memancing, following the other half more like it...hehehe

Curious, so what kind of fish do you get over there ya?

kc said...


nice weekend there huh? never gone fishing since the other half is not into it. from what i know, fishing requires a lot of patience (if using the rod)and quietness which I am not...hehe

Darling said...

beshnya g memancing.. dulu pernah gak 2-3 kali pergi memancing.. last trip masa pergi tioman.. my fren mabuk laut teruk.. last2 i yang kehulu kehilir atas bot tu bersama dengan laki2 orang yg lain..

yang paling best masa makan, sebab makin berselera.. hehehe..

U.Lee said...

Hi D, came across from Ruby Ahmad's site. Couldn't help smiling read about the discreet fishing you guys did. I remember long ago (in the 60's) I would go at nights to Hyde Park Serpentine Lake and tie a line to my toe (it was summer) and while whispering sweet nothings to my then girlfriend wait for the line to twitch my toe. Did catch a few small ones though but threw them back, it was just the thrill of doing something illegal then, ha ha.
But one of the best things in life you can teach a child is fishing, and your reward? Dirty clothes, muddy boots, mud in your washing machine, tall stories of the one that got away, BUT? Apart from eating fresh fish, you will always know where your sons are on weekends. Happiness is seeing your son coming home holding a big one showing off his catch to you and a smile that can light up three rooms!
Try waking them up on Sundays at 5am to do their homework? Short of lighting firecrackers under the bed, they will snuggle deeper under the comforter. But tell them "we're going fishing..."! They'll be in the car before you can finish your coffee.
Wishing you and family good fishing times, Uncle Lee.

Kak Lady said...

Dah lama tak tengok orang memancing...dulu selalu ikut arwah Ngah memancing ikan di sawah...seronok....

D said...

tak pe, pancing kat pasar je...


ayoooo, don't ask me names of fish!! I just tag along mah!

never mind, there are other hobbies you can enjoy together then (wonder what it may be??!!)

baik-baik dengan laki orang!! HaHaHa. tapi fresh fish is great, kan??

Uncle Lee,
Fishing in Hyde Park while whispering sweet nothings, eh?? So romantic!!! I'm waiting for the day my sons bring home a HUGE fish for dinner. Would be great!

mancing kat sawah? Syiok nye...

Darling said...


tapi that one old story d.. now i tak gi memancing dah.. i just soping n soping n soping hehehe