Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Space fillers

In hiatus I have been, for various reasons and excuses under the sun! There are perhaps a few drafts waiting to be dumped away as I start on a new post this very moment.

While I search for my lost writing mood (rkm is always missing these things too), let me share my conversation with Little D yesterday morning:

Mummy, I had two dreams last night - a good one and a nightmare!
Oh, really? I had a nightmare too, darling. Tell me yours.
Well, the good one was in a desert. I met an aardvark (he was reading a book about an aardvark before going to bed). I said to it, 'Assalamualaikum aardvark!'
That sounds pretty exciting (And we talked a little about the aardvark in his dream

After a while, I asked him, So what about your nightmare?
Ahh...(his expression changed). I dreamt I met a ghost. It chased me and I ran as fast as I could.
Hmm... last night you fell asleep before even finishing the whole du'a of going to bed. You also didn't read your Fatihah, 4 Quls and 21 Bismillah. Next time, you've got to get in bed earlier okay? Then you'll have enough time to read them all and be spared the nightmares.
Yes, I should. I was sooo sleepy last night.


So, mummy, what was your nightmare about?
It was really scary, peanut. Someone wanted to marry me!

And we burst into laughter!

Next time, YOU have to make sure you read your du'as too, Mummy!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

salam kak D.I love reading stories of you with your kids.Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from me in Malaysia.. :) Hope you had a great raya with your kids over there..thanks for finally updating your blog!

Queen Of The House said...

Oh that's so cute! Salam Aidilfitri to you and your family, D.

n.i. said...


Puan Hanis said...

cutenya gurau ngan anak gitu!
Selamat Hari Raya aidilfitri buat Kak D dan anak-anak.

Kak Elle said...

what can I say D your entry always full of puns...going to Aida's place this pm to pass her the stuff:)

MHB said...


Kak Teh said...

D,what can I say that has not been said? Enjoy and jot down every conversation like that - I thought I did and then I terforgot!

Ms B said...

ok.. this mummy is hoping for brad pitt in her dreams. *wink* does that mean I should skip duas in order to dream? *lol*

kisses to the kids.

mama23beas said...


Naz said...

D, jangan lupa basuh kaki malam ni OK. Baca semua doa and hembus kiri kanan :D

D said...

stories of ramadhan & eid were too melancholic and emotional... and the only thing that can get me out of such dullness is something light - hence, this entry. hope your eid was good!

thank you. Salam aidilfitri to you too!

you should have seen his face when I told him about my nightmare! He was in utter disbelief that the mummy thought that was a big nightmare. LOL

Puan Hanis,
I only tell them the truth. Betul la tu... dia mimpi ngeri, mak dia pun mimpi ngeri gak! :)

Kak Elle,
post yourself too, ok?! ;)

told you, didn't I? ;)

Kak Teh,
will do.. I have such a horrible memory!

Ms B,
The queue to have Brad Pitt in your dream is soooo long! :) If he was in MY dream, then it wouldn't have been a nightmare!!!

but I tell you dear, it was a real nightmare for me!

hehe... will do, will do! Takut nak tidoq pun ya jugak! LOL

Oldstock said...

Hey... it couldn't be that bad to be dreaming that someone wants to marry you. Ok la tu.

A close lady friend once told me that she dreamt that she was married to me! Now... that cannot be good. The fact that she had the guts to tell me about it shows me that she's cool. We had a good laugh about it.

P/s - read Kak Teh's latest posting. Good to put a name and a face to this blog.

Juli Herman said...

LOL k D, that is scary! LOLOLOLOL....adoi....err..and I think that is not too far fr the truth?