Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night, just before I switched off my computer, I thought I'd check on my facebook. There, I was entertained by the video of Saloma and Ahmad Daud which Naz had put up: 'Sudah kawin ke belum?' And before I know it, I was on youtube listening to songs I grew up with such as 'Tiru macam saya', 'Chiki chiki boom' and 'Dengar ini cerita'. Surely, I was typing all the songs that came to mind. Until I came to this:

I still remember my Kak Long singing this sentimental piece all her heart, which we ridiculed with 'Feelings.... Cicak on the ceiling...'. Oh, the joy and laughter!

Yet today, I sing the same song with the memories of my siblings' laughter and jest, but the lyrics seem more appropriately relevant to the person I had (and still have) feelings for. Who would think the same song could bring different effects on a person?


Naz said...
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Naz said...

Salam D,

Am turning in with this:

Have a good night sleep, dear. A new day tomorrow :)

Kak Teh said...

yes, i enjoyed the session just now.Was sending comments all the way home in the car - luckily rehana was driving!

Ms B said...

OMG! I know this song. Nostalgia sungguh.

Oh, my internet is superfast. I could listen to the clips, see all pics, click on comment box with ease. Bliss!

ileena said...

i love this song tooo!!!Omg.:)
simply because i grw up listening to it.hehe:)

jooli said...

I remember this song when sung by Dell (Dahlan Zainudin) aeons ago.