Saturday, February 07, 2009

A few posts ago, I wrote that I don't make it a habit to look out of the window in the mornings. Well, things have changed since it's been snowing during the night for the past 5 days. And the forecast says to expect more during the weekend.
Monday - Abang H with his baby snowman

Abang H wanted to lie down and let the snow cover him but I told him he was too big and would require too much snow - at that point, the snow was slowing down (he only gave it a minute though!)

The amount of snow we're getting is not as much as what we had exactly 2 years ago (February 2007). Nonetheless, the snow that hits the ground stays and that's enough to evoke feelings of excitement and exhiliration; not to mention nostalgia. Unlike the few other occasions it snowed earlier this winter - in October and November - the snow this time is very much welcomed as it didn't come after a week or two of bitter cold. I hate it when the temperature gets below freezing point and still, there's no sight of snow. This time around, it just snowed... almost out of nowhere. The weather forecast had already warned us of the snowfall, which was reported as coming from the direction of Russia (Nana, so you went to Italy to enjoy and sent the ridiculous winter in Russia to the UK? LOL!).

In the school field on Tuesday
The snow for the past week is rather interesting. Sometimes you get heavy flakes falling, and covering branches of trees, rooftops, cartops, grass and the road. Sometimes, in the afternoon, the sun melts the snow on the road, and some of them which settled on open surfaces. On Wednesday, we thought that the forecast saying it would snow more on Thursday or Friday was just wishful thinking. No, no, no... it worsened on Thursday that most of the schools in the city were closed. The children were overjoyed - Our prayers have been answered! And that was the day I went on a baking spree - making kuih cara, sausage rolls and banana muffins for the children and also for some of my neighbours. Hehe... I even had the urge to make some doughnuts but I had to put myself on a harness and remind myself that there would be other rainy days, if not snowy.

Today, I drove to the university (after staying in for 4 days) and on my way there, I became mesmerised by the picturesque wintry atmosphere! It reminded me of the scene in Narnia. The leafless trees looming over the roads were generously sprinkled with snow and gave the most perfect picture of winter. Subhanallah... I have always had an attraction towards trees during autumn and winter - an inspiration when drawing and painting. Oh how I wish I had my drawing kit with me then, or had the time to stop and capture the beautiful scenery.
Well, we'll see whether we get more snow during the weekend and if we do, I know where I'll be heading with what!


Kak Teh said...

D, I am sure it is more picturesque where you are. London is now one big slush pool and not very nice to look at. So, the children had fun,am sure. I would too if I can wrap myself up like a michelin doll.

Naz said...

In my case, sometimes mak budak yang terlebih seronok dari budak2.
Have a nice weekend with your kids!
pst! go ahead....golek golek in the snow...i won't tell anyone! :D

anggerik merah said...

D, ooo...soooo beautiful... In my head, I am visualising the snow flake on the leaf...But I am contemplating if I need to dealy my trip back to UK bcoz, physically I can't anymore stand coldnest due to my fibromyalgia...sigh.. But will see. May Allah give me a miracle that the weather will not affect me.

Do enoy the snow and more awesome pics to share..

Ms B said...

hang on, i thought u said u were working from home. so baking = working? right.. *winks*

Kak Elle said...

D nak snow sikittttttttttt

maklang said...

Post sikit snow tu kemari...rindunya,..lama tak pegang snow!

Take care D...

myheartbleeds said...

like a scene from Narnia?? masya'allah... mesti lawaaa... jelesnye ;-)

how bout making some ABCs from all that snow?? hehe

Anonymous said...

Salam D,

So, you not only write but you do paint as well... Would love to see your paintings one day.

Reading your entry got me mesmerised enough, imagining the snowy Narnia-like scenery. Can't imagine if I were there witnessing the scenery myself.

Oldstock said...

Salam D,

My eldest son is now on his term break and flew to London to visit his uncle (my youngest brother). He got to experience the snow and the cold weather but that's not damping his spirits in any way.

As for me, having experienced the big chill of 81/82, is enough for me. I'm not so good when the weather gets too cold.

silversarina said...

Akak suka sangat musim sejuk dan bila ada snow dan dapat guling2 atas snow rasa lengkap duk oversea ..hehehe.

ileena said...

hahaha snowwy Coventry!!:)

this stupid russian winter is still fact the snow tak cair2 ok.even now boleh pergi skiing lagi.italy was funnnnnnn!!!!!will update later.
p.s: my blogspot buat hal la!

Raden Galoh said...

Ah! Snow... how I missed it deeply ... bestnye...

and now, am missing you la sis..