Thursday, February 12, 2009

The '16 Dalil' tag

As if she doesn't know me well enough, bubbly Roti Kacang Merah who's an old friend from youthful Edinburgh days has asked me to put a HUGE tag around my neck (perhaps just like her chubby kitties). And on this tag, she wants me to list down 16 things about myself, or as she calls it, dalil. Oh dear sweetie, why oh why so many?

Quite recently, I have done a similar tag in my FB account. Previously, I know I've done several tags of similar themes as well. But being the sport I am (dengar ni RKM?!), I thought, why not? What I couldn't decide was whether to give 16 'wild and crazy' stuff about me, 16 stuff from on top of my head or 16 deep mumbo-jumbo (after all, KC called me a philosophical lady - duh?!). Without further ado, I present you with myself:

  1. Am in need of a good exercise! Ooops! The procrastinator in me lulls manana, manana while gulping down my cuppa and cuddling the little warm bodies...

  2. Am definitely crazy over puzzles: sudoku, crosswords, word games, scrabbles, maths, brainteasers, etc. My idea of entertainment is a set of mind-boggling conundrums. Ironically, I have a list of unsolved personal problems which I leave in the hands of the more Knowledged.

  3. I strongly believe in fundamentals. Often do I wonder in perplexity how the humans (including myself) so often fumble in the dark when guidance is clearly given in the Holy book. In most cases, simplicity does not work and does not pay off, as we continue being satisfied with the little that we do without truly realising that the hereafter is what matters most. Definitely not an extremist, neither a liberalist. Just a humble soul struggling to do her best to be a good Muslim.

  4. I adore children and love teaching. Although trained to teach at the secondary level, I have voluntarily taught kindergarten children, organised language camps with primary school children, tutored and taught various levels from pre-schoolers to adults.

  5. Have a ridiculously small kitchen that drives me crazy!

  6. Clueless as to why people have more faith in me than I have of myself. Somehow, it has often been the case since I was young although my family is excluded from this as they think I'm the youngest who is probably the least wisest (which I don't altogether argue. Hehe...).

  7. I have the tendency to motivate people - this I know! Ask me for a fraction of my thoughts, and I'd be happy to share with you all that I have. Friends, strangers, acquaintances, family members and students. Yet, somehow, I'm missing my own motivator and driving force. Hence, I am forced to seek professional help from counsellors and those of similar traits.
  8. Very forgetful. Short-term memory is worsening despite the regular exercise it gets (my puzzles and memorisation of quranic verses). Must do more - perhaps in terms of my diet and general activities.

  9. Impatient. I do things quickly. I know that sometimes I actually have to slow down but the thing is, if I do, then it will give room to Mr Procrastinator!

  10. Honest. I'll tell you whatever you want to know if you deserve to know.

  11. Am beginning to see the truth in the saying "Words are cheap" and beginning to apply it to life by not trusting people too easily. Perhaps because of No.6, I never really thought others were capable of hurting. In most cases, words and phrases become mere cliches! Trust in the Almighty and nothing will go wrong! I can therefore, also be considered as damn right reserved or secretive!

  12. Would prefer not to have pets even though the kids love them, just like the late Mr D. We've had all sorts of pets for the past 11 years: white mice, rabbits, tarantula, birds, hamsters, fish, terrapins, chickens (ayam katek) and even ducks. Euwwww...!! For the time being, I have enough 'pets', thank you! (although Little D whines and begs for one all the time and the twins seem to think a hamster isn't enough!).

  13. Am sure that I belong to an interesting lineage if only I knew more. On my late mother's side, my great grandfather from my grandfather's side was the first Mufti of KL while my grandfather became the Dato' Syahbandar of luak Sg Ujong, NS - who married the daughter of my great grandfather, the Dato' Kelana of Sg Ujong. More curious of my father's side, however, all I know is that my grandfather had a few wives and that some of my father's siblings have very sharp features, which is supposed to be a typical 'cucu Zakaria' thingy. Bah, so much for roots and family trees! I'm not even surprised if I got any of the details I've written here wrong (Oh my, my!!).

  14. I want to do more for others: helping the identification of dyslexia (which exists and isn't a myth), offering free English lessons to the needy (err, the rich can pay, okay?), offering support to those afflicted with cancer, being good in order to generate more good, and the list goes on...

  15. I never dare to hope because it only brings to disappointment and disdain (Perhaps it explains why the late Mr D was always spontaneous and full of surprises). Instead, I pray to Him for the best - which is sometimes vague, I know. However, in most cases I don't know what to precisely ask for except for the best of the best. Okay, second best is still good enough! ;)

  16. Always blessed nonetheless.

I made a blunder tagging others the last time I answered a tag as everyone seems to have been tagged at some point or the other. So, anyone or everyone is most welcome here. :)


Roti Kacang Merah said...

also, i remember back in edinburgh, you were the only person among us who owned a digital weighing scale (untuk weigh tepung, bukan weigh badan) you the very rajin do baking!

Raden Galoh said...

Salam sis,

I have problem with short term memory too... especially now, sometimes it brings desperation too...

I see you gain strength aready...alhamdulillah.


Anonymous said...

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