Friday, October 29, 2010

G for



I'm finally doing what I've been contemplating to do for so long.  And I'm doing it today - exactly three years on the Gregorian calendar.  He would have been 41 today.  Writing this blog for the past four years has been an experience I am so grateful for.  I have learnt so much about life through the blog, albeit it only being a virtual element.  This blog has evolved from a simple reflective blog to a more philosophical one which has apparently been inspiring to some, so I've been told.  Strange how my initial attempts to write as a personal reflection has aspired others more than it has to me!

The number of people I've made friends with is uncountable and priceless.  It is strange how technology has drawn humans closer to the extent that even though most have not met in person, they each know so much about the others' life and personality.  I am grateful to have known people from all walks of life, from the rich to the poor, to the quiet and timid to the famous and popular.  I will surely not forget all my dear friends, including those who have returned to our Creator.

If my reflections are worth the pause, then let us hope it will help us wade through our journey tomorrow.

If what I write are merely rantings of a damsel in distress, then let me be forgiven for the unsettling laments of the restless soul.

PTR now bids adieu to acquaintances and friends.  She can still be contacted via the facebook account: Pause To Reflect.  She will continue writing and blogging where nobody knows her name.  Well, until someone nonchalantly reveals it, that is!   


KC said...

aah...nak tutup blog ka? janganlah weiii..huwarghhhh!

Aimy Bazura said...

Salam D.

I've just started to follow your blog when someone shared your blog with me. I am sad to know that you have chosen to stop writing here. I really hope to be able to read your other writing on some other blog. Hope you can share your new blog with me.

Thanks for what you have shared so far. I thot you are such a strong person and I am inspired to be like when if and when I am put in your circumstances and situation. May Allah bless you and look after you and your family. Amiin..

Aimy Bazura Mohamed

Kama At-Tarawis said...

but why...

Anonymous said...

yes...but why?

mazlina said...

why? Terkejut den..dah lah den baru keluar hospital

Ulfah (silent reader hehe) said...

will miss your writings :) take care!

aida said...

kak d..don't do that please..

Lin Elier said...

I started following your blog after a friend's advice. Followed it eversince (3 tahon), though I notice you have fewer posts lately.

I wished you could find in your heart to con't sharing your thought with us,but I respect your decision. May happiness be yours, like it was before when you started the blog. Insyallah.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi D, I missed you long time and glad I found you in time before you close shop.
You have your reasons I believe.
Its not for me to ask why.

And all I can say is we did have some good times bantering each other the days of Ruby Ahmad, may she rest in peace.

Here's wishing you may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars where you go, whatever you do.

And maybe somewhere, someday our paths might cross and it'll be a pleasure to say, "D, I presume..."?

Until then you keep well, all my best wishes and remember, keep a song in your heart. Lee.

N Ezzzzzzzati MS said...

Goodbye Auntie D, i believe you have inspired so many people. and you made it your way. i love your writings very much.

May Allah bless you Auntie.

jooli said...

Adieu... or u revoir. Jumpa lagi. I am sure you know what you are doing and have weighed it by the pounds and ounces.

God bless!

LazerJuan said...

Dear Khadijah,

It was in 1976, at Cikgu Sharifah's house in Kampung Tunku...I was only nine then...but I could still remember vividly how adorable and bubbly you were in your green dress (short skirt)...I was holding on to a pogo stick...while you were happily jumping on it...laughing away, those big round eyes (your dad's gene). You just did not want to stop...kept on asking me to hold the stick that you could continue jumping. Those few minutes that I had playing with you were among the few highlights of a rather deprsessing year for me.

I have wondered why was this short moment... with this little girl who just got back from Birmingham...etched so clearly in my I said, it could well be the happiest few minutes I had that year...Thank you.

Yes, your late mum was there at Cikgu Sharifah's place...she was there for a visit (later, your sister, Fadillah...hope I got the name right...had her tuition there...she was a year older than me and we went to the same school SRK Alam Shah).

Strangely enough,..after some turn of events..3 years later I became your brother's closest friend until the day he passed.

Never told Man about this, maybe it was not cool to talk about his little sister jumping on a pogo stick which I had to do all the balancing...

I came across your blog yesterday...could not sleep and decided to take a trip down memory lane by googling names of people that meant so much in my started when I googled arwah's name...twisted as it may sound, but I just wanted to see something written about him. We were very very very close.

This is getting to emotional for me to go on...again, THANK YOU Khadijah, I am sure you do not have any memory of jumping up and down...but I sure do, after 34 years...and it did made me pause and reflect.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

gonna miss ur writing..

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak D,

Thank you for sharing your life with us. I do hope we would cross path again someday. Take care and good luck. I would pray for you and your family. Stay strong.


Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Dearest D,


Do come back once in a while...because I believe that writing is therapeutic...I am sure you do too..

Plus, we enjoy 'listening' to your thoughts....

All the best D!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Sorry to hear that you are going to stop blogging here though I can understand why you might want to go anon. Somehow that might be a liberating experience. However, I do hope you reconsider and keep blogging here from time to time.

"MULAN" said...

stay sweet, stay cool, stay strong.. gonna miss PTR..

take care sis..

Oldstock said...

D, thanks for the insights and the friendship. But do let me know if you are writing elswhere as someone in cognito...

Darling said...

aleerrr me baru kembali berblog, u laks xde.. iskh iskhhh