Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reflections on 6th Syawal

Ramadhan came and left, followed by Eid.  Undoubtedly, it brought joy and laughter.  Yet, amidst it all many tears were shed upon reflecting His powers, love and affection. 

Throughout the month of Ramadhan, I tried to instill the importance of working as a team in my children, whereby we did things together: read the Quran, prepared food for iftar, and baked eid cookies to be shared with friends.  Within the community, many activities were organised in order to strengthen the friendship and ukhwah within the Malaysians. 

It is already the 6th of Syawal.  I have not yet started my fasting due to health restrictions.  A peek into the cookie containers this morning was quite alarming indeed - they are all-most gone!  My London Almonds, Hazelnut Snowtops, Super Stars, Hearties and Makmurs are definitely depleting so quickly!!


Ms B said...

I miss ramadan and eid atmosphere in London. I must say that my only contributions for iftar back then was delicious donuts straight from the shop, unlike those makciks who took the effort to make local delicacies such as kuih cara, huge cucur udang etc.

Ah, and not forgetting for being ambushed every year by msian students who had nowhere to go while waiting for ambassador's open house. LOL!

ps: dah sihat belum?

tee said...


selamat hari raya aidilfitri..