Friday, October 09, 2009

If you are reading this, then I'd appreciate your help!

My friend, Adam, is running his PhD research on consumer perception of blogs, a very interesting topic altogether. You don't have to be a blogger (i.e. own a blog) to complete the online survey. As long as you are reading THIS entry, then you're qualified - wow, congratulations! Silent bloggers are most welcome too as responses are deemed confidential (I won't have a single clue!).

Please click here to answer the survey which will only take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Adam has a few prizes offered:

  • An opportunity to suggest a donation of £100 to a charity of your choice or take the cash prize for yourself,

  • A go at being one of the ten lucky respondents who will get Amazon vouchers worth £10 each.

However, one of the main reasons I support his work is because it makes a 50p donation to Cancer Research UK for each completed survey - yay! The winner will be announced on his blog later in the year or perhaps early next year (depending on how fast he reaches his target of 400 respondents). If you provide your email address, the notification of your win will be sent straight into your mailbox.

Adam of and has offered some incentives to me for the affiliate, and I have thus decided that any monetary gains obtained from this survey will go to the children (that's double incentive for you guys - donating to orphans!).
I therefore thank you all in advance for your cooperation.


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Thanks a lot for the buzz. I really appreciate it. See you soon.

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Ok... beres.